The Most Beautiful Curls I'd Ever Seen

You were beautiful when you arrived in my PICU, despite the fact that you were so ill. All of 5 years old, scared to death, pale as could be. You had the most beautiful blond curls I'd ever seen on a little boy.

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Yikes kessadawn. I knew this was going to be a hard story to read, but I didn't expect it to bring tears to my eyes. Beautifully well written, you captured all of the emotion and desperate attempts to bring this little boy back to life. I felt as though I was was in the room with you.

Your patients are very fortunate to have such a caring nurse. Thank you for sharing this experience.


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i've just read your article and as many years have passed since 2008 i bet you are as excellent nurse with huge heart of love and caring as you have been then. this is beautifull story and as i am looking at my little boy with curly hair i am praying for his health i hope that if anything happens he would be cared by a nurse with your qualities and knowledge!!!

good luck to you from neuro icu nurse;