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NotReady4PrimeTime has 25 years experience as a RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, PCVICU and peds oncology.

certified pediatric critical care nurse and parent of multihandicapped adult son, married to computer geek

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  1. NotReady4PrimeTime

    Nebulizer/MDI for toddlers advice

    Well, nebulized treatments ARE aerosolizing, but not in the same sense intubation, BiPAP and sputum induction are. Medical gas from the wall outlet creates the aerosol in neb treatments, not the patient's cough or airway pressure. So albuterol or ste...
  2. NotReady4PrimeTime

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    After I read the original blog post, I fired off a reply to the effect that it was interesting that a physician would be offended by a stereotype and asked if any of the other physicians also whining about it had ever defended nursing when we've been...
  3. NotReady4PrimeTime

    Youth at Risk - Suicide and Self-Harm

    For me, caring for the family was harder than caring for the patient. Especially when the suicide attempt was *almost* successful. Over the years I was assigned to care for several teenagers who'd attempted suicide by hanging. All of them were left w...
  4. NotReady4PrimeTime

    University of Calgary January 2019

    New members cannot use the private messaging system until they've made 15 contributing posts to threads on the site. That's why you weren't able to send one. This particular thread is nearly a year old and it's possible the member you're trying to co...
  5. NotReady4PrimeTime

    Patient to nurse ratio?

    It all depends on where you work. Some units have the so-called CoACT model of care where the RN is in charge of 21 beds and has a 5-patient assignment as well, the LPNs have the remainder of the patients and the aides are divvied up between the RN a...
  6. NotReady4PrimeTime

    CARNA IEN processing times

    CARNA does nothing quickly. In fact, we're required to re-register a full month before our registrations expire to ensure our paperwork has been processed before the actual expiry date. (They also encourage us to re-register even sooner, so they can ...
  7. NotReady4PrimeTime

    The Health Care Dominoes Have Started to Fall in Alberta

    I know, right? Interesting development late last week: The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (nursing assistants, unit clerks, porters, dietary aides, laundry workers and others) also have a wage reopener in their current collective agreement wi...
  8. NotReady4PrimeTime

    New grad pediatric job or adult nurse residency job?

    I do! I might be in the minority here, but if I was in charge of hiring, I'd be looking for any peds experience first, then looking at the 'kind' of experience it was. As I said before, those "soft" skills you pick up from working with kids aren't go...
  9. NotReady4PrimeTime

    New Grad moving from US to Canada

    It IS possible that you'd be evaluated to be equivalent to an LPN and offered the opportunity to write the CPRNE. Just keep in mind that having a permit to practice is no guarantee of a job.
  10. NotReady4PrimeTime

    The Health Care Dominoes Have Started to Fall in Alberta

    Yes, I'm afraid that's what it means. The UCP promised there would be no front-line jobs lost, but the only way to meet their goals is to leave vacancies vacant and then eventually delete the position. They'll reduce costs by attrition. They're requi...
  11. As mentioned in other threads, with the election of the United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney, health care providers are in the government's crosshairs. The UCP is vociferously opposed to organized labour in general, organized public servants...
  12. NotReady4PrimeTime

    Language proficiency for International students

    That's a shame, because I think they're going to tell you to get it before they take your application any further.
  13. NotReady4PrimeTime

    When Nurses Strike: Ohio Hospital Fails to Come to Agreement with Union

    Union representation for nurses by nurses is the gold standard, but there are so many places across the US where nurses aren't able to collectively organize in large enough numbers to lead to a nurses-only union. Those nurses determined enough to bec...
  14. NotReady4PrimeTime

    Language proficiency for International students

    Do you have IELTS or CELBAN results that are within the required time frame?
  15. NotReady4PrimeTime

    OIIQ vs. the NCLEX

    It's true that Québec will not accept the NCLEX, but the Rest of Canada will accept the OIIQ exam results. I think you should be guided by where you plan to live and work. Will you stay in Québec after graduation, even for a short time? Have you esta...

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