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Thunderwolf has 32 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Geriatric, Behavioral Health.

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  1. No person has the right to abuse another. Not even a patient.
  2. Thunderwolf

    Hidden camera in nursing home, cries for help unanswered

    Truly sad.
  3. Thunderwolf

    Nurse Bullying

    Don't feel bad RNinIN, I'll probably be flamed also. Regarding inpatient hospital nursing, for the most part, this has improved or greatly improved, at least from my experience. Talk about bullying, it was "power for the course" and almost routine o...
  4. Thunderwolf

    The Fifth Vital Sign

    After reading many posts on this thread, this seems relevant to the discussion. Medical goal of eliminating pain can lead to over-prescribing pills, accidental dependence | The Columbus Dispatch "Americans have been told that we can and should be pai...
  5. Thunderwolf

    Heroin pandemic

    Found an excellent news report on the epidemic of Heroin in West Virginia. But, I am sure, it pandemic across our nation. EMT Wears A Body Cam To Show What Heroin Does To People | 97.5 WAMZ
  6. Thunderwolf

    Is the BSN worth it?

    The BSN will become, and already is in many cities, THE entry point into acute care/hospital nursing. Many, if not most, hospitals in my city will only hire BSN nurses. Also, many of our own non-BSN nurses are going back to school for their BSN. ...
  7. Thunderwolf

    Hospital hoarders and pack rats

    All behavior is meaningful. In saying that, why does the hoarder hoard? I bet it is very much individualized. So, it is worthy to process the need it serves with the patient and to reach a collaboration with the patient, if possible. Also, how ma...
  8. I know. And I hear you. Also, it tends to be somewhat ironic that the cost of Administration oftentimes subtracts more from the hospital's bottom line than do the salaries of nurses. And yet....nurses are often the first to be cut or not replaced. ...
  9. Thunderwolf

    The Fifth Vital Sign

    Totally agree with twozer0 on most of his rationale. To put it in even more simpler terms, would you wake up a patient to give him/her a sleeping pill? No. The same logic applies here with pain medication. Wakefulness and pain are both conscious ...
  10. Thunderwolf

    Another reason unions suck!

    Non-union hospitals in my experience tend to globally run under the dictum of "Don't like it, then leave." Union hospitals tend to globally run under the dictum of "Don't like it, then change it." For most of my 30 years of nursing, it has been in no...
  11. Thunderwolf

    Hostile work environment - Violent Doctor

    This physician reminds me of OLD School medicine. Hostile Work Environment is often, in my mind, from my 30 years of nursing, a code phrase of bullying physicians in the work place. In my first 15 years of nursing, it was more common than not to wi...
  12. Thunderwolf

    WHY do so many people hate nursing? Sigh.

    Why do so many people hate nursing? Probably as many reasons as why do so many people love nursing. There are various reasons....that probably answer for both love and hate or like and dislike working as a nurse. What were your expectations and beli...
  13. If EBP demonstrated an inverse relationship between the amount of administration staff and good patient outcomes, would admin intervene on behalf of the patient? Just a tickling thought...since EBP seems to be thrown around a lot nowadays. The curr...
  14. Thunderwolf


    Good job. "Safety First" often becomes our top principle that directs everything that we do. Is the patient safe? In regard to self injurious behavior, the need for setting limits on behavior directly/indirectly and for implementing interventions ...
  15. Thunderwolf

    Describe your ideal coworker

    An individual with strong clinical skills who can be equally competent as an independent clinician as well as a team player.

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