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    Seeking advice of correctional nurses

    Just like judging your patients is definitely not a good thing, judging your coworkers or potential coworkers is not a good thing either. It is perfectly OK to redirect the person that is being unprofessional by telling you their opinion of their patient. You for sure, do not need to join them in that bad practice. In corrections, it is EXTREMELY important to have your coworker's back, and for them to have your back. Think of them as your brother or sister. Do you like everything about your siblings? Probably not, but hopefully you will still be loyal to each other. Splitting staff is a very common method of manipulation by the inmates. Inmates scan you! If they detect a "Hollier than thou" (or "More open minded than thou") attitude, they will zero in on you. Inmates can sniff division a mile away and they will use it to their advantage. Plus, simply working in corrections changes you. If your coworkers don't seem to be all cheerful and peppy, they have allowed the negative environment to grind them down. It is tough to keep a good attitude over the years, you have to work hard, kind of like in a marriage in which after the initial whirlwind romance, you have to work hard to stay in love. Don't judge people like that too harshly, their unprofessional attitudes are probably a coping mechanism, and while it is wrong, it is also very human. Watch out, that might be you a couple of years down the road!
  2. MelodyNelson

    If you love your job, what is your speciality?

    I LOVE my correctional nurse job! I work in a maximum security prison and i LOVE it! I cannot see myself doing any other kind of nursing.
  3. MelodyNelson

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    The trick works! I am an LVN!!! YAY!!!!!:yeah::yeah:Got my results in the mail today!
  4. MelodyNelson

    Student Resources: Health Assessment Materials

    Thank you so much!!!!!!
  5. MelodyNelson

    Student Resources: Narrative Head-to-Toe Assessment

    Thank you so much!!! Great resources!
  6. MelodyNelson

    Elders Say the Darnedest Things!

    OH I LOVE LTC! One night, there was an eyelash ball of yarn on one couch, one of the ladies wheels herself to it, and starts touching it and then exclaims "my my! This is nice! It feels like a man's ball!!! And another of our residents, had recently had her leg amputated. She was on her wheel chair, when she decided to stand up. Of course we all turned around and told her to stop when her chair alarm started ringing.. She got upset and asked us why we did not want her to stand up. Someone pointed out that she only had one leg. So she looked down, and then said "Now how in the world did I lose THAT?" And another lady had thrown up, so I was helping her put a nightgown on, and she said "This is the first cruise in which people tell me what to wear!" Oh, and one time, it was the birthday of one of the ladies, so her whole family was there, with a bunch of little kids. When one of the of the other ladies decided to take her clothes off in the middle of the hallway. It scared the heck out of the little kids. And oh yeah! We used to have a dirty old man. I was helping him get in bed when he said "Nice (almost like fussy)!" I said WHAT??? and he answered "Nice kitty cat" And another time, I saw one of our other residents coming down the hall. She was tiny and she had this child size wheel chair, which was still too big, and her feet barely touched the ground, so she prefered to grab things and/or people to propel herself. I felt someone touching me, and I thought it was her, using me as a handrail to propel herself, but then I saw that she had already passed me, so I turned around and there was our dirty old man, patting my bottom. I asked him what he was doing and all he had to say was "YOU SURE HAVE A BIG ASS"
  7. MelodyNelson

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I hope the trick works!!!! I had my NCLEX-PN yesterday and I could not register!!! yay!!!!!
  8. MelodyNelson

    Does all the info we learn in A&P be on the nclex??

    Hello! I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday, and I had ZERO A&P questions, which is a pity, because that was one of my favorite subjects in school. I had lots of prioritize questions, dosage calculations, pharm questions (mostly nursing implications), and what felt like dozens of SATA questions. Then again, each NCLEX exam is unique, so good luck, study hard, and you will do great!