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  1. Good triage stories

    Maybe not an actual triage story, but a pretty funny sign in sheet story. The paper comes through to the triage nurse and it reads, "Kicked in mouth by whores". Now, I realize the fellow might have been mighty upset at the "old nag" but what he was t...
  2. ENA Conference Baltimore

    I'd love to go, I think it would be a great learning experience. I've been an ENA member for over a year and outside of the monthly journal haven't taken advantage of the educational opportunities. Thanks for the reminder to do so!!
  3. Policy on ED violence

    Thanks to everyone to replied so far. Just so I'm making myself very clear about the situation and not to make it seem like our local PD isn't helpful, they ARE. They always come when called and beleve me, I won't hesitate to make that call if any st...
  4. Policy on ED violence

    We were told that it s not enough to threaten, they must prove that the patient in question had intent to follow through OR the patient must actually commit a crime in order to be arrested and charged. So no, as far as we understand, it's not a crime...
  5. Policy on ED violence

    I'm curious to find out how your hospital handles violence against nurses. Recently (within the last several months) we have had a FF/known and documented drug seeker pull a knife and threaten the life of the RN and the unarmed security guard. Two da...
  6. I'm going to dump a full urinal....

    I'd like to recommend a bed side's bigger!
  7. What is your ED policy in these circumstances

    1. Central lines are preferrable for pressors like Dopamine and Levophed, however it is acceptable to use a large bore cannula in a large peripheral vein to administer (18g-16g in the AC for example). Of course always watching for signs of extravasio...
  8. Rushville, IN Helicopter Crash

    This company is trying to bring a crew to my state (WV). I recently was offered and refused a job with them. I have never been so thankful for my fear of heights after reading this. God bless the families of the lost crew.
  9. The Patient I Failed

    Oh man, been there and dealt with that. I've never seen it written so beautifully before and from the aspect of what WE see and the sense of betrayal that we feel as we "force" life on someone who's made the choice not to continue. An amazing read, t...
  10. The Most Beautiful Curls I'd Ever Seen

    All I can say after reading this is THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for being able to share this story and to have the emotional strength to do this job. I know that I have such a horrible time keeping my own emotions in check when it comes to the deaths...
  11. EMTALA Survey

    There is an ER in town doing something similiar to this. From what I understand it's used for LWOTs...making sure they didn't leave while being medically unstable..etc. Not sure of all the details, but i believe that to be the essence of it.
  12. My First Patient

    Thank you to those of you that have responded to my story. It means the world to me to be able to share it with other nurses who have had similiar experiences. So again, thanks!
  13. Night Shifters: Do you sleep?

    When I worked on the floors the hours from 0300-0500 were the absolute hardest. All the patients (or most) were sleeping. I never fell asleep, but I caught myself doing that infamous head nod then jerking yourself awake thinking, "what did I miss? wh...
  14. Spin Off: Nurse abuse?

    I'm sure this has already been written 100 different ways in 100 different posts, but this is really about the basic principals we all learned in kindergarten: You do not have the right to hit anyone. You do not have the right to threaten anyone. I d...
  15. What is the dumbest most degrading, most unprofessional thing...

    Here's my issue with scripting (aside from the obvious that I am a highly trained and skilled medical professional and the English language was a pretty much a prerequisite to my program) When our NM introduced the idea, she actually had the gall to ...