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I was curious if anyone can give me some insight or guidance. I will be testing next week for the 5th time, and please keep in mind that 3 out of 4 of my previous tests i got the full 265 questions, everyone tells me i was right on the borderline is this true? I have done kaplan (not helpful at all) private tutoring, saunders book, ati, some online nclex study made by the board... ive done it all. What should i do now and keep from fearing failure? I am currently working with ati instructor taking practice tests and passing 80% of them. Any insight would be much appreciated, i am 6.5 months pregnant so im praying this will be my last time testing!


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Be blessed!!!!


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I wish u the best of luck!! I failed couple of times too and I feel horrible. I'm taking a different approach this time which is to practice as many questions as i can until I get sick of them n then ima take the exam. If you have the time, just practice questions and it seems like ur already doing pretty well.

stick with one reviewer then make it as a guide to study , read it thrice , make notes then memorize the concepts to be remembered . pray hard . then have breaks . i will pray for you . believe in yourself


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Wow, I know how EXACTLY you feel. I am on eighth try. And I feel very very discouraged. I did three review courses... Kaplan, Feuer and Anderson. Last three exam I got all 265 near passing and above passing. I also had a tutor and I used different books etc.

I really dont know what I am doing wrong. But keep plucking along. You are not the only one....

Best of Luck


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Thank u to everyone who posted on my post, i appreciate the prayers, guidance and kind words. I will continue to pray on it and working with my instructor.


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Wishing you good luck.


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Just curious for those who have taken the NCLEX mulitple times how much is this costing you? I am just starting nursing school so i am not to that point but I can imagine it is getting expensive. Do they discount for multiple times or do you pay the full price each time? i wish all of you taking it again good luck.

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Some BON's charge a fee for resitting the exam, some don't and Pearsonvue you have to pay $200 each time (add another $150) if taken outside the US. Also some BON's will require a course if you fail 3 times (this does vary)

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if youre taking it the 5th time, for FL BON would cost 120X4 for 4 reapplications, 200X1 for initial application, and 200X5 for the exam itself. Include the review class right after failing the third exam

that would cost $1680, not including the review class required

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Bully/Sweetmya/Waterfall: Stay positive! Look at your test results....I'm sure your are "above" passing in most of the test areas. As you study be sure to focus on the areas (categories) that are "below" passing or "near" passing. Once you think you have mastered these areas, add ALL categories to your study process.

Bully: ATI is great for content. The categories and practice tests/exams are going to help you tremendously as you become more familiar with topics/content. Don't let yourself get too stressed. You have two people to be thinking about now. Just pace yourself and do what you can...when you can.

To all: Try to do questions every day. If you can't don't beat yourself because of it. As long as you are learning you are improving your odds of passing.

Good luck on your next test. You'll do great! :up:


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Best of Luck to you!! I am taking my NCLEX for the 4th time Wednesday so I know what you are going through! Just stay positive and know your material!! But don't just know it make sure you can apply it and know why everything happens!! That is my best advice!! You can do this!!

Good Luck and God Bless!!:D

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