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  1. sweetmya

    Accelerated BSN program choice advice

    Hi, could you please tell me more about Samuel Merritt college please? I've been looking around for a very good college/uni for a while now and had no luck finding a decent place to study at!! I'm looking to do LVN-BSN program, is this uni worth going 2? Please tell me as much as u can. Thanks.
  2. sweetmya

    What is a hourly rate of pay for a LVN/LPN in bay area?

    THanks commuter. I think I'll just leave it at 'open' when I apply for applications next time. I'm in san jose, so I'm not sure how much the pay rate is at every facility ...writing open sounds much better n easier lol.
  3. sweetmya

    What is a hourly rate of pay for a LVN/LPN in bay area?

    Thanks. I wrote down open as u suggested. :)
  4. sweetmya

    I recieved my LVN official result 2day (PASSED)

    Hello guys, today was the first day I picked up a job application!! :) I'm nervous cuz tomo I'm going to turn it in. Wish me goodluck.
  5. What is the hourly rate of pay for a LVN/LPN in bay area? I was filling out my first application and it's asking salary desired but I'm not sure what I should write down?? What would be start of pay for a new nurse with no LVN/LPN experience at all? How much did you start off with when you started your first job as a LPN?
  6. sweetmya


    Your very welcome. Yes, that should be more then enough.
  7. sweetmya

    LPN to RN

    I did LPN and wish I had went straight to RN!! It's hard to find a job as a LPN so it's best to go straight into RN since RNs get hired much easily. :)
  8. sweetmya

    How long did you get your results?

    I received mine after a month n 1 week later.
  9. sweetmya


    Please just focus on practicing questions!! THis is one of the best sources for RN questions to practice on. http://libtc.utmb.edu/nclexrn3500/mainMenu.do;jsessionid=E6928F806D5DBAAE657528E35606B099 Do atleast 100-150 questions a day for 2-3 months. Also practice questions from exam cram cd!! Try not to add too many different sources..2-3 should be enough!! GOODLUCK
  10. sweetmya

    A little UPDATE!! ~just received my license in the mail~

    I forgot to post this, my study method:: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/i-recieved-my-466498.html
  11. sweetmya

    A little UPDATE!! ~just received my license in the mail~

    Thank u
  12. sweetmya

    A little UPDATE!! ~just received my license in the mail~

    Goodluck. :)
  13. sweetmya

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I ran out of time at 190 questions for lpn exam and I passed!!
  14. hey guys, this has been one heck of a long journey!!!!! and i can honestly say, it has finally been paid off!! i graduated in april of 08 and now it's 2010 and i'm holding my official lvn/lpn license in my very own hands. i feel awesome and words can't describe how i really feel because it was one heck of a life learned lesson/experience. please don't ever give up because your time will come soon too, if not now but sure as hell soon!! leave it up to god and at times, he will test you like he tested me 2 times but one day you will pass that test!! just leave it all up to god and don't ever stop believing in him just because you did not succeed once or twice or so on...this is all part of his test to see if you will stop believing in him just because you did not pass!! many will leave your hand or even stop believing in you but god will never do so!! here are few of my threads which lead me to my long journey!! now i'm onto job hunting like a hawk and i don't want to jinx myself but my family have quite a few connections in the health industry, so hopefully i will land a job pretty soon. to start, i'm going to my first family connection at "good samaritan hospital." goodluck to everyone!! and remember, don't ever give up, this is your dream!! not just any dream, but a dream to be something and help those in need!! , lvn. few of my threads:: nclex-pn for 3rd time https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-pn-3rd-458575.html do people pass even wen they run out of time? https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/do-people-pass-458589.html according to 'trick' i passed my lvn nclex exam. https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/according-trick-i-460072.html lvn/lpn cover letter ok? https://allnurses.com/lpn-lvn-corner/lvn-lpn-cover-473130.html my license # was posted 2day on the boards site!! :) https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/my-license-posted-473858.html
  15. sweetmya

    Concerned LPN Student..

    Practice atleast 3000-5000 questions!! Do atleast 100 questions a day!!
  16. sweetmya

    My license # was posted 2day on the boards site!! :)

    Thank you all. :)