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smn2010 has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric Nurse.

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  1. If you have an interest in psychiatric nursing..... Apply with the Commonwealth of Virginia (State of Virginia). Eastern State Hospital (ESH) in Williamsburg, Virginia is hiring!!! Disregard the salary range listed on the state job listing si...
  2. The plans for this facility are constantly changing.... They now have plans to build housing on the property!!!! Old building will be demolished and replaced with new housing to allow the patients to experience a home-like atmosphere while lea...
  3. * pay: the pay should have be listed within the job description you applied for. if not, look at another rn (or lpn) position with the state (same city) and you may see a salary range. if you placed the salary of your last employer on your applic...
  4. $1200 month is doable. check craigslist. it will give you an idea of what's out there (search for newport news) in the apts/home rental section. don't limit yourself to just newport news. for additional information, check the city-data ...
  5. smn2010

    RN salary in Albuquerque

    just a suggestion.... ...if you are not sure of what an appropriate pay scale/amount is for your years of experience/background, you should always turn the question back around to the interviewer and ask: "(considering my xx years of experience...
  6. smn2010

    New to Virginia Beach, VA RN

    try sending an exploratory cover letter directly to the director of nursing (don) at long term care (ltc) facilities in the area. i know that kindred is always hiring. they have several facilities in hampton roads. you would want to work on their ...
  7. smn2010

    When does it get better!?

    There are many patient report sheets and other docs that can be found within AllNurses. There was a post where nurses provided copies of what they were using on their unit. They have a specific name they used for them; but I can't remember what they...
  8. smn2010

    RN Virginia salary

    dee tonia is so, so right about sentara and the tidewater/hampton roads area. no money for rns here in the sentara system, unless you work straight weekends and garner the $9 per hour shift differential. without that, there's no real money with senta...
  9. smn2010

    New Grad Needs HELP!

    consider apply for positions in areas that may have been your third, fourth, fifth option. i.e. if you've been applying to hospitals (med/surg, progressive care units), consider skilled units of long-term care facilities (ltcs). also look for state...
  10. smn2010

    Travel Nursing Basic Info?

    i agree with nedrn. it's good that you feel that travel nursing is something you might be interested in; however, it is not something you get into "just for the great money." most travel agencies require rns to have one solid year of nursing und...
  11. smn2010

    Not in new grad - what options now?

    So, so sorry everyone! I completely overlook Australia/New Zeland in the original post. It's a shame your orientation is so minimal where you all are..if you can even call it "minimal" since it is next too nothing compared to what we in t...
  12. smn2010

    Not in new grad - what options now?

    I think you are doing yourself disservice by not applying for RN positions. Orientation for new graduates is usually 12 weeks. This is enough time for you to get your feet week and be ready to get out on your own in your unit. Just make sure you...
  13. smn2010

    New Grad - Need Help with Nursing Resume Please

    i suggest: * change your font to times new roman, it will look more professional. * not sure why you used a table format. removing the table format allows for more spacing on the page. * not sure why but your font changes from 9-10...
  14. IKnowYouRider: Thanks for your comment. My intent is NOT to anger anyone. As I stated, I was playing devil's advocate. :) Everyone needs to keep in mind that the outward skills/abilities that you may know about your competitors (when seek...
  15. smn2010

    Need Help With First Offer

    Sambo: Don't know if you saw this in another link; but another poster provided it to assist with those who are new/curious about Travel Nursing: Travel Nurse Help | Hospital Information for Travel Nursing Jobs What I found interesting was...
  16. smn2010

    Need Help With First Offer

    i agree with hollywooddiva. i provided ways for you to determine average costs (in each city you're assigned to work) in my original post but forgot to state the obvious. housing and auto rental are usually handled by the travel agency (with them...