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Okay I'm taking A& P 1 this fall - who else?? I'm nevous anyone else??? ONly taking one other class this fall besides this one. Hoping that isn't too much. Study groups anyone??:bowingpur

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It's not that bad. Really :). I thought it was going to be the Hardest Class in the Universe and it's just not. Don't fall behind on your reading and review daily. I carried around a realistic Halloween skeleton to practice bones with ($15 from Big Lots).

Don't psych yourself out. People pass this class every semester and so can you. :up:

I thought A&P was very hard. But it's interesting so that's what kept me going. I started making flashcards about a week before school started.....it helps me to write things out. I also re-wrote all my notes out after class or by the next day. Never stop reading and you'll be fine, lol. Good luck!!


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I too am taking A&P I this fall except my class is accelerated! It's a 16 week class shoved into 8 weeks!!! Right after I complete A&P I I'm taking A&P II accelerated (so I'm basically taking A&P I & II this fall! I'm so nervous and I really plan on studying SOOOOOO much! I don't care what it takes I HAVE to get A's! :))


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You're lucky.... This spring I took AP2 (I got an A) and also 3 more classes: microbiology (B), abnormal psych (A), and religion as a one of humanities (B). So, do not worry... one class is really like nothing. In addition, I also had my CNA classes from January to April and passed it too.


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I do too and I'm really nervous. The professor I have is supposed to be really

difficult, which i guess is a good thing, but it just makes me nervous. then i

take A&P II in the spring, with the same professor, so i don't think i will be as

nervous for A&P II since I will know more of what to expect. study groups are

a must i think! then again, we'll see how it goes.


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I'd second just about everything above and add a couple more....

1) Get your book(s) as soon as possible and start reading. You won't know everything when you get to class the first day, but having already read the material, the lectures may "click" a little better.

2) Go to the publisher's website (the address should be inside the book's cover). Select your book and go through some of the animations, videos, etc. on the site.

Like the previous poster's said, keep up with your reading (a little EVERY day) and you'll do fine.

Good luck :heartbeat


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I'm taking A&P 1, psychology, nutrition, and economics this fall...I think I should be worrying :((:crying2:

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Me too! Mon and Wed from 12-4pm....starting Sept 23rd. I bought the textbook already, and started printing off the class syllabus from the spring term....I figure it will probably be about the same. I will have 4 weeks off school between when summer classes end (aug 19th) and the fall term starts....so I will be hitting the anatomy books.

I am not taking any other classes with it. I am pushing thru the summer with 2 classes, so I can really focus on the A&P's one at a time.

I am definately IN for an online study group!

First question!!

What is the anatomical position?


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i'm taking it this fall with english 2 and developmental psych. I'm all for a study group!

I got the cliffsnotes anantomy and phisiology study guide and I love it. you can get it on amazon for like 5 bucks!


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Online study group is a great idea; I'm in! By the way, how do u know that u'r professor will use the same book?


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I am also taking A&P I this fall, including Microbiology(online)-oncampus lab. and Beginning Algebra (online). I think it may be a bit much with a full-time job, being a single parent of 2. I figured I have been through worst. I am going to Remain focus, organized, and study my butt off! It will only get harder in Nursing school; therefore, I am preparing myself--BUILT FORD TOUGH! as you can see I motivate myself. :0).

Have anyone ever took a online Science class? Give me your thoughts.....

I am ready and willing to start a study group for A & P I. I am sure I will need it. Let me know..

I picked my instructor based on a detailed list of demands and ratemyprofessor.com... lol...

Anywho, Good Luck and let me know what you think.....

I am preparing myself to apply to TCC Nursing Program Fall 2010.

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