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  1. nnicolee

    NET test retake question~~Please help

    Just because they FAILED the original test that requires you to pass doesn't mean they're cut out for nursing. In other professional medical programs, if you fail an entrance test good luck. But that's why nursing is so forgiving for everyone. It's great nursing welcomes people from all walks of life so ANYONE with compassion and care for others will have the opportunity to shine when it comes to getting accepted and taking all the courses and entrance requirements. The NET is just a step in the right direction to each and every one of your's futures. I know it's important to just pass, but maybe, like I do, you can post the results on your mother's refrigerator when you get a higher score than you intend. The NET test is very difficult and really works your brain.... even more so if you've been out of school for a long time as I've heard from older classmates. Sure the study guides will tell you what you'd like to hear. Of course the test is tough, but what isn't? Life throws you curve balls you gotta hit em. I explained earlier why I still browse, I used to want to be a nurse, but I figured out earlier than some it just wasn't the right path for me. I still keep in contact with some nursing friends through here, so I check in every once in awhile to see what's up on the boards.... sorry if I invaded your pre-nursing space. I know the internet is serious business. I shouldn't have called out "HJ" on THEIR advice, but I just wanted to include some extraneous advice about how important grades REALLY are. Nursing is becomming very competitive with schools opening on every corner so you need to be on your top game & not settle for anything less than perfection. I know you're not trying to be mean, that's just how you are and I appreciate your straightforwardness, the world needs more people like you :)
  2. nnicolee

    Question regarding Central Arizona College

    I attend CAC however I am not a nursing major. I can tell you that it is very competitive though. I have all nursing majors in my classes. Figure about 1000+ students vying for the school's 100 or so positions in both the fall and spring . I will tell you that the advisers here will get you nowhere whatsoever. They are overworked and scatterbrained. If you'd like to talk more about CAC I'd be more than happy to PM you (but you have to have 15+ posts to pm) or exchange email addresses and tell you more about my experience here. Also, check out some of my previous posts about their deceitful practices & financial aid .... If you live an hr away, you will have to pay what is considered "out of county" tuition (Pinal county is considered "in county tuition"). So imagine it being at least 2x the cost you're paying now for credits @ a MCCC college. Not worth it if you ask me for the level of education you receive here. There are some strong CAC supporters on here who are "in" the program... take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I truly do know what I'm talking about (disregard my age b/c I've been here 3 semesters haha).
  3. nnicolee

    NET test retake question~~Please help

    Yes, I understand your point, but by no means ever settle for a C. I know dozens of nursing students (just because I'm 17 doesn't by any means mean I don't understand the process). I once wanted to be a nurse, but that path just isn't for me. I'm currently in college (at a school that has a nursing program) so I'm well aware that C's typically are not always passing grades in nursing school. You have to aim very high because setting your expectations low often ends bad. I'm sorry if I came off blunt, but if the OP was having difficulty with the NET, there will be far too many more struggles ahead. The NET is obsolete to the HESI now in terms of hardness... so luckily they don't have to take the HESI. I'm taking the same pre-reqs as nursing students do to apply to my program of choice, so I do understand they're difficult, but those courses throughly prepare you to the the NET. That's all I was stating. Have a nice day you all...
  4. nnicolee

    NET test retake question~~Please help

    This is a joke right? Less than perfection?? They failed miserably on the reading part. That's far less than perfection. I understand not everyone can ace things but why the hell would you want to not aim for perfection? Just settle for crappy C grades? Really? This is an entrance test. If you're having difficulty with the reading you're going to have far more difficulty in nursing school which is a lot of reading...... Not so great advice if you ask me to aim low.
  5. nnicolee

    Great Hesi A2 Practice Site

    Hey, West Coast took it off their site, however another member on here saved it and sent it to me, so if you'd like it I can pass it on to you. Just PM me your email and I'll be sure to send it ASAP
  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What school is this? Trying to get their male/ diverse quota up for the next incoming class I see..... I'm so sick of hearing people play the race card continuously. It's not because you're Black (sorry politically incorrect... African American), Albino (woops I mean because you suffer from hypopigmentary cogenital disorder), "Hispanic," Inuit, don't forget Alien either... that you didn't get accepted.... It's because you and about one thousand other people are vying for the same spot. I'm a white female and NOTHING I repeat nothing has ever been handed to me... I'm not swimming in money (never have been) ... born to a blue color single parent household... CAN I GET A BREAK PLEASE?
  7. nnicolee

    A&P 1 Spring 2010

    The A&P teachers explicitly say don't use Amazon. I LOVE AMAZON and save a to n on other books for classes but stupid a&p won't let me save like 200 dollars oh well at least I can use this book for a&p 2 luckily and dont have to shell out another 300 for a science book!!! YEAHH! I'm glad other schools use this book too. I was starting to wonder if my school was a bit different b/c they ONLY use Cengage publisher books (which I may note are quite expensive hahaha)
  8. nnicolee

    How much is school costing you?

    I think she attends RIC if I remember correctly from talking to her before
  9. nnicolee

    A&P 1 Spring 2010

    my school uses this kind of book- may I add ... it's pretty expensive too and we can't buy it used because we need an online code (
  10. nnicolee

    Are University classes harder than CC classes?

    Ever since I started college I've had this discussion numerous times with friends that go to universities. All I keep hearing is "CC's are easier..." "Why'd you go to CC" "You should have gone to a REAL college" I actually take great offense to that when people say CCs are easier... truth is they're really not (depending on class). I've just completed my second semester of college and boy let me tell you I've had some tough teachers. I do in fact go off of people's opinions of teachers and ratemyprofessors, so I take full accountability for what teachers I choose and I honestly don't have any problems with having a difficult teacher, they're difficult for a reason- to make you smarter! I really do believe people's perceptions of community colleges are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off though. This past semester I had a few difficult teachers. My english teacher was very stressful because (and she even stated) this was her class, stick to MY way, if it's not my WAY you won't pass enough said. Well half if not more of the class dropped out. So that left us with only ten kids. And boy let me tell you the less kids there are the more the time the teacher has to nit pick about papers. Well I luckily came out with a 95% EXACTLY (she never gave higher than 95%s on assignments so I guess she really liked me :)!!) But this example just shows that unlike when you go to a university a teacher has hundreds of students so they probably can't pick Billy out of the crowd, but at a CC you have to really be careful because class sizes are so small so with only a couple students in class, teachers will remember you by FIRST and LAST name. I do not mind being picked apart by a teacher because I think that will only make me a stronger student and if I work harder I'll be able to stand out on a university level. I think CCs are a great benefit to secondary education because well, they're cheap. With that said I do not regret EVER starting off at a CC. It was a very easy transition quite similar to high school with the small class sizes and I do enjoy that a lot. Unlike many people who start off by going straight to college, dorming, etc. I actually saved a lot of money and so far have gained a better understanding of the worth of my education because I know that grades do matter and it's more important to get A's then party. It really depends on the type of person you are though. If you like being a number rather than a person then Universities are for you, but at a CC know you'll get treated like an equal and perhaps even gain some great insight from teachers. Plus if a teacher really remembers you, there are also great chances for LOR (which is required for some nursing program). ;) That's just my though.
  11. nnicolee

    did your job give you a holiday gift??

    That's how my mom's old job used to hand out "bonuses and gift cards" they'd take the FULL amount of the gift card from her check....mind you FULL-.. Now she WON these things by having good stats and being in compliance... if she wanted a measly $5 Walmart gift card I think she would have just gone and bought it herself... some places of employment are SUCH a joke.
  12. nnicolee

    A&P 1 Spring 2010

    That's cool I'm not the only one planning and looking into both!! We're basically in the same boat as well. What school are you planning on applying to for nursing - I'm in AZ so I'm thinking either NAU or ASU if I'm not accepted @ NAU!
  13. nnicolee

    HELP! Student debt

    I live in AZ too so I know how expensive it is to attend the local universities. Have you looked into gaining your pre-reqs at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges? I know you can get your pre-reqs for a portion of the cost. ASU is very expensive especially if you are dorming on campus. Have you looked into living at home versus dorming? You can cut a lot of extra costs out by simply living @ home. If I were you I would seriously look into transferring to a CC so you can finish your pre-reqs then apply to ASU's program whenever you are done with them. Community colleges also have great scholarship opportunities if you have at least a 3.0 GPA or above! That's the current path I am taking except I live in Pinal County and attend CAC for $0 cost to me - it's all covered by scholarships and grants. If I were you (since you are young like me) I would go for your BSN versus ADN because why wait two years on a waiting list if you can knock out the BSN in the same time? Also think of how there is a job shortage and hiring freeze @ Banner and I think even Mercy Hospitals so you have to think for the future really. I'm not sure where you want to be when you're done with your BSN but I think speaking to an advisor would also help. I haven't had the best luck with advisors at my school but I can't speak for ASU. Best of luck with your future plans.
  14. nnicolee

    Great Hesi A2 Practice Site

    After you post 15 messages on the board (you can send a PM) send me a PM with your email address & I'll FWD you a practice study guide:)
  15. nnicolee

    Ages of male nursing students?

    me too but i'm a female did you graduate high school early as well?
  16. nnicolee

    Rituals before and after taking an exam...

    YOU ROCK! :loveya: