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SierraMoon has 8 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/UM.

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  1. SierraMoon

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    I had three patients; handed one off. That shift all three coded and two died. It was freaking awful. People spent years talking about it, too. Not in a negative way about me, just as a legendary bad shift.
  2. SierraMoon

    Is Nursing school totally out of the picture for me?

    Research programs and get some apps out. Your GPA won't reset with nursing school but I had ver similar stats 3.6 prereq 3.2 overall. Got into a good ADN program that only looked at prereq gpa. You haven't failed until you try.
  3. SierraMoon

    Leaving Bedside in ICU for CDS- What should I expect?

    I'm three weeks into my new desk job in utilization management and I kind of love it. I also needed a change after six years of nursing, 4.5 in SICU. It's been so nice having a regular schedule and I actually get to use my clinical judgment a good bi...
  4. SierraMoon

    PAX NLN scores

    They used to put out a pretty thorough guide for that exam. I don't know what average is but my school requires a minimum of 55th percentile for any possibility of admission ( I had to go check) and the year I started, everyone was over the 80th pe...
  5. SierraMoon

    Can I stay home and watch my boyfriend.

    You mean get paid? Not very likely. Small possibility if he's homebound and eligible for medicaid or the VA.
  6. SierraMoon

    Getting a Second Opinion to Confirm a Patient's Death

    I've always gotten a second nurse to confirm and have been the confirmation as well. I think it was the policy even.
  7. If kids are the most important thing to you, then ditch school, get a full-time job for a year (for insurance and FMLA reasons) and start trying. Work as a staff nurse until the baby starts school and at that time you'll have more experience for NP s...
  8. SierraMoon

    Is it legal..

    I think I'd rather have a med-surg nurse cover peds than a L&D nurse. I don't have kids or work with them but adult med-surg seems at least closer to peds type problems.
  9. SierraMoon

    How Can I Transition To ICU Nurse?

    The only problem I see is that hospitals may give priority to their own transfers for training. I transferred from Surgical Tele to ICU after 1 year and got a nice orientation with good training. I do not remember training any nurses from outside t...
  10. SierraMoon

    Should I Quit?

    What skills are you having trouble with? At least some of the people you work with are trying to be supportive and encouraging so that's something.
  11. SierraMoon

    Getting Discouraged

    A BSN is a Bachelor of Science in nursing. I'm guessing you have a degree in accounting or finance? Anyway, I'd stick to the better paying job for now and switch to hospital work part time while in school. The hours can suck. It depends on where yo...
  12. SierraMoon

    My career plan feels shaky

    It's ok to be interested in being a CRNA but keep it quiet. It rubs people the wrong way because it seems like every pre-everything student everywhere is planning to be one without even understanding what it means to be a nurse. CA and CO are pretty...
  13. SierraMoon

    Non ICU job or bust

    I feel the same way. I loved ICU but I've got raging fiery burn out. I'm switching to OR. There are call requirements for inpatient, though. The hospitals around my area seem to hire OR nurses to train around school graduation dates, so maybe start l...
  14. SierraMoon

    Career Change-confused!!

    If you want to be an NP then I would go for the associate degree program over a hospital diploma course. It will transfer easier.
  15. SierraMoon

    Where to find job postings

    Indeed or the hospital's website.