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SierraMoon has 8 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/UM.

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  1. What sort of insurance job do you want? Case manager, utilization review, payment integrity? I had six years of inpatient before I went to UR. After two years of that, I’m now doing code auditing. Got the first UR job without even a BSN. The field is full of companies so the smaller ones can be a good place to start. You doesn’t have to start at a big place like Humana or Aetna. Temping can also help you get in ( check healthcare staffing agencies in your area).
  2. SierraMoon

    Other Options Besides Bedside?

    What in particular are you trying to get into? If you have your full year of medsurg, then check out places like Humana, Anthem, Aetna, United for utilization review type jobs. You might have to go temp to perm. There are always smaller companies that are subcontractors, too. Just plug in utilization review and/or case management for your area into Indeed. You'll probably have to be persistent.
  3. SierraMoon

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    I had three patients; handed one off. That shift all three coded and two died. It was freaking awful. People spent years talking about it, too. Not in a negative way about me, just as a legendary bad shift.
  4. SierraMoon

    Is Nursing school totally out of the picture for me?

    Research programs and get some apps out. Your GPA won't reset with nursing school but I had ver similar stats 3.6 prereq 3.2 overall. Got into a good ADN program that only looked at prereq gpa. You haven't failed until you try.
  5. SierraMoon

    Work From Home

    I was never a temp; I work for a company that has various contracts to provide services to different entities, so not directly for an insurance company. I'm sure there are other companies out there, so don't limit yourself to the big names.
  6. SierraMoon

    Work From Home

    I tried the big ones but finally got hired on by a smaller contractor. Had no experience and no BSN. Just scour Indeed for anything that looks promising. My position can be work at home after training and it was not mentioned in the ad that remote was possible.
  7. SierraMoon

    Tired of jumping jobs, does anyone like her job?

    I like my job but I do UM, too.
  8. SierraMoon

    New nurse who feels like a failure

    That sounds like a strange and terrible way to start nursing. I'd quit before they fired me and find a place with a more traditional orientation. I learned so much from the other nurses I worked with, even though I wasn't precepting with them. This is just bad, it's not you.
  9. SierraMoon

    Leaving Bedside in ICU for CDS- What should I expect?

    I'm three weeks into my new desk job in utilization management and I kind of love it. I also needed a change after six years of nursing, 4.5 in SICU. It's been so nice having a regular schedule and I actually get to use my clinical judgment a good bit. I never really minded the charting so all the computer work doesn't bother me. I might be nuts in a year from not having any days off during the week, but I think I'll adjust. I'm already so much happier.
  10. SierraMoon

    PAX NLN scores

    They used to put out a pretty thorough guide for that exam. I don't know what average is but my school requires a minimum of 55th percentile for any possibility of admission ( I had to go check) and the year I started, everyone was over the 80th percentile. I hope you can take it again.
  11. SierraMoon

    Can I stay home and watch my boyfriend.

    You mean get paid? Not very likely. Small possibility if he's homebound and eligible for medicaid or the VA.
  12. SierraMoon

    Getting a Second Opinion to Confirm a Patient's Death

    I've always gotten a second nurse to confirm and have been the confirmation as well. I think it was the policy even.
  13. SierraMoon

    Is it appropriate to ask for time off during an interview?

    No, ask after an offer has been made. The best thing would be to make your start date after the vacation. Missing that much time during a residency could be a no-go.
  14. SierraMoon

    VA Nursing Proficiency

    Find a manager who consistently gets their staff promoted and transfer. Seriously, I talked to people who planned to do just that when they were up for it. I guess some managers fight harder? I'm not at the VA anymore as it wasn't for me.
  15. SierraMoon

    new grad RN with respiratory degree

    You'll be lucky not to have to sign an agreement to get a BSN, much less get paid extra for a non-nursing degree. Pay rates generally go by time under that license. I would definitely try to negotiate but would not expect much.
  16. If kids are the most important thing to you, then ditch school, get a full-time job for a year (for insurance and FMLA reasons) and start trying. Work as a staff nurse until the baby starts school and at that time you'll have more experience for NP school.

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