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  1. "OMG! I'll be in his place next year!"
  2. Overlook Hospital, Summit NJ

    I went there only for clinicals. I was on orthopedics/med surge floors. I've been to many of the other hospitals and I still think that none of the others come close to Overlook. Great Hospital!!!!!
  3. F-1 RN Job Search

    As far as I know, nursing has an exception.The sponsor doesn't have to prove that he/she couldn't find a US citizen for that position.(I have heard that from an immigration lawyer).
  4. F-1 RN Job Search

    I am currently enrolled in a US College. Even tough I'm on F-1 visa, I'll be a US graduate. I was thinking about Magnet Hospitals. I know that they only hire BSN graduates.Do you think that could work out? Do you have any suggestions? There is also a...
  5. F-1 RN Job Search

    Hi, I'm an F-1 student too. I'll be graduating next May with BSN. I'd like to hear your stories. The biggest problem is:When they sponsor you for green card, you're not sure if you can get it before OPT ends. Therefore, you need to apply for H-1B too...
  6. St Barnabas, Livingston, NJ ORIENTATION SOON!

    I was on Med-Surg floor for my clinicals this semester. It is a very good hospital (Waaaay goood than Clara Mass). Nurses over there were mostly satisfied with their jobs. Actually, I will be graduating next May and was thinking about applying there....
  7. Med math test at start of nursing school?

    We have math test at the beginning of each semester. You have to get 90 in your sophmore and junior year, and 100 in your senior year. It is very basic math, so no need to worry. Just pay attention to the units they give and they ask, also rounding t...
  8. Nursing student survival tips

    As a senior BSN student, I can say that DO your reading and assignments on time. We have 7-8 chapters (some times even 13) for each test. If you procrastinate, it will be very frustrating. For me and my classmates, there is no social life at all. I d...
  9. Taking A & P 1 this Fall

    I also got pre-calculus online, it wasn't a good idea. People! Do not ever take a math class online. I passed with an A but had to study the whole book by myself.
  10. Taking A & P 1 this Fall

    I would not recommend you to take the micro online. I just got my A.S. in biology and I took micro last fall. I studied soooo hard and passed with 97 (A+). However, u should be in class to do that. It is a very important class for nursing. U better r...
  11. Taking A & P 1 this Fall

    Online study group is a great idea; I'm in! By the way, how do u know that u'r professor will use the same book?
  12. Taking A & P 1 this Fall

    I'm taking A&P 1, psychology, nutrition, and economics this fall...I think I should be worrying (