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  1. Christina08

    Pharmacology is kicking my butt!! Help!

    Hi, I have some good notes on pharm or you can go scribd and search yourself. good luck!
  2. Christina08

    IV med related question

    Yep, that's pretty easy. Just read the drug guide and you will find the correct answer to your question.
  3. Christina08

    Backstabbing/Gossip in Nursing School

    Hi! I wish I could ask such advice before I started my NS. I ran into some mean girl at the beginning of the school, so sometimes I would just go home and cry 'cause I could not bear it anymore. Thanks God we are not interacting anymore and that taught a good lesson to be quiet about all your personal stuff and just be straight forward on learning new material. Good luck! PS Right now I am socializing with 2-3 people to whom I can actually trust. Sometimes we study together for the tests. To everybody else in my class I just say "hi" and "bye"...:)
  4. Christina08

    why do people do this?

    Hey, people try to discourage me almost everyday and I am used to it. Right now I am just ignoring those kind of statements. It flows in into one ear and flows out from another..:)
  5. Christina08

    anyone feel there black or muslim sounding name holds them back

    Hey, do not even pay attention to those kind of people. I am not muslim and black, nor American at all but a lot of people would not even bother to pronounce my name when they see it. But I do not make a big deal of it. So, my advice to you: just do what you need to do and don't let people put you down. Good luck!
  6. Christina08

    17 August 2009 - the big day for some of us :)

    I am so excited and nervous at the same time... Tomorrow is the first day of my nursing program... can't believe it.. It was a long way to go and still at lot of things are going to happen. Today I am just cleaning my house completely and will prepare my bag for tomorrow. I wish you all good luck for tomorrow!
  7. Christina08

    CNA & A&P

    It's DOABLE! Last semester I did A&PII, Micro, Abnormal Psych, World Religions, and CNA!!!! I passed with 2 A's and 2 B's and passed my CNA... So, it is all doable! Don't worry....
  8. Christina08

    Fall Schedule!

    ha, ha... The same here. I woun't be a pre-nursing student from Aug. 17.... So, my schedule is: Mon. 8.00-03.05 - Nur. 110 Tue. 8.00-03.05 - Nur. 110 Thu 12.00-02.00 - Intermediate Algebra Fri 07.00-14.00 - Clinicals
  9. Christina08


    Congratulations! Were you accepted into RN program? I am also starting on Aug. 17... really can't wait... so excited. I have also bought all of my textbooks and ordered my uniforms...