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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a Liberal Arts student at NCC right now and interested in "Change of Program" to Nursing for Spring 2021. I have almost all the Pre-reqs done with 3.7 GPA. Only thing I worry about at this moment is the TEAS Exam. I did not take the...
  2. Hi all! I’ve searched around & haven’t seen any threads on the Fall 2019 NCCC Nursing program applicants so I decided to start one. I would love to hear from current applicants, current/past students, family or friends of NCCC nurses. Any feedbac...
  3. Whom else is applying for this Spring? How apprehensive do YOU feel about it? How are your stats?
  4. Hello all, I did not see an active thread for Nassau Community College for Spring 2020 admissions, so I thought it would be a good idea to create one. The application submissions begin September 13th and will close October 11th (unless it is changed)...
  5. Nassau Community College Spring 2021

    Hello Everyone, I will be applying to the Spring 2021 program at Nassau. Do you think all pre-requisites are required? Is anyone else planning on applying to QCC or anywhere else?
  6. Hey everyone, i just applied to the NCC 4 year program for spring 2020. I have 7 of the 10 pre reqs completed but only 2 of which are from NCC: A&P 1 : A- A&P 2: B Psychology: A Human Lifespan: A Statistics: B+ english 102: A- Microbiology: ...
  7. Hi everyone! I recently applied to ncc spring 2020 program. Does anyone know when the acceptance letters are going out?
  8. Hi! Anyone else looking to apply to NCC for the Spring 2019 Nursing Program? I'm so curious and anxious to know if I have enough 'points' to make the cut. How are you guys feeling? How are your points/stats adding up?
  9. Hello everyone, I did not see a thread for upcoming Fall 2020. Who has applied for this window that closes March 13th? What are your stats? I want to know like yesterday if I got in. This wait is the worst. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Any one applying for Nursing at NCC for Fall 2018?
  11. I thought I'd start a forum for Fall 2017
  12. Hey guys! I know it’s kinda early, but I figured that I’d start a thread for the NCC Nursing applicants for Fall 2021. Here we can post our stats, discuss the program and freak out together while waiting for admissions decisions? here’s what my stats...

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