Summer School Anyone?


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Any one sticking around through summer school?


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I am working the last 3 days of our summer school. I've never done it before, but it should be interesting.

Taking 2 weeks off, 3 days of summer school, after that no working until middle of August. :yes:

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I'm in NY & our school year ends late- June 24th.

I have two weeks off & agreed to work the first 3 weeks of summer school - July 11-29. I'll be off most of August. The HS Nurse and I run two physical days with the district Doctor for sports & have to be around the first couple days of modified football practices to clear athletes.

I worked July last year too and didn't mind it. I'm relatively new at the school thing and am sure the novelty of summer school will wear off in the next year or two.

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i'll be working a few weeks of summer school because - money, cash, dolla dolla bills y'all!!


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I'm picking up some days at the SNF I work at PRN. It pays more but is significantly more stressful.

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No summer school, but may have to come back early to facilitate SNAP software installation. Luckily we don't come back until September.


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Nope. The senior nurse in my district takes it. I have 5 half days for football, and I'm working HH.


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I am doing summer school. 3 days a week for 5 weeks. I can't complain.

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School based summer "camp" through Aug.


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Not this year!!! Our program is an extended year for the students with special needs from many districts. It is way more hectic than regular school. !st time off in over 10 years! just working a little at my prn office job (way less stress)!


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I said I wasn't going to work and then got suckered into it (as I often do) after the district nurse gave me the sob story about being short staffed. I'm only doing a week, though and at $30/hr, I can't complain too much. I know I'll be happy I did when school shopping for kids school clothes rolls around at the beginning of August. Until then, I'll sit in silence in the clinic and whine about how I'm working while everyone else is off enjoying their summer! lol :rolleyes: