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Anyone familiar with the Student Response System? Along with all the required texts and software I had to purchase, there was a student clicker as well. It's put out by Turning Technologies for the classroom. Is this any good for nursing school. Costs about $56.00

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OMG - I have never heard of such a thing. Are schools really that hard up? Did previous students run off with them?

There are actually many types of 'audience response' systems, including some that you can use with cell phones - no special devices needed. IMHO, They should look into one of those instead.

I had to use a clicker for a few science classes in my day. They are okay. You answe questions through.a website with them.

I first thought this was about using dog training tools on students.

What is a student clicker?

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We had to use these for one of my psychology classes. The professor incorporated questions throughout his PowerPoint and we answered with the clicker. He said it was his way of gauging if we understood the information.

We only paid $35 for them thorough, that was 4 years ago though. Guess the company thought they could make more off of students. See if anyone you know is selling them. Outside of the classroom they aren't usable so I am sure someone wouldn't mind getting rid of it.

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We had to use them in some of my philosophy classes a few years back. It was kind of a fun way to stay interactive during lecture. We didn't have to buy our own, though. I believe they were loaned out to us and we only paid if we didn't return them at the end of the semester.

My nursing school made us buy them for about what you are paying. And they never worked right and the idea was scrapped. It was originally sold to us that we would be taking ALL OUR NURSING EXAMS on these!! We were freaking out....Everyone was so happy when they were scrapped.

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Wow....what happened to real life class participation and a show of hands?

We used them in our critical care class. The teacher would ask us questions and no one would ever answer for fear of getting the answer wrong. So she decided to start using the clickers and have questions in her power point slide, we would answer them and it would show when everyone had answered the question, and then what % of people chose each answer. I think that they really helped our class. But then again we didnt have to pay for them either!

Indiana State Univ's med surg nursing class uses it -- the bookstore has is listed as a requirement for the class.

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Wow....what happened to real life class participation and a show of hands?

It's supposed to be a better gauge of a class's understanding because the voting is anonymous. No being swayed by popular vote.

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