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  1. bubblejet50

    No Oxygen or Suction in dining room...normal?

    All the LTC I worked at did not have a crash cart. I never utilized my acls in this setting. We did not have suction or oxygen without an order. Choking wasnt a problem during the entire 2yrs I worked LTC. These guys see therapy so often that at the first signs of difficulty there was a diet change.
  2. The college in town here is a 4 semester program for pmhnp. Its built for bsn students. All the programs I have looked at (university of nebraska at omaha, vanderbilt, creighton university, and marquette university) do not have any np programs that last over 5 semesters
  3. Im in an rn-bsn program thats completely online. Its at university of nebraska medical center. Webpage is http://www.unmc.edu. I love it. I have very few projects and the program is 7 classes
  4. I found out I pregnant 2 weeks before we graduated. I was the 9th person in our class to get pregnant. I will say if you take nclex right away and land a job its not too bad. I graduated in may, took nclex in july, and got my current job in september. I was off probation bit had barely any pto saved and didnt qualify for fmla when I had my baby in january. I only took 2 wks off because the benefits are great here and I didnt want to lose them. We started trying when we did because my husband had only a 2% chance of having kids. We wanted to get our year of trying done so we could seek fertility treatment. 2 months later I was pregnant!
  5. bubblejet50

    Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty (for non-RNs) MSN 2013

    Im applying this december for a fall start for the dual FNP/midwife program but the admissions lady told me they only accept 5-8 BSN applicants a year! Im already nervous and to wait 3 months for a decision sounds horrible!!
  6. bubblejet50


    I have anxiety disorder. During nursing school id have panic attacks during tests and even lecture! I never once took meds. Here is what I did to conquer the anxiety (panic attack free for 9months now!) If I drink caffeine it is beverage a day between the hours of 10am n 4pm, sleep at least 8hrs most nights (a night here and there of 6hrs is no problem but not consistently), and avoid sugar as much as possible (i cant have aspartame either). The caffeine and sleeping tend to be the biggest factors. If im having a panic attack I use breathing and guided imagery to bring myself down. I did not want to go on meds cuz im hypersensitive to meds.
  7. bubblejet50

    Phi theta kappa?

    I joined it for a resume builder since I really didnt do much extracurriculars in college
  8. bubblejet50


    I saw it on the news. I looked it up on google and this was released about a month before I saw the tv story. This seems more reasonable. http://m.omaha.com/om/pm_27428/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=WFCzGRlb I believe things do need to change but I read the affordable care act in its entire form and I think people will be surprised how little the eldery will be covered, how one person (the head of health n human services) has the choice to cover people in the high risk pool or not cover them depending on if the federal budget has available funding. The government can offer their insurance plan at 150% the market price of insurance. Go read all 900 pages! How bout capping pharmaceutical and medical costs? I think thats a better option
  9. bubblejet50

    12 hour shift

    I love 12's. I do days and its not a hosptial setting, nor is it geriatric LTC. We get overtime for over 12hrs in a day and our lunch break is paid. There is a lot of downtime and I only stayed late once. I just love my job!
  10. bubblejet50

    Unclogging a g-tube

    Another trick ive learned is putting coffee down the tube. Works like a charm. My boss told me about this one day and it really did work when coke didnt
  11. bubblejet50


    The news covered a story here that stated that "in response to obamacare" one of the local hospitals went on a hiring freeze and laid off 5200 employees. This was dec 2012
  12. bubblejet50

    need help with ekg interpretation

    Do.you have access to anyone's acls book? I learned ekg's the best through that class. I had a rough time in school with them. I knew "oh crap you're dying" and "you are fine" lol but acls got me to note quite a few different ones
  13. bubblejet50

    Pediatric/Psychiatry Rotation Tips!

    In my school we were taught to bring the patient back to reality, for example tell the pt that baby was not real, but now working with a population that is more psych than medical you never tell a patient a hallucination or idea is not reality. You can talk bout it when there is no hallucination occuring if needed.
  14. bubblejet50

    Embarrassing? (Ladies opinion)

    The depends are actually quite comfortable! Lol I saw a pp say the incontinence brief as could be an option. After baby number 2 I had literally no bladder control for a week. They will hold a full bladder worth of urine so im sure they will work for that time of month. They do not feel bulky as nd are comfortable. During my clinicals when I wore all white as well I used.the tampon/pad combo. I was on seasonique though and only had that bad week once a semester.
  15. bubblejet50

    New LPN/RN Pay Rate

    Area: omaha, nebraska Field: developmental disabilities medical support unit (ltc without elderly) Job: FT RN (new grad with ADN) Pay rate: $20.25