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  1. Gpa before nursing school: 3.8 Gpa during nursing school (at that school only): 2.5 Gpa after nursing school (cumulative): 3.1 I think only 4 of my 100 classmates knew what an A was during nursing school lol
  2. bubblejet50


    I am looking at my future and trying to see which is a better field to get into. My BSN GPA is somewhere between 3.2 and 3.4 (depending on this semester's grades). I love psych but I hear that psych is not the area to get into these days since the funding for psych patients on Medicare/Medicaid (which a lot of these patients are on) are getting cut or severely reduced. I have been told to stay away from psych from actual people in the field. They are going back to school to get out of the field anyway. I find CRNA interesting as well and I know that the pay is better in that field. The downside is that the schools are more competitive and I would have to wait longer to even apply since I do not currently work in a critical care environment and most schools have a minimum of 1-2 years required to apply. I was just wondering if anyone in either of these areas has insight as to what the reality is once out of school in these areas. It it hard to find a job in your area like the RN new grad problem? Is mental health really dying out as fast as they say it is? I just want some more information before I commit to a school and program that will cost as much as grad schools do. Thanks!!
  3. bubblejet50

    From experience, has anyone had a relatively low stress nursing job ?

    I work in a low stress nursing job. I work in a group home for medically unstable developmentally disabled clients. I have 6 clients. I used to work in a nursing home so I find this low stress. Its trying on the patience but there is a lot of down time which i would say is the downside of low stress nursing. Its nice because im not constantly fretting about what needs dobe, when im going to get to this, has so and so had a shower.
  4. bubblejet50

    Planned Parenthood RN experience?

    I did some of my clinicals at planned parenthood. I loved it but you will be dealing with the kind of people who have money to buy name brand purses and new phones but not be able to put any money towards their birth control, people who use abortion (if your state allows it) as a normal birth control, and people who are uneducated and dont want to learn. If you feel like you can work with those populations and not become jaded it will give you a lot of hands on experience and learning chances. The nurses at my pp did the reception, the intake triage, the procedures that the doctor or np was not needed for, ran the labs themselves, and did the teaching. I learned a lot there.
  5. bubblejet50

    Sandy - Burnout

    Power just got back on in west orange, nj last night. It really was a mess. Hopefully having heat now will help. They didnt even have hot water!
  6. bubblejet50

    Sick with Tonsillitis! What do I do?

    At my school if you missed 2 clinicals for ANY reason you were dropped from the program. We all muddled through at least one clinical while sick. Wash your hands a lot and wear a mask.
  7. bubblejet50

    Late nights at doctor's office

    My ob doctor is like that! She is so popular that I have literay been seen at 6pm when my appt was at 3. I was not happy waiting THAT long (usual wait time is 1 hour after your scheduled appt) but I felt bad for her and the staff who still had quite a few patients left after me.
  8. bubblejet50

    bad anxiety/dislike lab

    You cant really learn lung sounds from anyone. You have to just learn from experience. For more important skills speak up to your instructor. One thing I learned in nursing school whether it was my first or last semester was no one else is going to look out for you. Ask questions when you dont understand something, if its a new procedure in clinical ask if you can do it. I gained a lot of experience this way that my classmates missed out on. Your confidence will build and your anxiety will get less. I remember my first clinical day and wanted to cry! It will get easier :)
  9. Iluvpatho....i think you bring up a valid point but the way you articulate it comes off as very demeaning. Out of my class of 100 grads only about 5 got jobs within the hospital. Most started looking for jobs 6wks before graduation and worked on hospital floors. I think the OP just wants new nurses to prepare. I had personal recommendations and references from charge nurses, doctors, and clinical instructors and still had problems landing the interview. The last floor I was on...charge told me to apply and I should have no problem getting in. that did not happen. I had 2 classmates that were promised jobs but then a month before school ended the offers fell through. Some areas are flooded with nurses and others not. I think the op was aiming more for the new students who are all starry eyed about getting into their choice specialty with no problem. I agree it wont change people in school but maybe realign the realities of idealists which are not necessarily dumb. I think we all went through the idealistic stage at some point in or before school.
  10. bubblejet50

    I got in

    It used to 36 but when the SAT added a writing section I believe the ACT did as well changing both grading systems. My graduating class in 2005 was the last to use the old grading for SAT for sure.
  11. bubblejet50

    Sandy - Burnout

    Yea my mom says lots of downed trees, stores sold out of lots of things, food stores are running low because their electricity isnt working and their fridges are out. Ice is in shortage so they are running out of ways to store the food they do have. She is in west orange, nj which is a 45 min bus ride from nyc and they have not seen or heard of any help from the govt, fema, or red cross. I live in iowa and most people I talk to here do not know its that bad out there. They were shocked listening to the news today. Police were even barring residents in my moms town from driving at all until yesterday. You guys out on the east coast need more help and support than you are getting
  12. bubblejet50

    Question on new grad preceptorship experience

    How were your clinicals set up in school? I was taking 4 patients complete cares on a step down unit/tele by myself. I think this helped me feel better on the job. I also worked as an lpn in LTC which makes you feel stressed and use your critical thinking skills. In my experiences in the er during school rotations is that if it is a true emergency then the others nurses all help out. I think that by the end of a 16 week orientation that you should have the knowledge to assess and treat the "normals" of the er, example...chest pain, fever, broken bones, dehydration, and etoh abuse. If something unusual were to come in like a rhythm strip you did not know or an illness like possible meningitis I think that it would be appropriate to come up with an action plan and ask another nurse for their opinion on your plan. I never received 16weeks orientation anywhere. I got 3days in LTC and saw everything from gas pains to an AMI to a gi bleed. My current job I got 40hrs orientation. You just need to be more confident. :) it does take time and experience but maybe what you see as your dept turning their backs on you is really them supporting you in flying solo. That day will come and maybe they felt you were relying too much on the seasoned staff and giving you the chance to build your confidence
  13. bubblejet50

    Sandy - Burnout

    My mom is in nj and their town still doesnt have electricity either. They at least have a fireplace. I dont think much of the nation knows what is really going on still. Thank you for everything you all are doing. I hear little gas is available and lots of detours. Food in some areas is also a problem. I cant imagine the mess it is out there
  14. I agree 100%. I applied to about 20 jobs a day for two months before I got the first interview. The hospitals want experience. I found a job I love outside the hospital with more pay, better hours, and I was not an area of nursing that I thought I would like. Keep your minds open and unless you KNOW that you hate a specialty be open to it!
  15. bubblejet50

    Trouble with starting IV's

    Do you try a certain spot more than others? I find the hand and the ac have the best veins but are inconvenient to the patient. Most of my iv starts were in the er so I was able to utilize these spots more often. You say you are not forceful. Is it because you dont want to hurt your patient or is it because you are not confident? I was told by a seasoned step down unit nurse that the faster you go with the needle the less pain your patient feels. Do your instructors make you nervous? I feel I learned more from the floor nurses during clinical than my instructors. At my school they were more like drill sergeants who used intimidation to their advantage. They would belittle you in front of classmates and patients but boy do you never forget that lesson! Maybe you can ask to try an iv start with your floor nurse? I dont know what your state regulations are on that or if it would be an option. Maybe if your hospital has iv nurses ask to follow one for a day and pick their brain. I think it is a skill that can be done a bunch of ways but you need to find the way that works for you. In my experience in interviewing after school they do ask if you are okay with iv starts but I dont think its a dealbreaker. Hospitals around me no longer have iv teams but many still do so it may not be a big deal after you graduate.
  16. bubblejet50

    Trouble with starting IV's

    Ok I will give you the advice that changed my whole iv experience. I got this during my er rotation from an er nurse of 20years. My school was all about "you have to see the vein and go at a 45 degree angle." I missed everytime. The er nurse told me to feel for the vein, hold one finger above the site you want to use one below to hold the vein still (not too hard tho), and position the needle like you are landing a plane with very little angle. (i wish I could show you!) Never missed an iv on first try since. Had prob on only one blood draw but it was a very dehydrated elderly lady and I still got half a tube when no one else could. I hope it makes sense to you