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  1. arbor-vitae

    Nurse with Disdain

    The first thought that comes to my mind is sociopath. Just a thought, because of your inability to have empathy.
  2. arbor-vitae

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    That's total BS! I happen to know someone who was accepted into CCRI Nursing program with a 3.2 GPA. This fall semester. Don't believe people, often they put out erroneous information to discourage you thus, making their odds better. GETTING INTO CCRI NURSING PRORAM IS NOT HARD. However, you must do well in your pre-req classes. Once you have met your requirements, you are good to go. I got in with a 3.4 and a weak TEASE score.
  3. arbor-vitae

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    NEIT nursing program, from what I am tol, has made some significant changes, in positive ways. They got rid of the original director/creator of the program. This has led to major changes in policy, curriculum, and mission. From what I am told the school administrators take notice and monitor the nursing program now whereas, before the program was in black op mode being dictated by a loose cannon. The price tag is hefty, no way around that but you will be in a very high tech, the best money can buy facility. Although expensive, this does offer quick placement in a nurse program. Kinda like; sending a letter to another state, cost fifty-cents, but if you want it there overnight it'll cost what, $10+? Nursing school is tough everywhere, you must be dedicated and determined. I would say, you are much safer now going into neit nursing program than you were before. The saying "gotta work the bugs out" is true but in this case more appropriately, " they worked the monsters out"!
  4. arbor-vitae

    Student Clickers?

    Anyone familiar with the Student Response System? Along with all the required texts and software I had to purchase, there was a student clicker as well. It's put out by Turning Technologies for the classroom. Is this any good for nursing school. Costs about $56.00
  5. arbor-vitae


    BluemorningGlory you obviously don't like this guy, and you'd love to sabotage his nursing goals. CNA and nursing school have BCI's and this guy seems to have gotten through one of them. People like you that cause trouble and back stab others in the program. If I were a nursing school director and you came up to me with that nonsense, I'd put you in your place and keep an eye on you as much as possible.
  6. arbor-vitae

    Removing a tic from a patient

    Lmao!! I was thinking the same thing! I can only imagine the stuff he sends to the lab lol. I'm sure the lab folks appease his Hollywood drive, but most of his submissions get filed in the round cabinet
  7. arbor-vitae

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    Hello yanks82! It's a bit confusing, if your posts are a positive or negative prospective on neit. Given the price tag on an RN associates degree from neit, +50K, not so sure your post does any justice insofar as marketing. Over fifty thousand dollars to be subjugated to such strict rules, really? Two mins late you get a big fat zero, spending all that time and money only to be "weeded out", in your words, seriously? So, according to you, in order to be the best nursing graduate in Rhode Island, one must pay $50K +, endure strict, unreasonable rules, and not be targeted as one to be "weeded out"? Not so enticing yanks. It seems your statistics are eschew as well; Pass rates for NCLEX are going to be higher when only 5-12 students are being tested. I've said that neit nursing program has potential, and in fact, they have made significant personnel changes recently which should be positive change. No denying there has been some really bad problems in the program. And as you know yank82; a former high ranking nursing admin person was actually escorted by security out of classroom, off campus. What's up with that? Looks like "weeding out", goes both ways! Your alligence to your school is admirable, but your post is telling, and makes the neit nursing program a scary, expensive gamble.
  8. There has been some incredible, dramatic, turn of events within the New England Tech Nursing program! Unbelievable, but, could be positive change no doubt. Anyone interested let me know, I'll share what I have been told. It's hard to believe....
  9. arbor-vitae

    Your thoughts on being "written up".

    This advise by caliotter is spot on! Leadership is a tough role to be good at. It takes most people quite some time to be good at it. Through trial and error, a leader will find that consistent, efficient medium which is the best for that environment. I've tried being too soft as a leader; disastrous! Blows up in your face, and you are trampled on. Being a hard core leader; your following rules to a tee, however an abundance of resentment, and anomosity will create a broken, demoralized team which works in fear and mistrust, and anger. In between hard and soft is best, utilizing the above quote from caliotter.
  10. arbor-vitae

    Nursing acceptance question

    Relax! That's probably what it's about, but I seriously doubt it will prevent you from nursing school. Just a formality they do.
  11. arbor-vitae

    Nursing acceptance question

    Hello tropics, I'm not sure what this could be about. I have received my official acceptance and registered for class online. Did your BCI come back clean?
  12. arbor-vitae

    Welcome cool change at new england tech nursing.....

    Things should get better!!
  13. i experienced the exact situation where i went to school. you mention some keywords; "sociopath", loading up on ammo, and ostersized by other students. it has become clear to me that we are amongst sociopaths everywhere and we don't even know it. huge disadvantage for us! while we are constrained by our morals, values and conscious, they (sociopaths) are aware of this and exploit it. my former nursing director, in my opinion, is a sociopath, and like you, she gathered ammo without me knowing it. she had a network of moles(students who would do anything to stay in her good graces) feed her information about other students. lies and slanders is an understatement. professors which i previously had a good rapport with before, i could easily sense they were now against me. by the time i knew i was under attack, it was too late. they could not get me in lecture as i was pulling a's, and you either know the test material or you don't. you determine and have control of your lecture grades. clinical is a different story; they can say and do anything, in the end it is their opinion, lies or not. it was all propaganda and lies. i left that school and am now doing fine in a legitimate nursing school. it was an awful experience but a great lesson learned. this career field is full of cutthroat, sociopathic people. btw; that director has now been sacked and no longer is part of the program. the school finally figured out she was costing them thousands of dollars because of her wicked ways. i am sure this rotten person has a history behind her, people laying in her wake of sociopathic behavior, hospital to nursing school. .
  14. arbor-vitae

    CCRI Nursing program Acceptance

    I think it's ludicrous to retake a class to bring a B- to an A. especially a science class. Waste of time and money. I got into fall nursing with a 3.4 GPA, and an average TEASE score. I know people who got in with less then I. Do your best, complete your pre-reqs, and submit your application. Don't get caught up in all the rumors of how only 4.0's get in, that's BS.