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Stephalump has 2 years experience and specializes in Forensic Psych.

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  1. Patient Population?

    Adults who have been deemed incompetent to stand inmates. Mostly male. I honestly love the population. My goal is to get into detox/addictions.
  2. Eliminating Seclusion/Restraint? Um, NO.

    How would that even be possible?
  3. Comfortable shoes?

    I love me some Nike Air Max!
  4. Esme Needs Your Prayers

    You are loved, Esme. Best wishes for your recovery
  5. Benzo free inpatient hospital?

    It's not out of line. It's my opinion, which I'm entitled to. Out of line is "monitoring" people's freedom to express such opinions on a public message board. But I suppose you're entitled to your opinion about my opinion.
  6. Perhaps this Wasn't for Me

    I love forensic psych. Love, love, love it and intend on starting grad school soon and hopefully working with the same population. That being said...yes, it can be horribly boring at times. I can be finished with my paperwork by 1000 and spend the n...
  7. Benzo free inpatient hospital?

    I don't work in a benzo-free facility, per se, but very, very few of my patients receive them outside of an ETO. Their reasoning is a bit more straight-forward. I work in a forensic facility where all the patients come from jail and all will be retur...
  8. Security guards

    I had to laugh out loud at the idea that all of my medication restraints could've been avoided by something so simple....JUICE!!! I'll admit, sometimes if you know a patient well enough and they're maybe just stubborn or feeling like they need to ...
  9. Security guards

    We have four safety officers per shift and usually around 90 or so patients.
  10. Four years to earn an ADN :/

    It took me four years to get my ADN as well. Trust me, those kinds of thoughts only matter when you're at the starting line. You won't be the least bit concerned about the details of getting there once you hit the finish line.
  11. Less desirable doesn't mean "bad career choice." I'd be willing to bet money that the difference in the number of applications for every home health job and the number of apps per hospital job is exponential. I work in's less desirable b...
  12. Areas of nursing you would NOT like?

    I knew right away that I wasn't going to do med-surg, l&d, nursing homes, or OR. I wanted ER or psych and ended up in psych with no regrets thus far!
  13. Love the Job, Hate the Environment

    I haven't read the book, but I definitely need to! I have very little experience dealing with people like her. My normal method of keeping my head down doesn't seem to be working. Probably because of what you said...she can sense my hatred of confron...
  14. Major Boundary Violation

    Turn yourself in to someone you trust . Boundary violations beget more boundary violations and it's a hard cycle to stop with manipulative populations or struggling nurses. You can get some help. I haven't quite been in your situation, but I have be...
  15. Love the Job, Hate the Environment

    4 months ago I started a forensic psych job. It's stressful and challenging, but I love it. Watching my patients improve has been an amazing experience. What hasn't been amazing is my experience with my supervisors. Both are extremely unprofessional...

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