Still no ATT. Did I do something wrong?


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I sent in my paperwork in beginning of May, graduated May 21st, registered with Pearson Vue to take the test, (paid $200:eek:) and still nothing.

Just started HURST review today and guess what? We learn that one of our students took and passed NCLEX already! Yay for her but where the heck is MY ATT?

Any guesses anyone? I wanted to test in June. :( Yes, I checked my spam folder and it is not there. :crying2:


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Call your state boards and win them over with charm. Just call to check on your status.

Good luck!

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I agree - call. The paperwork could just be sitting there. Calling can get your stuff found and processed.

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I'd call your State BON. I know myself and my entire class were waiting on our ATT's. I finally called because we were told if we didn't get them in a week to call..I gave it 2 wks.

Come to find out, my paperwork was there but in two seperate piles. One pile was in a "pending" status for other paperwork..but that paperwork was in the "pending" status for the other paperwork :)

Luckily I called, the nice lady who helped me asked if I could notify all my classmates (or give her their names) so that she could be sure to pull all the paperwork so the ATT's could be issued. Within 10 minutes of calling her, my ATT appeared in my email!


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Call and inquire. You may never find out if you don't take the initiative. Good luck.

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Thanks everyone! I hadn't thought of that yet LOL! I will call them tomorrow. :D


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Did you get the email from pearson with your username and temp password? Did you log back on to pearson and update your password? If not, do it, if yes, log on again and see if the schedule test option is there, if it is, your att should arrive VERY soon. So give it a try, can't hurt. I have heard people say logging on actually triggers you to get the email but that might be an urban myth, who knows! Good Luck. BTW, my state uses this company PCS and they have been very behind since the flood in TN where their headquarters is, but you can call and check status with them...not sure if your state uses pcs though...

Thanks everyone! I hadn't thought of that yet LOL! I will call them tomorrow. :D


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I graduated may took over a week to send transcripts....BON got them on May takes them 2 weeks to process and send to Pearson. I should be getting att this week- hopefully!


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20 years ago I had a barber license with my maiden name on it. I kept calling the state board and they kept saying that "we send the letters out randomly, not in the order they are turned in" btw, I took my stuff down there the day our school turned in the paperwork... everyone already had theirs and still none for me... long story short, I convinced them to look mine up, I needed to turn in a marriage certificate, divorce decree and a notarized letter stating my reason for not changing my name back to my maiden name after getting divorced. YEAH.... I was ready to lose it on someone!! But I got my ATT the day after doing all of that!