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My name is Lisa I am currently an LPN, have been for six years and pursuing my RN.

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  1. Lisa1980

    My CPNE Journal~St Mary's 11/4/2011

    Congratulations!!! I tested at St. Mary's almost 2 years ago. Forrest is an absolutely wonderful CA. I loved every minute at St. Marys. I stayed in the same hotel too. Again congrats Loops!!!
  2. Lisa1980

    APN role as....

    What are the advanced practice nurses role in Improving Healthcare Delivery and Outcomes? I'm clueless!
  3. Lisa1980

    APN role

    How does the Advanced Practice nurses role Improve Healthcare Delivery and Outcomes? All I got is they are leaders and managers of care. They abide by the reimbursement guidelines set forth. What am I missing?
  4. Lisa1980

    WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    Nerdtonurse... I completed the BSN in 3 months 8 days!!!!! Good Luck, very doable!
  5. thanks rockette and dudette. You have enlightened me. It does make it difficult because it's really an opinion paper because it has yet to be established. Thanks again, Lisa
  6. rocket surgery, it is a real bill: http://thomas.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.1119:# Basically, 1) I have to predict the econmic impact (e.g. costs, benfits, cost-containment on health care delivery. 2) evaluate how the equity of resource allocation 3) Disscuss impact on administrative resources 4) Discuss how the role of hte nurse could be impacted (kinda understand this one) But for the rest.... I have read the bill but it doesn't say where i get the rest of the information. I feel like i have to make it up... i feel this is "my opinion" but I can't give my opinion because i don't understand it. any advise!
  7. I am aboslutely struggling. I finished my BSN in 3 months. Now I started my MSN. The first course is Healthcare Policy, Organization, and Finance. I finished my first assignment which was creating a budget... wasn't all bad. BUT>>>>>> now i have been sitting on this paper for 2 weeks. I feel absolutely clueless. I don't understand any of it, even after talking to my mentor. Basically, If you understand politics and legislative bills I really really need to speak with you. I have read this bill at least 20 times... but I don't understand it, and i don't understand how i am to write this paper with the information given. If you have some free time to help me understand this I would greatly appreciate it!!
  8. Lisa1980

    MSN to FNP or DNP

    I am hoping to finish my MSN in management and leadership in Feb through Western Governors University. After that.... I am considering going for my FNP or DNP. In your opinion would you do FNP or DNP? I keep reading that eventually like in 2015 they want to do away with FNP and make them all DNPs. I have been searching and searching databases for information from schools. But I really don't know even where to begin. First thought is... the school will need to accept WGU... obviously for the 3.0 GPA. Can anyone share what school they plan on attending? Love to hear some positive feedback.
  9. Lisa1980


    I want to be done by February. That is my goal. Whether it's realistic or not.... not sure. However, I know I have 12 courses to complete. I also know that the MSN portion I will take tests and write the papers. So..... I am not a strong test taker, i like writing papers. I don't have a specific study plan; i do know I will not waste time. Once I finish one assigment and submit for grading I go right into the next assignment; and if I get it back for revisions I do just that. I just don't see wasting time waiting for your grade when you can go ahead and start on the next assigment. I'll keep you posted!
  10. Lisa1980


    dxbtocvg, trust me the time will go by quicker than you realize. I just started the MSN course; and the first one is not exciting. Kinda boring... so i am getting off on a rough foot. I am still debating on doing the FNP. I feel like i have been in school forever so we'll see..... good luck!!!!
  11. Lisa1980

    Help please. Need ideas.

    Ok, so I am having a fictional Health Fair for Nutrition and Weight Loss Management. This is for my paper for my MSN program. What I need help with is... if I put the health fair together and mind you I have a budge plan to make. What do I need?? First of all, I need volunteers or hire employees. Then I know I would need equipment such as a scale and measurement tools. Consent forms. Hire a Nutritionist/Dietician. Rent a space out of booth of some sort. I know I need raw materials such as for advertising. What else am I missing? Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated.
  12. Lisa1980

    WGU RN-BSN in 6 months??

    coolnurse, i had 23 units. spent anywhere from 1-3 hours during weekdays. The bulk of my studing, reading, and writing the papers were on weekends which ranged from 6-8 hours. Good Luck!
  13. Lisa1980

    WGU RN-BSN in 6 months??

    I completed the RN-BSN in three months!! I worked full time the entire program. I also am a wife and mother of one! Can be done with dedication!
  14. Lisa1980


    Sweettart, I asked a couple of people I worked with and got lucky with one. then I asked the my old place of employment that I still kept in touch with. I had the researcher and one other one. If you can't find anyone; email the course mentor and let her know. She will send you the rest. I only had two and she sent me the others. Good Luck!
  15. Lisa1980


    RN2MSN, It only took me 3 months. I work full time as a Hospice RN case manger, I am a mother to one, and a wife. I made up my mind and dedicated a lot of time to school those 3 months but I was determined to get it done. It is doable in one term!!