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Lisa1980 has 6 years experience.

My name is Lisa I am currently an LPN, have been for six years and pursuing my RN.

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  1. Lisa1980

    My CPNE Journal~St Mary's 11/4/2011

    Congratulations!!! I tested at St. Mary's almost 2 years ago. Forrest is an absolutely wonderful CA. I loved every minute at St. Marys. I stayed in the same hotel too. Again congrats Loops!!!
  2. Lisa1980

    APN role

    How does the Advanced Practice nurses role Improve Healthcare Delivery and Outcomes? All I got is they are leaders and managers of care. They abide by the reimbursement guidelines set forth. What am I missing?
  3. Lisa1980

    WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    Nerdtonurse... I completed the BSN in 3 months 8 days!!!!! Good Luck, very doable!
  4. So... I have to make a timeline of expected outcomes. My question is.... how do I make a timeline? I have my expected outcomes but not sure how to make a diagram of this. I know the basic line but what other one can be utilized? Thanks, Lisa
  5. Lisa1980


    Thanks Eric, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. This information was really helpful.
  6. Lisa1980


    I'm struggling someone please help!! i have done an internet search and have come up with nothing. Tell me where to read this please.....
  7. Lisa1980


    hmmm.... good question. I know when i worked in oncology/hematology the doctors only wanted the INR. I never questiond! Looking forward to answer!
  8. Lisa1980


    As far as cost... I don't understand how ethics plays a role. From what I read doesn't Medicare say the hospital has to eat the cost of hospital-acquired infections? I must admit I don't fully understand certain aspects of this question to my homework. I understand ethics when it comes to a person, values, and morals and all. BUT... how does eithical implications play a role as far as cost? That's the basic question. I have finished all areas of my paper but this I don't get!!!!! If you can suggest some good reading material... I am not opposed to finding the information out myself. Just when I don't know where to look that's a problem... how do you finish an assignment with no direction?
  9. Lisa1980


    Ethical implications to the patient... I see none other than time, pain, more treatment and procedures. What patient want to go through that? But as far as cost? I don't see how cost would affect a patient because if it is a hospital acquired infection; doesn't the hospital have to eat that cost? Nothing comes out of the patient pocket... acoording to what I read regarding Mediare coverage. How far am I off? Can you suggest reading material? Thanks!!
  10. Lisa1980


    What are ethical implications related to hospital-acquired conditions including costs?
  11. Lisa1980

    I passed at Grady this weekend!

    A big congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Lisa1980

    Any RN in the surgical world got a few moments....

    Ok, so i think i came up with a topic. So... those who work on a surgical floor or even OR that can provide some insight would be great. I am choosing Debridement of a wound. Do you have a checklist for this procedure? what is your protocol? do you have something that could tell me more info. thanks, lisa
  13. Lisa1980

    Any RN in the surgical world got a few moments....

    metroishka, yes evidence-based research class!! The first thing that came to mind was knee replacement; mostly because I hear how common it is. However, then i though about the other section of my paper... is there something about the procedure that needs to changed? If not, i wouldn't be able to utilize that as my subject. That's why it's difficult choosing a topic. In your setting do you feel the protocol is appropriate or can any kind of change be made? It's just weird that they want us to write about something like this. Yes we can research any topic; but how can we write what about how to change it if we don't work in that field? Maybe I am thinking too deeply! open to anything else
  14. I am an RN-BSN nurse, I have no expierence in a hospital setting and do not know of a nurse who is. I will be conducting a research paper. First, What is a common perioperative procedure that is conducted? Second, Do you think it needs to be changed? (Can you email me your procedure protocol guidelines such as a checklist?) I will also need to know for your hosptial: a. who determined the basis for the practice? (administration, doctors?) b. what is the rationale for making the decision for the procedure? c. why the practice is performed this way? (is the practice general or specific policy to your hospital) Now... NOTE: My assignment specifically says; "You will need to ask hospital personnel." In otherwords I am not asking you to do my assignment however; I need some information so I can do the report. Short basic info is all, I will elaborate on the rest utilizing sources for review. Thanks in advance!!
  15. Lisa1980

    WGU students where are you?

    The entry test was... well...... easy! BASIC stuff!! Your writing lots and lots of APA style papers. I had no general courses to take I had 8 courses and consist of a total of 19 papers!!! So I hope you enjoy it... oh and one powerpoint presentation and fun! It's not easy but not super hard. Just have to be dedicated!!
  16. Lisa1980

    Question about WGU RN-BSN

    The clinical practicum is 90 hours not 40. I am currently doing my practicum now. Soooo time consuming. Started program May 1st. Expected graduation date October 2011 Ideal: yes..... I have completed 5 classes/courses; and only have 2 courses plus the Practicum left. Currently working on the practicum; you will have to go out into your community to do interviews. You make the time and schedule this. I was overwhelmed at first, but it's clicking now. My advice... do the community health nursing course then practicum first. It is the most difficult in my opinion, obviously. I plan on doing the MSN program right after my BSN. BUt yes they only offier a 3.0 max GPA. I haven't looked into transfering schools because ideal for me is my MSN through WGU. I don't plan to go on for NP anytime in the near future. Good Luck!