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Ok, so I am having a fictional Health Fair for Nutrition and Weight Loss Management.

This is for my paper for my MSN program.

What I need help with is... if I put the health fair together and mind you I have a budge plan to make.

What do I need??

First of all, I need volunteers or hire employees. Then I know I would need equipment such as a scale and measurement tools. Consent forms. Hire a Nutritionist/Dietician. Rent a space out of booth of some sort. I know I need raw materials such as for advertising.

What else am I missing?

Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Written educational material

Perhaps network with doctors in the area where you can refer patients who may not have a primary care provider or insurance.

What system will you use to document the success of the health fair? Have people to sign in so you will have a total count? Maybe their initials instead for HIPPA reasons.

I know you said marketing…but will you be offering promotional items for their participation (donations through local organizations).

Will you be marketing other healthcare facilities to support the clinic? If so, how will they be advertised?


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From a logistics standpoint, try some backwards planning. You might even go to a hotel (or other rentable space). The sales department will be glad to give you sales pitch and provide you all the rates and amenities available. When you look at the space, picture your table and all your needed supplies.

  • Need a computer / hard hook-up or wirless
  • Need a TV to loop a video
  • Since it's a fair, how many booths will you need
  • Snacks, flyers, cashbox, etc...

Point is, you picture the end result and then work backwards to see if you have covered all your bases. A simple example, but if you plan to set up booths do you have enough power outlets to accommodate everyone? Do you have extension cords for everyone? A lot of this stuff may sound intuitively obvious but until you have actually done a few of these events, you will always find that you are missing something OR think of improvements after you are set up.

Also, are you coordinating this event with another close by? Another group to share your facility? I mean, what "sells" your fair and gets people to come out? Maybe you could have the Red Cross bus come out to collect blood or something similar. Know what I mean?

Hope this helps.


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i think you need food there. low cal, healthy food :)

local restaurants would probably donate a a tray of something in exchange for advertising. maybe even a chef would come and do a demonstration on healthy cooking.

ETA: Businesses that might rent booths from you - home water purifying systems, local gyms (maybe they could even do a demo class - something easy that people could do in street clothes, like beginner's zumba), product reps from health food companies, weight watchers or something similar, diabetic supplies.

not sure if you'd be able to get them to pay for booth space, but I'm sure you could at least get reps from the american heart association, diabetes foundation, etc to provide info for free.

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