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  1. Yes you will probably get caught, but on another level.....the only way to be successful in any future program is to be honest and take responsibility for yourself, not by trying to lay blame or cover-up your past.
  2. jojo10

    Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?

    Thank you ~ sometimes I get caught up in things and forget about the journey
  3. jojo10

    which first? fnp or cnm?

    Frontier doesn't let you do both at the same time....but you can go back and get a post-masters certification in another specialty after completion of the first.
  4. jojo10

    forgot the date of the nclex exam..help

    can you log into your account with them? When I get on my account online, it shows my test date. Go to their site and find out how to contact them if you can't access your account. good luck
  5. jojo10

    forgot the date of the nclex exam..help

    I got an email from Pearsonvue...confirming my test date. Did you? go back and check those. good luck
  6. jojo10

    Nursing Shoes!

    I will never wear anything but sketchers shape-ups! they have saved my lower back and feet. not everyone likes them but i love them.
  7. at least around here....you cannot work as a tech or CNA if you hold an RN license. OP will need to gain experience in nursing and with the ACLS etc. that's a plus.
  8. jojo10

    OCCC Fall 2010 alternates

    congrats! words of advice....You are in charge of your nursing school expereince! get organized, find positive people, use all your resources- mentors, tutors, instructors, Good Luck!
  9. jojo10

    New some new study material to pass

    look for a book based on this new exam...I like books with reviews as well as questions. Review & Rationales or those Illustrated guides. Take some time at the bookstore to see which you like. I also used NCSBN online review- you can buy different lengths of time good luck! NCSBN Learning Extension . NCLEX preparation . Continuing Education for Nurses . Nursing Faculty Education
  10. jojo10

    Is is self-sabotaging...

    you don't realize how much time nursing classes really take. There is so much more to it than the credit hours reflect. Between class, lab, and clinical, I was on campus or at hospital 24 hours/week- not including study groups. Do yourself a favor and focus on the nursing. Save the extra stuff for summer!
  11. jojo10

    NCSBN's Comprehensive??

    I signed up for 8 weeks. It expires tomorrow It's all self study, so you have to be motivated. I liked it because it covers everything, has interactive exercises, tips, etc. There are a bunch of review exams of random questions. What really helped me was the diagnostic test. It was interesting to see the areas of weakness. They say it takes about 80 hours to do the whole thing....i'd agree with that. Cost had something to do with it..... $100 rather than $300-$500. I test next week- we'll see how it worked!
  12. jojo10

    Is Phlebotomy taught in Nursing school?

    The nurses in my clinicals did ALL their own labs and IVs. That's how I got so much experience at it. The facilities around here don't have dedicated nurses or techs for draws & if you can't get an IV after a couple of tries then you have to call an ER nurse or house. Actually, I like doing those things---maybe I could get that IV nurse job! Fundamental skills are done real quick & early first semester-
  13. jojo10

    Is Phlebotomy taught in Nursing school?

    By graduation I had drawn blood more times than I can count & placed at least 15 IVs. Maybe I should include my skills list with my resume- I have a signed proficiency list that we completed over the course of NS. Might help in the job hunt.
  14. jojo10

    The propaganda about RN shortage is still alive

    There is still a shortage! Hospitals need more nurses BUT aren't able to hire any. It's all about the $$$. They also want experienced RNs that can hit the ground running- no extra cost like with a new grad. Example: one facility here has the need for 18 nurses- they were only approved to hire 8. They also need 5 pharmacists but only got to hire 2. Hospitals are pushing the limits for the $$. Why do you think nurses are striking? Patient loads are going up and nurses are getting to a breaking point. I am a new grad and getting frustrated with constant rejection- and tired of people saying "oh you'll get a great job, they need nurses everywhere". Makes me feel like a loser for not having some dream job already. BUT they're just not hiring newbies.
  15. yep- people are shocked when they get into the program and it's a full time job- you spend WAY more time on campus, in lecture, lab, clinicals than you get credit hours for.
  16. I want to know where there are still "2 year degrees" !! In order to get into ADN programs around here you have to have the pre-reqs done and nearly all gen-ed too which adds at least 1 year to the so-called 2 year degree. I get sick of people saying "those two year degrees" My program pre-reqs : A&P I and II, nutrition, Dev psych, college algebra, Chem I, Micro, plus gen ed. My friends who did the BSN only spent the last 2 of it in nursing courses- the first 2 were gen-ed and pre-reqs. That's why you can do a BSN in 14 months if you have a previous degree- all the gen ed is done. I am NOT going to say that the programs are equal...they are different in many ways. BUT I would like people to understand the amount of time and level of work an ADN can take.