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  1. EDRN-2010

    Questions vs. Content Review

    I took the nclex this week and I do not know if the new test format has changed things, but I think that any time I spent reviewing questions was a waste of time. The questions were all straight-forward and the best way to answer them was to know the facts/content. The only strategies I used were ABC and Maslow, and those weren't going to help me if I didn't know the specific antibiotic that you should use for a specific condition, or when I didn't know which to select in a select all that apply pertaining to side effects or symptoms of a medication or condition. From talking to my classmates that have also passed the nclex this month, we all agree that the nclex seems to place great emphasis on if you have a solid grasp on the content. ETA, I finished with 75 questions in an hour.
  2. EDRN-2010

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Isn't that is the pop up that is supposed to mean you passed??? I knew it was too good to be true. I am surprised nobody thought to try this sooner or why Pearson doesn't announce it is wrong...gesh. Although hope is always nice to have.
  3. EDRN-2010

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Pearsonvue . Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?? - Nursing for Nurses The pop up you got means, according to the trick, you passed.
  4. EDRN-2010

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Curious if anyone knows or has tried....What happens if you try the Pearson Vue trick before you take the NCLEX? Just wondering if you tried to register before taking the NCLEX did you get the "good pop up", similar to what everyone says happens when they pass. I ask because a lady at the testing center knew all about the "trick". She said if you tried to register before taking the exam, you would get the "good pop up", so it doesn't mean anything other than the computer wants to let you know you have already paid for the exam that you are trying to register for. She went on to say that all test takers would get a "good pop up" until their information was removed from the system. She said obviously if there was a fluke in the system, pearson would have fixed it, but there is not. When I was there, what she said made sense but now I just don't know because that doesn't explain why those that fail are able to re-register.
  5. EDRN-2010

    retake NCLEX

    There is no reason why you need to tell them that you did not pass the nclex, I'm not saying to lie, but saying you are waiting to receive your ATT is the truth and you can't make it get to you any faster than they send it. I think that if you really want this job and they offer it to you, you can make it work. Often times the entire process of waiting for an ATT, calling for a test date, etc takes a month, so the hospital should be understanding. Maybe others would disagree but I do not think you should mention failing the nclex if they do not ask.
  6. EDRN-2010

    Help! Question re NCLEX & License!

    Some states grant temp licenses with valid licensure in another state. I would be afraid that changing the state you requested licensure from would result in a greater delay because the new state would need to review your application based of their guidelines and then submit your ATT to pearson vue. I would keep your current state, test asap, and submit the application to be licensed in the new state - in person if possible so you can find out if you can pay to rush it. Good Luck!
  7. EDRN-2010

    Highest paid specialty in nursing ?

    The hospitals near me all may L&D the same as other staff nursing jobs.
  8. EDRN-2010

    Hurting my chances of being hired? Help

    Another thing I thought of to consider is the actual length of time it will take you before you can start working. Like, are there additional courses the ADN program would require you to take? Also, you said the accelerated program is 15 months so say you start in Sept 2010, you would finish in December 2011. With the ADN you would start in Sept 2010 and finish in May 2012. The Accelerated might cost more but would allow you to start working 6 months sooner, depending on what part of the country you live in and what the new grad starting pay is, the earnings you would make in those 6 months(versus still being in school) PLUS the fact that you would have a BSN might be something to consider when figuring the cost.
  9. EDRN-2010

    Hurting my chances of being hired? Help

    Have you considered a direct entry MSN program? Where I live you can enter if you have a Bachelors in any field and it takes 2 years to complete. Two of the colleges are private and two are public, so the tuition varies from very affordable to not so much. With the economy the way it is, I wouldn't chance the ADN, I finished mine just to enroll into a BSN completion program. In my opinion, it just seems like since you have a Bachelor's, it would only make sense to get a Master's versus going backwards with an Associates. Good luck in what ever you decide!
  10. EDRN-2010

    NCLEX Mistaken Identity

    Have you also checked the website for your state boards? I am sorry that you have to go through this, it really does not seem fair, since it was not your fault. I hope it is resolved soon.
  11. EDRN-2010

    Near Passing Standard...

    Lisa, have you called Pearson to ask them the process for obtaining your ATT to find out if they just send it on the day you are allowed of if there is something you need to do?
  12. EDRN-2010

    Accelerated nursing program to CRNA?

    I do not think that they take what school you went to into account...I don't think they could fairly - some programs no matter how long they are are more difficult than others. With that said, as long as you meet a schools GPA requirement, I would say you still have a shot to impress them in other ways like the interview or with your experience, or essay, etc. Hopefully others will chime in, but good luck!
  13. EDRN-2010

    how do you become a plastic surgery nurse

    I get Botox injections for hyperhidrosis and the plastic surgeon's office I go to has a PA and NP that work for him, both of which do injections legally and the PA (and possibly the NP) are surgical assists and do suturing, etc during procedures. I think if and when you earn an advance practice degree, it would be safe to ask about injecting botox, restalyne, etc but not before.
  14. EDRN-2010

    how do you become a plastic surgery nurse

  15. EDRN-2010

    Follow-up call after faxing resume

    I wish I could say it did work out good She basically told me that they were still reviewing all the resumes and would call me if they were interested.
  16. EDRN-2010

    NCLEX/Needing to talk it out

    Maybe when you reschedule your exam , you can pick a time late in the day, you can drive to the test6 location in the morning and then find a library or somewhere peaceful to relax for a couple of hours so you will be rested and not feel stressed or better yet, save up and stay over the night.