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Sterotypes of Nurses Continues and Is Getting Worse

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Hello everyone:

I just had to vent about this recent video that I saw on Comcast "The Fan". It is a video about a new requirement that one Spain hospital is requiring of their nurses. The newscast states that these nurses must wear mini-skirts in order to receive a bonus each month. But, if that were not bad enough in itself, the way the Fox News crew that talk about the newscast is even more disturbing. I pray that one day these sickening comments and stereotypes will go away. If any of you have a way to spread the word that this is not the way that nurses need to be portrayed, please pass this along and share this story/video or post here how others can help and let's help stop the sexist views of our profession.



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Even if this were to be found as "faux news", the news crew that spoke of this, real or fake, story should not have spoken about nurses in this way. It is degrading and horrible that this is ever allowed on our news channels.


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WTH!! :nono: Im speechless, and thats rare.

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Oh my. **sigh** :no:

This must be a joke...that was pathetic. I need to pick my jaw up off the floor now.

Don't think it's an April Fool's thing. I saw this on TV a few days ago.

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Good thing I look good in a mini skirt. :chuckle

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He was dumb enough to post an email addy at the end. Perhaps we should email him and tell him what we think. Just a thought.

WTH is fox news thinking???

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Good thing I look good in a mini skirt. :chuckle

I bet they would pay me more money if I never wore one again than they would if I did :no:

Well, this is what one gets for listening to Faux News, and why I never consider doing so ... :rolleyes:


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Ummm...what do the male nurses have to do to get their bonuses?

Bill E. Rubin

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Ummm...what do the male nurses have to do to get their bonuses?

My point exactly. :coollook:


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Good thing I look good in a mini skirt. :chuckle

although I've been told I have nice legs, I'm really certain I wouldn't look so good in a mini skirt


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the center for nursing advocacy has great info and advice to offer:

what is the problem with the naughty nurse stereotype? i mean, no one believes that nurses really dress like that! answer...

but i'm young and hot and i love people to think nurses are sexy! promiscuous girls sound_icon_13.gif rule! anyone who objects to the "naughty nurse" image must be an old hag "nursing leader" who hates sex and freedom, right? answer...

alert us to a good or bad portrayal of nursing in the media:



essence of the story:

nurses forced into miniskirts

a clinic in spain will dock 30 euros from nurses who wear trousers.

spain government is looking into story re discrimination laws.

That was AWFUL! I couldn't believe it and then the news people, including the ladies, going along with it- ridiculous! :eek: I do want to make an additional comment on the bad image of nursing. NURSES, PLEASE STOP BUYING THOSE RIDICULOUS BETTY BOOP NURSING BAGS- it only perpetuates the sterotype! :banghead: Last year the Nursing Image Leader (or something like that) of our SNA had one. That troubled me. :confused:


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I guess I should shave my legs. lol

PS. I'm a guy.

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