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nursinginga specializes in Medical Floor RN.

I am a recent graduate of Georgia Perimeter College's Registered Nurse Program and can officially, proudly state that I am an RN

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  1. I said i wanted egg nog, warmed egg nog...and don't forget to bring my zofran when you come back
  2. nursinginga

    NET Exam, please help

    One thing that can definitely help you is the NET study guide from ERI. The URL is: www.eriworld.com This is the very best tool to help you review for the exam. I took it quite a while ago but know that I used this book and it really assisted me with the math portion as I hadn't done that type of math in quite a while and needed a review. Good luck to you and God bless.
  3. nursinginga

    Thank You Note to GPC's Nursing Program

    I hate to groan but I have quite an issue with anyone who says that they cannot recommend a school program for what occurred 2-4 years ago. Yes, the program had issues and yes, you can say what you like, but why continue to bash a school that you haven't been to in over 2 years. I am a recent graduate of the school as I have probably mentioned numerous times and I know that the school has its issues but it has improved and I just wish people who were part of the "old" GPC would quit bashing it as if it hasn't changed. Another big part to look at is so far this year with the May graduates, which was well over 100, have passed the NCLEX the first time. Going through a nursing program is never going to be a walk in the park nor should it be because it it were then what would you do when you got out into the real world?
  4. nursinginga

    GPC Fall 08?

    Hello trustingGod. First, as a recent grad of the GPC nursing program I will say that it is not necessarily changing your study habits but it is more like adjusting them to the workload. There is a lot of reading and no you must know from the start that there is not going to be anyway to read word for word and memorize your material. This being said, start visiting the tutorial lab and get some study tips to learn the best way to read and grasp and learn how to think like a nurse. I originally made the mistake of trying to twist my study habits all around to a way that I was not at all used to but in the 2nd semester (Med/Surg), I switched back to the old way I was used to studying and twicked it a bit and it worked tremendously. Since you are starting in the spring I would suggest that you check with an instructor about what books they are going to be using and try to at least get the Fundamentals book and also start reading up on your A&P and medical terminology. This will give you a good start on the semester. Good luck to you and remember your name on here whenever it gets tough, Trusting God!
  5. nursinginga

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    Hi there everyone. I just want to wish you all the best of luck and prayers as you venture into the GPC nursing program. I am a former graduate (May 2009) of GPC and wanted to let you know that, yes, it will be quite busy for this first semester but you will make it and you can do this and it does get better. This school prepared me so well for the NCLEX and to becoming an RN and I know that each one of you, by getting into the program itself, have what it takes to become a GPC RN. Good luck and prayers to each of you and I hope to be meeting you all during the semester. Please message me if you have any questions. I will try my best to help but may just answer back with "You need to speak to someone at the school" as things change each semester.
  6. nursinginga

    Took the NCLEX today!

    Congratulations Mobro!!!! That is awesome. I take mine on July 30th and I cannot wait to get it over with. Good luck to all of those who are getting ready to take the NCLEX and my prayers are with each of us!
  7. nursinginga

    GPC Help!!!

    Thank you very much for the congrats. I was admitted on my first try. I had a 3.68 GPA and I think a 3.0 or close to it for my science prereqs. I had an 86 for the NET. I wish I could speak on others specifically in my class, but I cannot. Hopefully, someone will write in. My tips and suggestions are to: 1. Get the NET Study Guide that is offered online. It should be available through ERI. This study guide can definitely help with the NET. It absolutely helped me brush up on my skills. 2. Apply to as many schools as you and your sister feel fit what you want. Nursing school is getting more and more competitive as the semesters pass. It is always a great idea to have a list of accomplishments and volunteering that you have done especially when applying to a BSN program. 3. Speak with advisors with the schools you are interested in and especially if they have it available, a nursing school advisor so that they can help guide you on the classes that are in your best interest to take (this is especially true with the electives). 4. Pray and know that you and your sister will find the right direction. It may take longer than you originally planned. I know, I had to wait a year to graduate because I had to repeat one of the courses. But, overall, always remember that everything happens for a reason and what you believe to come true will.
  8. nursinginga

    GPC Help!!!

    please take the time to research more for your sister. a really great idea is to visit the nursing schools that are of interest and talk with current students there and maybe even some of the instructors. this is a great way to feel your way through a school. don't take the suggestions of those who have not experienced the school in the past year or so because as situations change, so can schools. good luck to you!
  9. nursinginga

    GPC Help!!!

    How is this possible? This is possible because the students that attend/attended GPC work their behinds off to pass the classes. We are a very hard working group of students and as a new grad (this semester) from the program, I must say that they do not "weed out" the students as you are thinking. The school did go through a time when they were having some issues and only passed around 25 students, but since then, the numbers have continued to grow. Last year, there were ~90 grads and only one who did not pass the NCLEX the first time and this May, we have ~130 grads and I am positive that all of us will pass the NCLEX the first time. The school has a curriculum set up that teaches us by the NCLEX standards of testing from the first test and this is how we also achieve the high pass rates. I think that it might be a good idea to not recommend something that you have not experienced yourself. All schools have a very tight policy for getting in and with the current nursing instructor shortage that is coming about, it is going to get much worse.
  10. nursinginga

    Need your help - trying to change school policy

    Not true. Our school, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, Georgia, ADN Program has a pass rate for classes of 75% before you are dropped (with a possible option of retaking the following semester the class is offered) and our NCLEX pass rate has been 100% for many years. I do believe that 82% is a little high for the standards of dropping a potential RN from a program and believe that the students should seek to have it changed. Remember the old saying of...A "C" = RN. It is very true. I know many great nurses out there today who are practicing safely, competently, and with great confidence who didn't have to pass all of their courses with a "B" average. Good luck to you and all of your fellow students. I will pray your proposal is a success!
  11. nursinginga

    You know you're in nursing school when....

    You know you are in nursing school when.... ...you forget how to spell simple words like "lately", "helium", "radio" and you remember how to spell "gastroduodenoscopy" without a thought... ...you set your alarm for clinical the next morning and then recheck it 2 minutes later and then right before nodding off you check it again to make sure it is set and working... ...you start talking about lochia, hemorrhage, colostomies, and vomitus and you are in a totally crowded restaurant with lots of non-nursing students and everyone looks at you like you are nuts...
  12. nursinginga

    All Technical colleges in GA soon to offer ASN

    Yes, it does seem as if they are trying to silently pass this without any input from the public. This is the letter that I received from Gov. Perdue regarding the issue (not very promising): After you read this letter that I received, you will notice that Mr. Perdue sounds like he definitely approves of the ideas within this proposed legislation. Note the comment about "our highest-level learners" near the end of the response. STATE OF GEORGIA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR ATLANTA 30334-0900 Sonny Perdue GOVERNOR Dear : Thank you for your letter regarding proposed changes to the current 2-year academic programs in Georgia. Last year, I formed a working group and tasked them with investigating innovative ways to create long-term, comprehensive educational reform to make Georgia more globally competitive. This working group reviewed a provocative national report called Tough Choices or Tough Times to determine how Georgia might best reform its educational policies and practices to achieve these goals. I believe the experts serving on this group fully understand the urgency of the challenges we face, and I am confident that their leadership will bring the changes necessary to facilitate higher student achievement. One of the things the working group discussed was the possibility of charging the current Technical College System with the administration of all technical and 2-year academic programs offered in Georgia. The group believes this would empower the University System to streamline its focus exclusively on world-class research, 4-year degree programs, and graduate degree programs. At this point, this is simply something that the working group has explored and included in its draft recommendations. No formal recommendations have been issued and no action has been taken. While no formal report has been issued by the working group, the Technical College System of Georgia and the University System of Georgia have begun exploring the possible strategies that would be required to implement the recommendation of the Tough Choices or Tough Times working group. I believe there are efficiencies that can be found through this strategic analysis of missions of both the University and Technical College Systems that would greatly benefit our highest-level learners, and I optimistically anticipate formal recommendations of this working group. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you again for writing.
  13. nursinginga

    All Technical colleges in GA soon to offer ASN

    this would be a great opportunity, but there is a hidden agenda to this proposal. this is in regards to a piece of legislation that mr. cagle is attempting to place on the list that correlates with the proposal "tough choices or tough times" that would merge technical schools with two-year colleges. this would mean that the georgia technical system would oversee the two-year colleges instead of the university of georgia system. this would be a good idea if it were not for the fact that most all of the students that attended or are attending the two-year colleges would have a very likely chance of losing their abilities to transfer most of the courses to four-year universities. the letter that follows was posted to our email by one of our english professors at gpc the other day and speaks of the proposal: hello gpc students, you may or may not know that governor purdue is currently reviewing a proposal entitled “tough choices or tough times.” the section of the proposal that should concern you discusses the “merger” of the two-year colleges with the tech schools. according to several newspaper articles, the term “merger” is a misnomer. gpc and other two-year colleges would no longer exist. we would no longer belong to the university system of georgia (usg). instead, two-year institutions would be absorbed by the tech schools. why should you oppose this “merger”? as a gpc student, you have benefitted in the following ways: 1. quality education. you are taught by award winning faculty in small classes. because gpc belongs to the university system of georgia, all the college-level courses you take transfer to any of the four-year colleges or universities within the university system of georgia. gpc also has tag agreements (transfer agreement guaranties) with over thirty public and private four-year institutions and universities in and out of the state. if you maintain a certain gpa at gpc, you are guaranteed admittance into a particular school. 2. success. gpc transfers more students to the university of georgia, georgia state college, and many other four-year state colleges and universities than any other two-year school in the system. many of our students graduate from four-year institutions with honors. to help all students succeed, we offer remedial courses to prepare students for college-level classes. remediation at the college level will be non-existent if the governor passes the proposal. gpc also offers english as a second language (esl) to support georgia’s diverse student population. under this merger, esl and other academic programs will not survive. for those of you who wish to earn an associate’s degree, you will have fewer available programs of study. 3. access. we offer quality education at a reasonable price at multiple locations around the metro-area: clarkston, decatur, newton, dunwoody, and alpharetta. we also offer the largest selection of freshman and sophomore level online courses than any other school in the university system of georgia. students can complete their first two years of course work without coming to campus. if you, your friends, and your family want access to an affordable quality education within the university system of georgia, we ask that you contact lt. governor casey cagel, your state representatives, and governor purdue to state that you do not support the merger of the two-year schools with the technical college system. two-year colleges should remain members of the usg because of the benefits they offer you and all georgia citizens. because the governor could approve this proposal at any time, we have provided the links below to assist you (you may have to cut and paste the addresses into your browsers): 1. lt. governor casey cagel: 404- 656-5030; e-mail: [color=#3b5998]http://ltgov.georgia.gov/00/agency/contact_us/0,2688,2199618_87997337,00.html 2. state representatives: to find names, numbers, and e-mail addresses: congress.org http://www.congress.org/congressorg/state/main/?zip=30097&action=setaddr&view=myofficials&state=ga&submit=go type in your address to locate your two state representatives. 3. governor purdue: 404-656-1776; e-mail: http://gov.georgia.gov/00/gov/contact_us/0,2657,78006749_94820188,00.html if you decide to contact lt. gov. casey cagel, your state legislators, and gov. purdue, please do so as soon as possible. if your state legislators are unfamiliar with the proposal, ask them to contact lt. gov. cagel. this is the actual legislative piece that many are concerned with: to achieve this objective we recommend: a. either (a) create a comprehensive community college system by merging the technical colleges and two-year colleges so there is a seamless entry point for all students or, if the two systems are to maintain their separate identities, (b) make certain that the student transition into and between the two systems is seamless and that all duplication of teaching and administrative resources between tcsg and usg institutions has been removed. you can read the full proposal at: http://public.doe.k12.ga.us/dmgetdocument.aspx/tctt%20straw%20man%209-16%20revisions.pdf?p=6cc6799f8c1371f62d49984958b19532f29120137b7ca64b856fdc2c9a086358&type=d i know this is a little off what was first discussed on this thread, but this is very important that people understand the background of this.
  14. nursinginga

    All Technical colleges in GA soon to offer ASN

    Would you mind posting the web address of where you found this information so that I may read it? I tried to go to gacollege411.com and find it but was unable to. Thank you so much and I will make sure to comment after reading the information. I have an idea of what this is pertaining to, but I would like to read the material first before I jump out on a limb. Take care and thanks.
  15. nursinginga

    Thank You Note to GPC's Nursing Program

    I would just like to say, as I have in many other posts, that the GPC program is doable and it is a personal opinion as to what feelings a person has about it. Yes, in the past (2+ yr ago), the nursing program needed many huge adjustments. I even posted a message about it on here and yes, I too was in the negative crowd, but since that time things have really improved at the school and I really hope and pray that each of you looking into the program speak to current students and not those who wish to post on here as if they are in the program now. I am not trying to bash anyone but I know a few who have posted in this thread who were there during the "bad" times of the program and make it seem as if the school has not been making changes. I will graduate in May and am proud to say that we have around 80-90 students who will graduate. That being said, if the program were still horrendous and scary and bad, would this many be getting ready to graduate? Also, an added two cents, you don't want a school that is going to just hand you a nursing degree because once you get out into the real world, you will truly be eaten alive. Each nursing school in the entire country will have issues, some more or less than others, but you must also remember to look at the graduates that come from the various nursing schools and say to yourself, "would I want that to be the nurse for me, my family, my friends?"
  16. nursinginga

    GPC graduates!!!

    I know. I just figured that out after reading your post. We are also in the same network of people on facebook too. Can't wait for next semester to be up and out of the way.