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Bill E. Rubin has 7 years experience and specializes in Neuro, Cardiology, ICU, Med/Surg.

Nursing survivor. Seven years as RN in a few different hospital settings; 20+ years as a software engineer and a few years doing... other things.

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  1. Bill E. Rubin

    Need a new perspective here....

    I'm guessing the pt is on a heparin gtt (or argatroban or some such) and the night nurse was looking for a PTT? There is usually a therapeutic goal and an institutional policy about when to draw a PTT if it's therapeutic vs sub/supra therapeutic (12 hrs vs 6 hrs). It's something that will be second nature to you as you get more experience. Of course I could be wrong. Keep your chin up. It takes so long to get your confidence up, and an interaction like the one you described can undermine your self confidence at this vulnerable time.
  2. Bill E. Rubin

    How to go about saying thank you to your nurse?

    I second all those who say sending praise to the supervisor (or hospital administration). Nothing beats a highly public "thank you" that gets seen by the nurses' peers and management.
  3. Bill E. Rubin

    anyone leave high paying 1st career?

    You are not alone (though it feels that way sometimes). I left a 20+ year as a software engineer/architect to be a nurse. I consulted part time while going to my accelerated BSN program, and now I work as a nurse making about 2/3 the salary I made at my last full-time software job (and I was underpaid at that job because I was on the "ground floor" and had amassed 200,000 shares of stock in the company.... which became worthless when the company went out of business).
  4. Bill E. Rubin

    Male Nurses/female Patients

    Whoa, dude, why the hostility? Mike has a valid point. He witnessed what appeared to him controlling and jealous behavior and just said that in hindsight, he wondered whether getting the pt alone for further assessment would have been warranted. That's not bullying, that's advocating, mate.
  5. To any one of a number of elderly patients who teeter and stumble whenever they attempt to walk and were admitted to our unit for a syncope workup because they had a fall at home: "I know you are a world-beating independent-living person, and I'll bet that in your spare time you run marathons with your eyes closed. But the fact is that you are in the hospital because you fell for no obvious reason and we are a little concerned about you falling again until we are done working you up for the reason you lost consciousness and fell. Furthermore, when you do walk here, you stumble and bounce off the walls while grabbing at the bed and those rickety bedside tables. "I understand you have fears of losing your independence and feel the need to prove to yourself and to us that you are capable of getting around on your own. However, tonight, you are my responsibility and if you fall during my shift, it will seriously ruin my day. So humor me. Use the call bell and ask for assitance before you make a mad dash to the bathroom. And don't get mad at me for activating your bed alarm because you failed to call me on the call bell the last three times you got out of bed to use the bathroom."
  6. Bill E. Rubin

    What does your username mean?

    Bill E. Rubin because Billy Rubin was already taken, though somehow, whoever has that name has no posts (or at least at the time I most recently changed my username). The pun should be obvious. :)
  7. Bill E. Rubin

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Boxing Day! Worked 3-11p on Christmas Eve and 11p-7a Xmas/12-26.
  8. Bill E. Rubin

    Benefits of being a male nurse vs Female nurse

    Interesting discussion. There definitely is the expectation that the female takes care of the family issues (though that may be different when it comes to things like plumbing emergencies or automotive problems, which tend to be my problem rather than my non-nurse wife's). My wife does get expected to take care of most of our household and childcare issues... but not because she's a woman, but because she's not a nurse and her job affords her more flexibility in coming and going than mine does. However, I believe that many times, husbands in other professions probably still expect their wives who are nurses to deal with childcare and household issues because of their presumed gender roles and the husbands' ignorance of the realities of nursing. You definitely don't work in my unit. I have been the recipient of more than my share. Plus, being an older guy in a unit of younger women, there's the age-discrimination that is heaped on with the gender issue where I'm kind of assumed to be out of it, incompetent or otherwise have to prove myself every shift (which frankly gets kind of tiring... I imagine women in, say engineering jobs often have to deal with this). If something gets left undone at the end of my shift, nobody even considers thinking that I had a cluster-f^*ck of a shift.... another of my coworkers would be given the benefit of the doubt, but I'll get the snide comments about leaving stuff for the next shift which sometimes get passed to my manager as "feedback" which finds its way back to me. Never noticed this, but there are only two other male nurses on our staff of approximately 50 and one's kids are older (he's my age) and the other is childless. I certainly don't feel like people give me any preference for switches than anyone else. Thank God we don't have any male nurses like this on my unit. Luckily, if we did, they'd get chewed up and spat out by the female nurses who won't take that kind of nonsense. Hmmm.... this is interesting.... maybe. I wonder whether there's a correlation between what the previous degree and/or experience is in or whether it's solely gender-related.
  9. Bill E. Rubin

    Contact Isolation: Do YOU always gown up?

    Wait, you have naked family members visiting your patients??
  10. Bill E. Rubin

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    Apparently you answered your own question. We get "ortho" pts often who are demented/delirious s/p ORIF to manage their... um... non-ortho issues.
  11. Bill E. Rubin

    How many nurses?

    Ideally, 7-8 at night and 10-11 during the day.
  12. Bill E. Rubin

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Although, technically, Al Pacino is an actor.... though he has played gangsters.
  13. Bill E. Rubin

    Holiday Scheduling

    It also means that the jr staff isn't always stuck working xmas eve or new year's eve.
  14. Bill E. Rubin

    Holiday Scheduling

    We split the "summer" holidays (Memorial Day, 7/4 and Labor Day) from the "winter" holidays (txgiving, xmas, new year's). For the summer holidays, we rank them from 1st to 3rd for the holiday we wish to work.We are assigned one to work based on our choices and our seniority. We are expected to work one summer holiday and the day before or after it. For the winter holidays, we are split into two groups. One group works xmas and xmas eve and the other works txgiving and new years day and new year's eve. For txgiving, if we work the day or evening shift, we're expected to work the day/evening after, if the night shift, the night before. Some of the senior staff grouse about the "adjacent" day policy, but I think it's a pretty fair system. Without that policy, if you're a jr staff, and, for example, your family is far away, and you get Thanksgiving off but not the day after, you're screwed from ever being able to spend txgiving with your family.
  15. Bill E. Rubin

    How old were you. when you become RN?

    RN-BSN 2 years ago at age 46
  16. Bill E. Rubin

    Lonely new nurse/ do you have nurse friends?

    Congratulations on the job! I feel your pain in a way, as I've been working in my unit for 2 years and I still don't have any real friends (though, in a reference to a Dilbert cartoon I saw some years ago, I have a small handful of coworkers who have been promoted from coworkers I'm friendly with to friends whom I never see outside of work). Fortunately, I have friends outside of work and a rich and active life, yet it would be nice to have a friend or two who gets what I do for a living that I can hang with. I have a couple of friends from school with whom I remain in touch, but they work at different hospitals with different schedules, and if it weren't for facebook, I would rarely keep in touch with them.