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TakeTwoAspirin MSN, RN, APRN

Peri-op/Sub-Acute ANP
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TakeTwoAspirin is a MSN, RN, APRN and specializes in Peri-op/Sub-Acute ANP.

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  1. TakeTwoAspirin

    Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues

    It doesn't sound to me like they are letting her go because she does not meet a minimum level of basic competence. If you read her OP, they are allowing her to stay for several "months" while she finds a new position. Please, nobody is that nice. ...
  2. TakeTwoAspirin

    triage help

    While I am not familiar with how the chain of command works in correction facilities, it worries me that you mention that heart pain/chest pain is often used to get off the unit. If this influenced your decision not to have this addressed immediatel...
  3. TakeTwoAspirin

    Help! Please talk me out of quitting!

    Torn between brutal honesty and encouragement..... Honesty: As a surgical tech, you will most certainly be multi-tasking - far more than you realize. While it is true that you will only have one patient to deal with at a time, during most surgic...
  4. TakeTwoAspirin

    It's time to vent!!!

    My favorite is the rash that was there yesterday, gone today, but pt wants something just in case it comes back!? Rule of thumb: If I can't see it I can't fix it!
  5. TakeTwoAspirin

    Nursing with mental illness

    Poppycat gave you some really good advice. I have to wonder though if you really have burned your bridges with your (ex)employer. Is there anyone you can go to on your old unit and talk to. They clearly new your history and were willing to hel...
  6. TakeTwoAspirin

    To NP or to PA?

    We have somewhat parallel experiences. I too started with PA school and realized it was not for me for much the same reasons. Being a NP is a really comfortable fit for me. Much as you, I found it to be as good a fit as a hand in glove. While I le...
  7. TakeTwoAspirin

    Ready to Go Back to school: NEED HELP!!

    GW has a good Adult/Geri program. Also, go to your State's BON page and see what programs the Board have credentialed/approved for in-State students.
  8. TakeTwoAspirin

    My I'm going to medical school

    This is all just too funny. I think both synaptic and sauce should co-author a book called, "How to defend a perspective based on pure fallacy: For people who have nothing better to do with their intellect". I think you could make a lot of money. ...
  9. TakeTwoAspirin

    My I'm going to medical school

    So if someone disagrees with you, then they are one of "them", obviously. You sound like the bully who when challenged insists that it is not you that is at fault, but them because they don't have a good sense of humor and are too sensitive. Wh...
  10. TakeTwoAspirin

    Pay shock

    Of course the pay is primo for a 1-2 day event. These event planners don't have any of the expenses a "normal" employer has (benefits package) they are just staffing PRN. This isn't really representative of what a NP can make per hour in a regular ...
  11. TakeTwoAspirin

    Is this my responsibility?

    A case like what? There is no diagnosis yet, you are simply indicating that they have had an abnormal test that requires further testing. It's not like you are breaking the news that they have 6 months to live. "Concerning" isn't a diagnosis. You...
  12. TakeTwoAspirin

    Is this my responsibility?

    Back when I was an MA I used to call with lab results, biopsy results, follow up testing needs, etc. Not sure why as a RN you would consider this inappropriate.
  13. TakeTwoAspirin

    Surgical Assistants with more attitude than skill

    WhoDat hit the nail on the head. You have to be clear what their status is before you start fighting the good fight on this. If they are sub-contracted by the hospital by a third-party company then they may be paid by the hour and only get paid...
  14. TakeTwoAspirin

    Stay or Go?

    You simply tell perspective employers that there isn't a suitable position open at this time to accommodate you current education and licensing and you are anxious to start your new career as a Nurse Practitioner. Jump ship. Be happy! The place yo...
  15. TakeTwoAspirin

    New OR RN - Surgeon Yells

    If you are a brand new OR nurse in a residency program where was your preceptor when all this was going on? Clearly, you are not ready to be left alone and that is frustrating for everyone concerned but not your fault. It takes at least 6 month...
  16. TakeTwoAspirin

    Brian Short News

    Heartbreaking news, just heartbreaking.