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  1. Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues

    It doesn't sound to me like they are letting her go because she does not meet a minimum level of basic competence. If you read her OP, they are allowing her to stay for several "months" while she finds a new position. Please, nobody is that nice. ...
  2. triage help

    While I am not familiar with how the chain of command works in correction facilities, it worries me that you mention that heart pain/chest pain is often used to get off the unit. If this influenced your decision not to have this addressed immediatel...
  3. Help! Please talk me out of quitting!

    Torn between brutal honesty and encouragement..... Honesty: As a surgical tech, you will most certainly be multi-tasking - far more than you realize. While it is true that you will only have one patient to deal with at a time, during most surgical ...
  4. Be careful you don't win the battle, but ultimately lose the war! I would have to have been physically messed up pretty bad to pursue action against a doctor (or any other provider) in a community in which I worked.
  5. It's time to vent!!!

    My favorite is the rash that was there yesterday, gone today, but pt wants something just in case it comes back!? Rule of thumb: If I can't see it I can't fix it!
  6. Checks with no funds

    If this guy is not paying you, how can you be sure he is paying your malpractice insurance or the taxes he is deducting No pay = no work. You have too much to lose and this whole thing sounds sketchy.
  7. MD co-signing inpatient orders

    Sounds like they are billing your services "incident to" a physician for the higher reimbursement rate.
  8. Failed FNP AANP again (4th time) seriously I give up!

    There is a module on the ANCC website that walks you through how to read the test questions and what key words and phrases they put in the questions that give you an indication of what kind of answer they are looking for. If you truly know your stuf...
  9. First NP JOB.. Should I stick it out

    It sounds like you are being flat out abused. Do you have a contract to fall back on? Any kind of per-patient bonus structure? Benefits? It's hard to tell just how badly you are being abused without further information on compensation, bonus struc...
  10. New grad first job

    How many patients does he expect you to see in each of the locations? Will you primarily be office-based, or rounding in two different locations? Will he pay travel expenses? If you are on call a lot, will he provide you with a phone or pay for you...
  11. New Grad - First Job

    Two weeks vacation is nowhere near enough, especially given how many patients they expect you to see. Up to 30 is A LOT. They are going to be making a ton of money out of you with the kind of numbers they are throwing at you. Your base is OK, but...
  12. INR LABS

    This answer is perfection! Not only do you need to tell them what the labs are, but it is helpful to let them know what the last labs were (so that they can note any trends), and what the current dose is. If you are calling with INR it is also wis...
  13. Dealing with mean docs

    Or.... the more of an attitude they have, the worse their skill level is. There you go again with glass half empty! (Note the exclamation mark.)
  14. Dealing with mean docs

    The exclamation mark at the end of that sentence was supposed to give the reader a clue that the post was tongue-in-cheek. You can extrapolate meaning, misinterpret, and put as many words into my mouth as you want. Anyone who actually reads my pos...
  15. Dealing with mean docs

    I never said that the OP should accept the behavior If you read my post again, I am saying that in my experience the worse surgeons are normally the meanest - most likely secondary to their overcompensation for what they perceive as their own inadeq...