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  1. letina

    Can I work in Canada?

    Hi, hoping silverdragon or RGN might see this post and advise me, as I know they are both British RN's who are now in Canada. I immigrated to the USA from the UK in 2006 and have worked continuously as an RN here since then. However, I'm ready for a change and seriously considering Canada. My main question is age related. I am 57 years old. Would I be too old to apply? If not, could anyone please point me in the direction of how to apply to live and work in Canada? Thank you.
  2. She did not get ATT due to the deficient hours in OB and peds. However, the board members all seemed very willing to try assist her and this was their judgement, after discussion and questioning her about her UK training..... They will provide her a letter to apply for a place on a remedial course, the one for NCLEX takers who have failed the exam 3 times. The course is 80 hours theory and 96 hours practical, and she has 12 months to complete this. As soon as she can provide the BON with proof of completion and passing, they will then issue her ATT for NCLEX RN. My friend is very happy with the decision, and I personally think it's a better situation than getting ATT right away as she will have the opportunity to study and review with the guidance of an instructor. The practical experience will be good for her too, she will get a flavor of floor nursing in the US. Thanks for asking :)
  3. letina

    UK RN applied to NM SBON

    Hello Rachel, That's a shame your chosen BON are not being helpful with your questions. My friend was told the same when she applied to Florida BON......no hours in OB and paeds. However, they did not reject her outright. Instead, they have passed her file on to be discussed at the monthly board meeting (which is in 2 days time) and she has the opportunity to speak to the Board. She is under no illusion that they will approve her, but at least she gets the chance to hear what they say. Seems every BON is different. Good luck to you :)
  4. letina

    Theoretical/ Practical Hours Required To Work In The US

    Hi Nick, I have some info which might give you an idea how things work with regards your transcript etc. I have a very close friend from the UK who is living in Florida now due to her husband's work. She is an RMN and had her transcripts evaluated to see if she qualifies to do NCLEX. She is deficient in hours in OB and paeds (she actually didn't do any during her training) but the Board did not reject her application and say no outright. Instead, they have decided to present her transcript for discussion at the next monthly board meeting, which is on Wednesday November 30th. She does, however, have excess hours in all other areas, and many years of experience, but not sure if this is considered. She has a job offer pending a Florida RN license and in the meantime has been hired as a CNA (she challenged the test, passed, and got a CNA license) So it would seem there is no definitive answer regarding hours. As others have said, best to have your transcripts evaluated and see what happens.
  5. If you are L2 visa, I take it your spouse is on L1? You say your visa expires next year.....is your spouse (or his company) not planning to apply for a renewal / extension then? Also, many companies who hire L1 employees go on to file for their green cards. So you have options that you need to look into.
  6. {quote=Ginger's Mom;5708877]At my husband's employer all L1 visas were denied renewal. With the US economy in such tough shape an international company is only allowed so much time. Considering it is almost 2012, and you friend has not passed the NCLEX yet, it would be hard for her to find employment for one year ( plus all the extra paper work). Trouble is most nursing schools have intergrated their programs, meaning pedi and ob is not a unique course. Years ago when the test was broken down into certain subjects, it was easier to pick up a course, now I would think it would be min. one year and most places have a waiting line. The current wait for a green card is retrogessed to 2005 I believe, so I don't think the L visa will hold the family over. As far as talking at the board, I would advise your friend to hire an attorney, I don't think she can speak unless she is on the agenda. Legal counsel can help with this. Thanks Ginger's Mom for your contribution to the thread :hug: I'm sorry for the people who got denied their L1 renewals. They must be very disappointed. My friend's L2 is good through September 2013 and she has already been networking with the hospital she wants to work at. They have been very supportive of her and actually have offered her a position as a PCT whilst the RN licensing issue is hopefully being resolved. This is a godsend to her, as at least she will be able to familiarise herself with the culture and how we work here. Her husband's company have filed I-140 petition for him under the EB1© category which is current right now and has been for a while. His company lawyer said he is confident the I-140 will be approved well before this current L1 expires. His experience says this particular category have been getting approved in approx 6 months. So my friend could in fact have a green card in about a year if all goes well. Regarding the attendance at the BON meeting, she still plans to go and has made some notes in preparation for making a statement to plead her case. Does she have to let them know to put her on the agenda? Or can she just ask to speak when her case comes up? Not sure she would really need a lawyer, it's not a disciplinary matter. What do you think?
  7. letina

    Florida BON - Board Has to Approve

    Hi :) Sorry you did not get any help with your question. I have just found your post and would like to ask how it worked out for you at the board meeting? My friend is in the same situation for RN license. She is going to the next meeting on November 30th as the board has to approve her application. Hope you got the result you wanted :)
  8. You will need to show a contract of employment when you attend the embassy interview. No employment contract means no visa I'm afraid, but I'm sure you are aware of this and it is your cause of worry. Do you have a phone number for anyone at the hospital who petitioned you? You really need to speak with them to clarify your situation. Good luck :)
  9. letina

    Temp work in the UK

    I'm a British RN, been living and working in the US for the past 3 years and looking for some info about the current work situation in the UK. I'm working on a plan to spend a few months at a time back home in the UK, but would have to work to be able to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could find work as an RN for a fixed period, say 3 or 4 months a year?
  10. letina

    RMN's in Canada?

    I'm helping someone research information about immigrating to Canada from the UK as an RMN, and since they are not a member of allnurses, thought I would ask you good people :) So....is it possible? Does Canada recognise RMN? And if so, what's the first step the nurse should do with regard to immigration? I admit to knowing absolute zero about the Canadian process. Thanks :)
  11. letina

    May 2008 Visa Bulletin

    But the point I was making is, those doing AOS are in the US already, so you have that advantage over the CP applicants.
  12. letina

    I know we are all sick of this but.....

    .....and leeches......except they call themselves hospital administration :chuckle
  13. letina

    May 2008 Visa Bulletin

    Thank you Lawrence, you explained this very well. It's about time those going thru CP have their day. I have always thought it unfair that there are people who can cut in line and take shortcuts. Never should have been allowed in the first place IMO. At least AOS applicants are already here in the US. Those going the CP route are waiting patiently in their own countries for years.
  14. letina

    Fired because i did not accept the assignment

    A little confused here. Do you work in a hospital and they wanted to float you to another unit? Or do you mean you refused a particular patient assignment? Did you take report and then refuse? Just not sure what the specifics are. If you could give us a bit more info, we would be better able to advise.
  15. I'm from the UK, and as I'm sure you know, Hugh Laurie is a very famous British comedy actor. I just can't take him seriously in House. If you ever saw some of the characters he played back home, I think you'd be disappointed. He's certainly not attractive when in his comedy persona.
  16. letina

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Lawrence, do you know the answer to this?