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  1. Simplepleasures

    Health Care Reform---If You Were Congress

    Medicare may have it's problems, but it is far better than a free clinic. I must buy a supplemental policy that costs me $150. a month for the deductibles, but even this is a better alternative to no coverage. If everyone paid that $150. a month to a government run Medicare program and cut out the private health insurers we could expand Medicare to cover everyone.
  2. Simplepleasures

    Whistleblower needs protection!

    http://medi-smart.com/whistleblower-protection.htm http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FSL/is_3_73/ai_72272008 http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAPoliticalPower/State/StateLegislativeAgenda/Whistleblower_1.aspx http://www.wisbar.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Wisconsin_Lawyer&template=/CM/ContentDisplay.cfm&contentid=47659 This last link is the state law my case is being heard under.Get an EMPLOYMENT lawyer, he should be up on the health care whistle blower retaliation protection law in your state , IF your state has one. I am not aware of a Federal whistle blower law that protects health care workers, unless it is a Qui Tam Law that protects those who have reported a Medicare/Medicaid/ Fraud. http://whistleblowerlaws.com/law.htm
  3. I am on Medicare, its a lot better than a free clinic.I couldn't afford Cobra while waiting for SSDI approval. The problem that does exist with Medicare is the rate in which the doctors and clinics are reimbursed. Plus the deductibles , which forces those with Medicare to either buy a Supplemental insurance or buy an Advantage Plan. The Supplemental Plan costs another $100 a month on top of the almost $100. Medicare premium, so that is $200, out of the Social Security monthly payment. Oh almost forgot about the added 35 or 40 bucks a month for Medicare part D. Those who have been disabled and have gone through their savings to pay for medical debt , now have to rely on living on SS alone. I am grateful to have it and I am thrilled to have Medicare, but the doctors and clinics charges keep going up, Medicare cannot continue to pay for those increased costs year after year. Those costs MUST be kept to a reasonable level, as they are in other countries that have universal health care, it can be done. I would much prefer keeping private health insurance out of the system altogether, that and the outrageous health care costs will bankrupt Medicare if something isn't done soon. I do not have an entitlement attitude, I am grateful for what there is in place now, but as a civilized intelligent nation, I think we could do better.
  4. Simplepleasures

    Do Nurses Live in Fear of Being Fired???

    YES, they can and do fire nurses regularly, especially the ones with a strong moral/ ethical compass, who have big mouths. They absolutely do want nurses to be afraid of getting fired and they also like to use your license to scare you . LTC has been and still is a dirty underhanded industry, with money as its bottom line. Speaking from experience.
  5. Simplepleasures

    How does a nurse pick HERSELF up when everyone keeps kicking her down?

    Unless your company has a policy on the books that states no one may speak in anything but English, you will most likely not be able to prove any retaliatory action. Sarbanes Oxley and other Whistleblower Laws would not deal with this type of thing, much bigger fish to fry. Health care whistleblower retaliation protection laws protect the nurse when reporting about PATIENT care issues, Sarbanes Oxley is more of a corporate whistleblower law, deals with things other than health care issues or workers. Sorry this happened to you, I hope things work out for you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarbanes-Oxley_Act
  6. Simplepleasures

    How does a nurse pick HERSELF up when everyone keeps kicking her down?

    http://medi-smart.com/whistleblower-protection.htm http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAPoliticalPower/State/StateLegislativeAgenda/Whistleblower_1.aspx I am involved in a Whistleblower Retaliation lawsuit against my former employer. I was covered under the WI Healthcare Worker Whistleblower Retaliation Protection Act. Different States have similar laws regarding whistleblower retaliation. If you feel you may fall under one of these laws, make sure you address this with an EMPLOYMENT lawyer.
  7. Simplepleasures

    Falling Behind: Americans' Access to Medical Care Deteriorates

    As a person on SSDI,thank goodness and Senator Kennedy that the new Medicare Bill is veto proof. MDs and clinics are declining to accept Medicare patients without the supplemental insurance or an Advantage plan. This takes away another $100 plus dollars out of the SS recipients monthly check, besides the $98.00 that it cost to have Medicare Part A and B .That $200.+ on a fixed income can and really does hurt seniors and the disabled on a fixed income. I haven't even mentioned the cost of Medicare part D here.Some find that their medications are cheaper from Walmart than the actual Medicare part D plan. Having said that, I am grateful to have Medicare, I was using a free clinic for the past two plus years, I am so relieved to once again have my own doctor and clinic .
  8. Simplepleasures

    Friends little daughter passed away tonight

    Oh, how heartbroken the parents must be, you all are in my prayers.
  9. Simplepleasures

    Notable Nurses - Laura Berg - Accused of sedition

    Wow, do we still live in a democracy?
  10. Simplepleasures

    Retaliation for voicing concern over unsafe pratices

    Whistle, I wrote you a PM.My case is dragging on also, its been 3 years since my termination for refusing to falsify a legal document.My case is being litigated under the WI Healthcare Worker Retaliation Protection Act.My lawyers have not asked for a dime and they get paid when I win my case, by the EMPLOYER.If I lose they dont get paid and we appeal further. The law provides for backpay with interest, as I said before , lawyers fees and possibly up to two years of front pay.This is a good law as far as state laws go. A federal law would be better as it gets heard with a jury in federal court and allows for punitive damages, much more monies, which seems is the only thing these nursing home corporations truly care about. It's a tough road to go down when one decides to follow their ethical leanings. Few will thank you, some will tell you you were wrong to not lie and shouldv'e taken the easy road and not bucked the system.You risk being blackballed from ever working as a nurse again, there are many consequences of blowing the whistle. If not protected by a union, you are a sitting duck, don't fool yourself and think you can take care of yourself in the workplace, because that notion would depend on an ethical and moral employer, sadly few and far between. I have been very fortunate to have supportive family these past three years and lawyers who are very dedicated.I have had much physical issues after this D/T stress, BUT I would not change a thing, I would do it again .My self respect remains intact.
  11. Simplepleasures

    Do you know your Blood Type?

  12. Simplepleasures

    Disturbing data on Wisconsin

    Probably interviewed students at UW Madison.Hmmmm, maybe 25% of drivers also drive one handed,one hand on the wheel and one holding a bratwurst.:chuckle Barefoot Lady, I dont doubt what you read or heard, I heard it too.
  13. Wow, so sorry this is happening to you.It seems as if no facility is immune to these types of problems, what do you think would improve things, make the residents happy, make the staff stay?Is it understaffing and budget issues, just like in most LTC facilities? I think we are seeing the tip of the big baby boomer iceberg , what in the world will happen to our age group? It is tough for an older nurse, you have good experience and you are probably very marketable, but I know how hard it is to start all over again at our age.I hope things work out for you.Wish I had good advice.
  14. Simplepleasures

    Any One Eyed Nurses Out There...

    Same with me ,legally blind in Left eye, 20/200.Just found out last year that the cause of this was a staphyloma, a elongated eyeball caused by an imperfect closing of a fissure in the optic nerve when an embryo.I think that a lot of those with amblyopia or lazy eye have this.
  15. Simplepleasures

    U.S. nursing homes face growing nurse shortage

    No wonder there is such a severe shortage and yes,it will get worse, until LTCs improve working conditions in the dungeons, our elderly will be the victims of this trend which can be put squarely on the shoulders of the corporate GREED. These LTCs are the armpit of health care in America, a shame.
  16. Simplepleasures

    Prayers Please...

    My prayers for you and your family.:icon_hug:

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