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Is statistics really hard to learn? the last time I had any algebra was in high school several years ago. I want to take statistics but don't want to have to take a bunch of math classes all over again.

I HATED high school algebra, I barely made it through my second year. Then I attempted pre-calculus and failed miserably.

However, I loved statistics. You only need some basic algebra knowledge and you should be able to get a grasp of most concepts. If you go to class everyday you can do great. Don't fear it!

I wish I went to the school you guys went to because for us formulas were not given to us. You had to know them yourself. I don't think statistics is really hard, just that it can be a little confusing. I'm not going to say it was easy because from what I've seen schools vary in their ways of teaching it. I wouldn't go as far to say you need to know excel though. It depends on the professor and the school. What school do you go to?

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I'm lousy at math and made a B in stats. It's more interesting to me than more theoretical math. I could actually see the point of statistics.

I definitely agree that you should do all the homework assignments because it does help with understanding the concepts better. Make sure you learn how to use your graphing calculator because it does help a lot if your teacher allows you to use it during the test. Statistics may seem hard at first but once you figure out the formulas and what is it asking for you will think it is sort of fun. Definitely pay attention to class lectures and always ask questions when you don't understand a concept because it will help you with your homework and prepare you for the test.


I just took stats and I was full of info .you just have to be very attentive to most detail and be best of friends with your calculator and plus I watched stats videos on And it helped me a bit because my textbook was extremely unhelpful . it's easy you can do it

Put me in the "totally hate math" camp! *LOL*Left stats along with qualitative math until my final year, last semester when it was either "do or die" in order to graduate (this was from my BS major, not nursing), and to my surprise stats wasn't as bad as one thought, and managed to get a B+!As others have stated, stats isn't about long formulas and order of operations, it is about real world matters one can get one's mind around. A final plus you will finally understand what is meant by "this poll as an error rate of plus or minus five percent". Was cleaning my bookcase the other day and finally got around to chucking the textbook into a bag of books going to Goodwill.

I'm taking stats right now and I absolutely love it...and I hated math in high school and college. A trick I use: when a formula looks really complicated and scary, I write down each step to doing the equation in words. For example, for the binomial probability formula (which is taught kind of early on and really isn't that complicated):

1.) Find nCx, which is on my calculator if I press shift and 2

2.) Find p to the x power

3.) Find 1 minus p

4.) Find n minus x

5.) Find the #3's answer to the power of #4's answer

6.) Multiply the answers to numbers 1, 2, and 5 together

And voila, I have an answer. This is doubly nice, because my tests are all open notes, so when I get confused on what I should do next, I can go back to my steps.

By the way, I have a 100% in the class after two out of four tests. So I promise this works.

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Having taken high school trigonometry and calculus, and college statistics, I'd take stats over trig/calc any day!

I agree with others that it's less about "doing math" and more about knowing how to answer the questions being asked.

Side note -- if "story problems" made you moan in anguish and gnash your teeth, you might have more trouble with stats than if story problems weren't a particular difficulty for you. Stats is basically a bunch of big story problems -- they throw info at you, and you have to know what they're asking for and how you plug the numbers into the formulas.

anyone taken it online- I think the "lab" is on campus though...

Not only did she tell us which calculator to purchase, she showed us how to use them and plug in the formulas. Want more? This wonderful woman GAVE, that is right, gave us the formulas we would need at each exam. Needless to say after each break the woman's desk was loaded with food and treats brought back by her adoring students

I'm taking stats soon and I'm relieved. I took plane trigonometry over the summer and passed it with a 'B'. My weakness was always in math and this course really bolstered my mathematical and problem solving skills. 'calling' to invest in nursing didn't hit me til afterward when I was having a conversation with my professor. I had no idea stats was the highest level of math a nurse would need!

stats is the easiest math class ever. its easier than trig... you basically use your calculator like every chapter to solve problems- atleast in my experience.

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