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Is statistics really hard to learn? the last time I had any algebra was in high school several years ago. I want to take statistics but don't want to have to take a bunch of math classes all over again.


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Math was always difficult for me, but I really enjoyed statistics. It's a form of math with very apparent "real world" applications, which made it both interesting and relevant for me.

From a practical standpoint, most college statistics professors allow the use of graphing calculators and formula sheets in class, including during tests. Unlike algebra, you don't need to memorize complex formulas. In stats, you only need to be able to determine which formula on your sheet (or which calculator command) applies to a particular scenario.

My one bit of advice is to be diligent about attending class and doing whatever homework is assigned. When I took stats, most of the students who failed were those who were casual about attendance.

Good luck!

thanks! It doesn't sound so intimidating now that you explained it that way

My school gives you the choice between statistics and concepts. I chose concepts because it's an easier math class. However....if I decide to go for my BSN, they require statistics. So I'm thinking of changing my plan of study to statistics, just in case I eventually go for my BSN. But I'm scared because I've heard that class is really hard. Even my husband who is really good at math said it was hard. So I don't know... :/ Good luck to you though!


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I loved Stats. My professor required the graphing calculators, although only a few of us got it. He also provided all the formula's on our test, so like already mentioned we just had to "know" which one to use when. Good luck!

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Honestly, if you have a good teacher, it's not as scary as it sounds. Some of the concepts require repetition, but the main thing is to realize in which situations you would use which stat - use real examples to remember.


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My school had intermediate algebra as a prereq so I had to take beginner's algebra and the intermediate algebra. Really you don't need anything more than beginner's algebra to get through statistics. If you take a placement test then you may be able to waive those requirements.

Statistics isn't easy but you'll get through it with the right professor. Most people in my stats class got F's and C's, a couple B's, and maybe 2 or 3 A's. It really helps if you know excel inside and out.

Is statistics really hard to learn? the last time I had any algebra was in high school several years ago. I want to take statistics but don't want to have to take a bunch of math classes all over again.


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The biggest thing to remember with statistics is that most of your work will be word problems. I actually enjoyed this math class since most of the questions I had involved figuring out exactly what the question was asking for.


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Keep good notes and try not to miss a class. Most of it is formulas. A lot of time the midterm and final is open book or they provide you with formulas. Again keep good notes.

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Do ALL the homework/study exercises. This will definitely help you learn the concepts.

I hated math in school, and dreaded taking stats when I went back for my nursing degree (20+ years after graduating from college). It wasn't that hateful - just do the homework, do all the study problems, and don't be afraid to ask your prof questions if you're the slightest bit confused.

You CAN do it! I ended up with a high "A" in my class.

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I hate pure math but love statistics. For some reason I am able to apply it to real life and things that interest me more.

Like others said...attend all classes, do the work the same night it is assigned (or at least start it) that way if you get stuck you have time to get help.

Do as many problems as you can stand doing for each type of problem too.

Good luck. I think you will like it.


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stat was easy, i took it last semester and got an A

one of the easiest math class youll ever take

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