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  1. Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    I was told that less people go the ADN evenings/weekend route and that there are still about 9-11 slots left. Maybe that's why. Also, if you take about 2 classes a semester it would take about 3 years. I was considering the BSN, but the extra cla...
  2. Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    After the spring semester I'll have all of my pre reqs done and out of the way to apply to the ADN program. Except for Pathology. I'll be taking that over the summer. So the only courses I'll have is the 8 NUR courses which can be completed in like t...
  3. Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    Okay, I am looking at the ADN RN track, and the BSN track The ADN track only has 8 NUR courses, while the BSN has like 18 NUR courses If you go the ADN route, will you be adequately prepared to sit for the NCLEX test? They don't even offer the NCLEX ...
  4. Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    Thanks for writing all that information peytonsmom
  5. How to get accepted into University of Detroit Mercy

    What is the gpa you need to get into this school? What if you have a C in one of your prerequisites do they still accept you?
  6. A&P 1 students,,,, How ya doing?

    I have never heard of a thing like that. Also a lot of students don't always know the level of difficulty a professor is for a certain class, they just pick them based on their schedules. So if the professor is too easy, then that is the college's f...
  7. A&P 1 students,,,, How ya doing?

    I just got my grades today. I got an "A" in A&P I. It was a very emotional moment for me and I shed a tear. You don't know how hard I worked in that class and how many times I felt like dropping. wow I did it. Nursing school here i come!!
  8. I was questioning whether I wanted to be a nurse from the threads on

    It certainly wouldn't hurt. why you bring that up?
  9. My mother was sick in the hopsital for a week. When she got better, i asked her how did the nurses act towards her; if they seemed stressed out, frustrated or burnt out from their job. She said that all the RNs seemed fine. They were smiling and did...
  10. Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    anyone else attending or want to?
  11. Taking A & P I again...any advice?

    do you think that you are going to get less than a C in A&P? If you get a B, I wouldn't take it over
  12. I want to work as a nurse in another country

    thanks for the help everyone
  13. Being a RN in Quebec Canada

    Nope, I don't speak any french.
  14. Being a RN in Quebec Canada

    I live in Michigan so canada is not that far. I hear that Quebec is a nice place to live and I would like to work as an RN there once I graduate from nursing school. Is it hard to get a job as a RN out there?
  15. Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    anybody else like to add anything?