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Spring 2010 Hopefuls!


Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry. Has 3 years experience.

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Any update Crebre80?


Specializes in Alzheimers and geriatric patients. Has 12 years experience.

school- WKCTCS in KY

Requirments- Attendance at a pre-nursing conference,

ACT(20 or above) or NLN (50th % or higher) score,

2.0 GPA or higher,

A&P l, general psych, college algebra, and computer literacy as pre-reqs,

CNA and CPR certification.

GPA- 4.0

Test score- ACT 32

I have no other plans. I applied last Monday and I'll find out if I got in the 3rd week in July.


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I applied to

1- Georgia Perimeter College (ADN) RN

2- Georgia Highlands College (ADN) RN

3- Chattahoochee Technical school (ADN) RN

4- Georgia State University (BSN)

for the Spring. But I didn't send in everything to my 4th choice b/c I decided it was too far! So I am not completing that application. I also applied to

5- Kennesaw State University- BSN- for the Summer


6- North Georgia College and State University-BSN for the Fall

AND I have 3 more (BSN's) that I am considering applying to for the Fall! LOL!! :bugeyes: I am taking NO chances! SOMEBODY has to take me! :)

My Adjusted GPA (which is what most schools take) is around a 3.7. My GPA not adjusted is around 3.4 (due to a really bad first semester over 10 years ago). My science GPA is a 4.0.


Specializes in Alzheimers and geriatric patients. Has 12 years experience.

Well good Luck to everyone. It shouldn't be to long now!!

Applying to Mohave Community College in Lake Havasu and Kingman AZ

They like to have as many of your pre and co reqs done before you apply, and they also look at the NET.

Managed to keep a 4.0 GPA: CHM130, College algebra, ENG101, A&P1, A&P2, Human development. Taking microbiology in the fall 2009.

Any entrance exams? scores? NET test I got a comp score of 77 (really crappy) but I want to retake since all my friends got 90's. I messed up on the math as I couldnt work out how to get the second line of the question to appear on the screen, so couldnt make sense of the question. I would have to take time off of work though to get back up to LHC to retake. So may just see what transpires for Spring 2010.

Plan B? Wait until Maricopa AZ can get around to evaluating my PSY245 (12 weeks lead time there) then wait on the Maricopa 2 year wait list.

Plan C? Apply to Pima's (AZ) 2.5 year wait list.

Age is an issue: being slightly older than you guys 2 years is a VERY long time to wait.

Yavapai changed its entrance selection on May 27th 2009. Now they basically only accepts Yavapai residents who are current Yavapai college students with 12 credits at Yavapai. So I had to drop from that plan.

Coriander, BSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice & Palliative Care, Oncology, M/S.

Where are you applying? San Diego State University (have applied)

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? Acceptance to the main campus, completion of 7 pre-reqs, separate GPAs for pre-reqs and overall cumulative, TEAS exam above 75% and any applicable work or volunteer experience. (I think that's it.) Also, they go on a point system with 77 being the major point value. Since I retook my psych class I was told that now I have 74 points. Also, they like it if you have foreign language.

What is your current GPA? (science and GE) This will probably change, as I've put in a petition to strike an entire semester from 17 years ago. I was extremely stupid with my first shot at college and totally blew my GPA. Right now my cumulative GPA is 3.08. It could go up to 3.5 or so. Science is 3.8 I think. I have all A's and one B+ in Anatomy.

Any entrance exams? scores? 92 on the TEAS exam.

Plan A, B and C?

Plan A: Well, that was to get accepted for Fall 2009. :chuckle

Plan B: I'm staying at SDSU and retaking one course to increase my GPA as well as starting the upper division GE's for nursing school.

Plan C: Keep on taking upper division requirements and keep on applying!

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Coriander, BSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice & Palliative Care, Oncology, M/S.

I just called the Nursing office at SDSU and was told that those of us who have rolled over to Spring will hear in the end of December or beginning of January.

Quite a wait, but at least I can settle down and focus on this next semester without worrying about checking my e-mail every 10 minutes. :wink2:

I'll begin...

Where are you applying?

CSU Long Beach (my top choice school, and the only one of my tops that is accepting spring admission)

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? Point system?

Science GPA (4pts) , General Ed GPA (2pts) , TEAS math score (2pts), TEAS overall score (2 pts) = 10 points total

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

I haven't finished all my prereqs but so far...

- 4.0 in sciences so far (but i've only taken Chem haha)

- 4.0 in GE courses, so far

- 3.8 overall

Any entrance exams? scores?

TEAS - haven't taken them yet. I will this summer.

Plan A, B and C?

A - Get into CSU Long Beach on my first try (I will still have Physio in progress)

B - Apply again to CSULB for Fall 2010 once all prereqs are completed as well as apply to SFSU for Fall, retake TEAS if necessary.

C - Stay at my JC, and finish all of my other general education (ones that weren't required for NS) and once again... apply to CSULB for Spring 2011

D - Stay at my JC and take whatever I need to, or if I need to retake classes I will (I'm hoping I won't have to) and work as a CNA (i'm getting my CNA license in december) Apply for Fall 2011 all up and down california: CSULB (again.. i know, excessive) , SFSU, CSU East Bay, CSU LA, Sonoma State, Sac State, CSU Chico, CSU Stanislaus, CSU Fresno, CSU San Marcos, CSU Channel Islands, and my JC's ADN program.

E - Work as a CNA if accepted nowhere (wow that would be depressing), and apply to ADN programs and LVN programs all over and work my way up to ADN, BSN and MSN.

F - If I never get accepted to any programs I will go crazy and probably move to San Francisco or LA and live as a bum on the streets.

what's your JC?? I'm also applying to SFSU, as my #2 choice!!!

Only one year away (almost)!

Where are you applying? Thomas Jefferson, Villanova, NMSU

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? They all differ on one or two courses, but all require AP I &II, Chemistry, Nutrition, Microbiology and Statistics.

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Overall college: 3.56

Overall Major: 3.8

Pre-Reqs: Still working through them.

Any entrance exams? scores? Not to my knowledge.

Plan A, B and C? Good question. Regardless of what happens, I'm getting out of the Army. After that, we'll see.

Where are you applying?

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Any entrance exams? scores?

Plan A, B and C?

1. I'm applying to Greenville Technical College in Greenville, SC

2. Depends if you want to get into the Practical Nursing or the ADN program.

- A & P I & II


-Probabilty and Statistics

-English 101


-Public Speaking

-Introduction to Computers

- A Humanties Elective

-And, you have to complete a "Career Talk" which is good for 2 years!

Plus you have to meet a certain point range and meet the deadline.

3. GPA: 3.0

4.No entrance exams are required. I'm a transfer student with a Bachelor's.

5. A, B, or C.....? I have no choice other than becoming a nurse. :D

If not accepted now, I will take more classes to earn more points.

I also plan to look @ University of South Carolina- Upstate for their BSN track.

Good luck Spring 2010....!

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So, just wondering: Does anyone have any idea how the admissions process works? I'm waiting to hear from my school and I keep going over in my head the pros and cons of my application. Just curious how they make their decisions out of hundreds of applicants - we all take the same prereqs, but we took them at different schools. One "A" may be equivalent to a "C" at another or vice versa....obviously my GPA is my main concern, so just trying to keep my head up while I wait and wait and wait :) Seems like I get a mini panic attack every day when I turn onto my road coming home from work wondering what's in the mail! Always hoping for some good news :)

Anyone hear from their school yet? Thinking positive for EVERYONE who has applied, we all know the efforts it has taken to get this far :)

Where are you applying?

Univeristy of Louisiana at Monroe School of Nursing

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

Strictly GPA and HESI score (GPAxHESI) point system

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Pre-requisite GPA: 3.7 Cummulative 3.75

Any entrance exams? scores?

HESI Entrance Exam, will take Nov 10

Took the NLN for a ASN program I got accepted into and scored a 96% so I'm hoping I will do well.

Plan A, B and C?

Plan A - Start clinicals in the spring

Plan B - No idea, we can only take the HESI once, so I guess bring up GPA

Plan C - No other options, my scholarships and student loans would run out before I'd be done.

Turned in my application already, and they don't send out acceptance letters until the 3rd week of December. Classes start the second week of January, so I'm going to be a nervous wreck. :stone


Specializes in Alzheimers and geriatric patients. Has 12 years experience.

Well I got in. Start in January!

to update....I GOT IN!!! I only applied to 1 school - and I was accepted :) Soo excited and thankful. I will be starting the program January 2010 at the Medical University of South Carolina and I can't wait!


Specializes in Med/Surg, Pediatrics, Hospice.

Just got my acceptance packet today :loveya: I will be starting Spring 2010 at Mohave Community College (Havasu)!!!!!! Super excited:yeah:

I'm in as well start Spring 2010 @ SCCC. I think my husband is more excited then I. Go figure, he can't wait to have to work less. :D

Congrats to all! :stdnrsrck: :rckn:

hi osagarese, also enjoy college!

i am trying to determine what i need to get accepted, i just got rejected (they could have worded the letter better than to say "you have been rejected"). would you mind shareing how many of the co-reqs you have completed, your gpa and net score? for the next application: fall 2010, i have to have any additional official transcripts into mcc by march 10th and hence can not get any more credits done before the cut off. even the short corses take me to the end of march. i still have psy101, (i have psy245) eng 102 and a hum to complete. otherwise i have a 4.0 and didnt get in. now i have to take the teas test as well. :crying2: i want to see if whether i am wasting my time applying to mcc for fall with 3 missing co-reqs.

hi frodo-dog, i have a 3.9 gpa no net has to be taken in my school. the classes that i have taken are: eng 101, a&pi, a&pii, psy 101,soc 101, these are pre-reqs and the following are classes you have to take while in nursing but i took them ahead of time so in nursing all i will have left are nursing classes, eng 102,developmental psych, micro, and communications, this is a hum class. but you said you are applying to mcc that is different than my school which is sccc the requirements might be different.

good luck! :D

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