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smellyacres has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Surgical/Trauma ICU.

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  1. Starting per diem or take the full time plunge?

    Thanks for the tips!! Yeah I'm not leaving before I'm vested regardless - I might have the option to do HH full time now, within my current company, because they are associated with the hospital I work at now. I'll definitely ask if they pay hourly,...
  2. Hi All, I've been a RN at the bedside 4 years, in the ICU for the last 2. I used to do LTC home health assessments on the side (pre-covid), and loved visiting patients in their homes. I also have years of live-in caregiver experience from befor...
  3. New Grad Nurse - NIGHT SHIFT ONLY

    I thought I could never work nights... then I started my new grad residency on a tele floor, and became so overwhelmed during my preceptorship on dayshift that by the time I was told there were only night shift positions available for my cohort, I wa...
  4. Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    You’re never going to love your job every single day. I think that is universal for any career. I’ve loved both of my nursing jobs (switched to work closer to home), and though there are things I don’t love about nursing, for me, the things I do FAR ...
  5. I’ve been on Everett’s SICU for almost a year and generally like it. However, the ICUs here are a closed unit and I hear worse things about the rest of the hospital. Pay is comparable to other hospitals but OT and benefits a bit worse. Prior to this ...
  6. Relocating to Washington

    UW is a very well respected hospital and I hear have good benefits. Same with Virginia Mason but I don’t know much about them. Both have good reputations. I worked at Swedish cherry hill (they have multiple locations, CH is neuro and cardiac only), w...
  7. Patients Say the Darnedest Things Nurses Week Contest

    We had a resident dementia patient on our tele unit for quite a long time due to placement issues. He used to stand outside his room by the nurses station and greet people. A patient’s wife walked up to the desk and he looked at HER and said, “If I ...
  8. CMC and/or CSC?

    Hey all, So my background is in cardiac & cardiac surgery tele, and I recently started working on a surgical ICU. I want to get my CSC, and my question is, should I also get my CMC? Are there significant advantages to having both certs vs just o...
  9. Swedish Residency February 2017

    Hey guys! Just FYI I started in October, had my first interview in the beginning of July, and didn't have second interviews until mid September. Don't lose hope!
  10. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    We have!! Did you get in?
  11. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Yay! Congrats!
  12. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Yeah I had my first phone interview the first week of July! Long process for sure. I hope you both hear back soon! I'm coming from Los Angeles!
  13. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Yeah it's great you have a backup plan! Yes, it does start October 24th. She said the onboarding process can be done remotely (background check, drug screen, etc), so you don't have to be up there until the first day. I was worried because my apartme...
  14. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Oh good I'm glad some are still deciding. I was told by cardiac telemetry and Neuro ICU this 10/7 was their deadline, but they have been behind with everything so I'm not surprised that it's been extended. I took cardiac telemetry at cherry hill, not...
  15. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    They called me last Thursday about the cardiac unit but I was waiting til yesterday to find out about neuro icu before accepting. I was told all offers had to go out by yesterday. For me rejections came via email and offers came via phone call.