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I'm a proud mommy to a wonderful little boy!

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  1. Adams_Mommy_07

    Will there be jobs when we graduate?

    I try not to stress about it too much. I will just perform exceptionally in school go straight into the BSN and then MSN. I'm sure a job will open up along the way. If not, I'll keep working as a banker while knocking on them doors.
  2. Adams_Mommy_07

    Is bad credit a factor?

    Right now my credit is not so hot (late credit card payments)...I was just wondering if hospitals take this into consideration when new graduate RNs apply for jobs. I will be starting nursing school in the spring... I don't have any bankruptcies or loans that are late or in default or anything like that.
  3. Adams_Mommy_07

    advice for solo mama, new adrn student?

    i too already have a b.a., was very successful in my undergraduate program, and will be going for an adn followed by bsn and msn immediately thereafter--and i have a 2 year old and i just recently underwent a separation from my soon-to-be-official ex! i work full-time as well... i did my co-reqs and pre-reqs (for both the adn and bsn before starting the adn program i personally would delay the nursing portion simply because those classes help prepare you to be a better nursing student. moreover, it is really easier on you to not wear yourself thin with heavy science courses and nursing courses.
  4. colleges look at your high school grades as a determiner for admission into the university/college. obviously universities are a bit more selective when it comes to gpa, but as long as you have a high school diploma you shouldn't have any trouble getting into a community college. nursing programs are extremely competitive and will typically not look at high school grades provided you have college credits. if you go ahead and take your pre-reqs for the rn program now and get a good solid gpa you shouldn't have any trouble getting into a rn program. as for the deciding between the lpn and rn program, i would advise getting the rn. i have a two year old, work full-time and go to school full-time and i know that the 2 years is a small sacrifice for what i will provide my family afterward. and i don't feel like i'm not spending enough time with my family.
  5. Adams_Mommy_07

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    My name is Melanie, mother of one, a toddler who will be two next month! I just turned 24 and I am returning to school (start the Nursing program in January) after earning my B.A. in an unrelated field. The last year I have been completing my pre and co-reqs and am very eager to get the program started in FIVE months!!!
  6. Adams_Mommy_07

    Seeking advice if nursing is the right path!

    If your heart is not really in it and you are only in it for the money than no, nursing is not the right path. Simple as that. There are plenty of professions out there that can pay you well. Some examples: Teacher, Management (at Restaurants, banks, department stores, hotels all of which have a B.A. while place you at an advantage of getting), etc. If you really need some extra cash go part-time for a grad degree (your student loans will be deferred and you can get $ to help with living expenses) while working a place you can advance in (such as a bank, restaurant, etc). Not only will this help you out immediately but make you more competitive for the job market.
  7. Adams_Mommy_07

    Nursing Tuition off the Chain!! Need Help!!

    Ok ok ok... As I have stated in many of my posts in the past I already have a B.A. from a state university in North Carolina. I could've gone to Chapel Hill, I could've gone to Duke. Now as a post-baccalaureate student pursuing nursing I am having to do the ADN-BSN-MSN-DNP (community college, state university, state university, DUKE university) route because I am no longer eligible to receive financial aid at the undergraduate level. While at my university, I was a pre-law student, took the LSAT and scored high enough to get into law schools in Tier one (but outside the top 10--so no to Harvard, Yale, Stanford--yes to Vandy, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Boston University, Notre Dame (this is where my heart was... etc. And let me tell you when it comes to the legal profession where you went to school is EVERYTHING. Tier 4 schools will only land you a public defender IF you're lucky. A tier 1 or high tier 2 school though, you've got options. Lower tier 2 or tier 3 you're stuck in the state you graduated from pretty much. The prestige of your undergrad institution only matters to professional and graduate schools, period. The best strategy for people who have to budget their money is to get their *prestigious* itch scratched at the highest level they plan on graduating from. If you plan on doing any post-baccalaureate work (i.e. MSN, DNP, PhD) you should SERIOUSLY rethink your strategy. Otherwise you will be compounding debt upon debt, and believe you me it is a slap in the prestigious itch's face to go from a top tier school and then having to step down because you've maxed out your financial aid...just as it is to go from a university where you were a TOP student to a community college.
  8. Quick Question: By PCMH wanting to achieve Magnet status, does that mean that they are going to be looking to hire only BSN nurses come 2011? Not that it's a big deal but I REALLY want to work in this hospital over Craven Regional and as a post-baccalaureate student I'm having to go the ADN-BSN-MSN route and was hoping to get a position after getting my ADN. One point though, as a native of eastern North Carolina I would caution newcomers to the region about living in Washington (someone commented that it was safe and nice)...Washington has an EXTREMELY high crime rate and lots of gang activity compared to the rest of the region. IMHO Greenville is safer in certain areas than the majority of Washington.
  9. Adams_Mommy_07

    Should I miss clinicals for...

    Definitely do not MISS clinical for your bridal shower. Bridal showers are over-rated to begin with and it wasn't very considerate of your friend to not run the date and time by you given your academic/time committments. I would let her know ASAP that either you'll be late, the b.s. needs to be pushed to a later time in the evening OR moved to another date altogether. Too many things could go wrong with this and being that you're so close to graduating I would NOT jeopardize it. I have heard awful stories on here about people who were 2 weeks away from graduating and flunked out of the term or whole program. Don't risk it for a bridal shower. Now, if it were a funeral or a true emergency then that is different but this is something that CAN be rescheduled.
  10. Adams_Mommy_07

    How many hours did you study A&P and what grade did you get?

    Well, it really depended on a host of factors. I certainly did *more* studying prior to tests. I would say a typical week average-wise I would spend about 3 hours for the entire week. Prior to the tests though I would study two days prior to the test 3-4 hours each day. I would read the chapter and highlight the important stuff just to familiarize myself with the material in the weeks before the test Prior to an examination I would carefully reread the material so much so that I felt I could TEACH the material to others (which is why I studied about 6-8 hours in the two days preceeding the test). For practicals I only needed about 1-1.5 hours to study which I usually did the night before. I earned As in both A&P I and II. I found I spent more time studying for A&P II as the subject matter was entirely new for me whereas A&P I at least the first quarter of the semester was more of review for me.
  11. I am not actually any where near graduating yet but I am already thinking waaaay down the line to that. My program gradution date has me graduating in December of a particular year. Now, assuming I get a job offer say prior to graduation (assuming of course) when do orientations typically begin? Do you take the NCLEX first, do orientations start immediately upon graduation, how does that work? The reason I ask is because with a December graduation date I plan on taking a trip to Europe for a week after Christmas which would put me back in the states and ready for work around the 3rd of January of a particular year (approximately 2.5 weeks after graduation). In this economy (assuming it still not so great down the road) I wouldn't want to pass up job offers because I couldn't attend orientation---so it's best to find out now before I start planning/paying for a big trip because getting a position at a hospital is clearly more important. Thanks,
  12. Adams_Mommy_07

    ECU and financial aid

    Does anyone know if ECU offers scholarships opportunities for Spring admits? I am planning on applying to the BSN program in Spring 2010 and as a 2nd degree student I am relying more on this form of financial aid than any other form. I have a fallback ADN program if I can't get the financial assistance from the University I need. (Yes I know about the accelerated MSN but I need to work at least part-time which that particular program will not let me do...) Thanks!
  13. Adams_Mommy_07

    Financial Aid for Spring admits?

    I have a quick question, I will be applying to a BSN program as a second degree student (this program is not an accelerated program) for Spring 2010 admission. I know I'm ineligible as a 2nd degree student for grants and such but I really want to avoid taking out loans if possible. Does anyone know if schools typically offer scholarship opportunities for Spring admits? The deadlines I see on the website are usually April-ish so I am assuming this is for students who are accepted for Fall admissions. Do schools revise this over the course of the Fall for Spring admits to apply for scholarships? I feel like I'm a very strong candidate not only for acceptance but also for scholarships (if they are available). I have a fall back ADN program I can pay out of pocket if I can't get the scholarship assistance at the BSN level. Thanks!
  14. Adams_Mommy_07

    I need a Miracle !

    Praise be to God!!! Excellent news!
  15. You must not have any kids because parents have the tendency to talk about our kids a lot!! We don't mean to be aggravating, we are just so proud and love our children so much--not to mention our children are perfection to us. It just happens when you become a mommy.
  16. Adams_Mommy_07

    Grades- do instructors round up?

    Well I guess it's time for my What I don't understand is WHY any aspiring nurse would want to just barely get by... I haven't started nursing school yet, but I personally would not WANT to just get by in a course if I hadn't mastered the material---peoples' lives will be in my hands and I absolutely need to know what I am doing so I would consider needing to retake a course a GOOD thing, getting finished or graduating with your class is no where near as important as knowing your stuff. Just like I have heard people complain about dosage tests---and my thoughts were "are you serious?" Imagine working with babies or children and giving them too much because you can't calculate dosages 100% of the time...sorry but if I can't do that I don't want to be a Nurse---I could never live with myself if a mistake I made led to something serious or disasterous for my patients. As far as rounding goes, I have always learned throughout school (from 1st grade onward) that a 95.96% is 96% so, I don't have any problems with rounding up in this regard because I have never seen someone consider 95.96% as 95%....but if your school clearly lays out that a 95.96% will not be rounded well than you don't have a leg to stand on.