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  1. I would just finish out and get your associates. Like you said you can work while getting your BSN. I am doing the same. After I get my associates I'm signing up with Lamar university online and there clinical is you working, you can get your BSN in 13 weeks. Good luck on whatever you choose.
  2. osagarese

    NSG Dx care plan help

    First I want to say i'm sorry for any misspelled words in advance, It's my last semester and my brain is fried. OK, I have a patient that has had a splenectomy and I have three NSg Dx for post-op splenectomy 1. Imparied comfort r/t post-op splenectomy AEB pain 2. Risk for bleeding r/t ITP, post-op splenectomy 3. Risk for infection r/t post-op splenectomy These are good as per my clinical professor, but here is my delema. I have to do a care map where the patient is in the middle and around the patient are the nursing Dx. The problem I am having is trying to place these NSG Dx under which system. Example: If I did Imparied gas exchange that will fall under respiratory. Please someone help it's driving me crazy!!! :banghead:
  3. osagarese

    How I passed NCLEX on the first try!!!!!

    I am in my last semester of school and I use ATI, I know about saunders, but what is Hurst. Please if you can tell me where I can find this. Thank you Olivera
  4. If you do write about that please post so we can read I know it would be a great learning experience:D
  5. osagarese

    Any gadgets help with nursing school?

    It is all up to you and your study habits. Everyone studies differently. I find my iPhone helps out a lot with meds and medical terms. Once you start you will find the best way for you. Advise from me don't stress, don't leave things for last minute and breathe. Good luck!
  6. osagarese

    Going to school while pregnant?

    Sorry to tell you the truth I love my children and I don't see them as pets. What I do see is me making an easier life for them when I'm done with nursing school. The best thing about it is that all my children sit with me and study as well ( the older ones), and the younger ones try to read even if they don't even know the letters. So it's not treating our children like pets but only making a better life for them. Oh, by the way I have six children so I do deserve some help from family which I hardly get. My best help is my husband, my 16year old son and 17 year old daughter. Point being, when and if you need the help ask for it. You are not hurting anyone but yourself when you don't finish what you have started.
  7. osagarese

    iPad winner at the AN exhibit booth at NTI

    Suffolk County Community College Nursing program has it as a recommended link on their website Awsome site I have learned a lot and met very good people.
  8. osagarese

    Going to school while pregnant?

    Sorry I don't agree with AyvasMom. Last year I started my pregnancy in the Spring semester and had my baby in the Fall semester. Classes where Monday, Wednesday. I was taking Micro in the fall went to the hospital on Sept. 15th which was a Tuesday, missed Wednesday class and went right back to class the following Monday. My boy was only a week old. if you talk to your professors they will help you and make it work so you don't miss your final. Oh, by the way I also had class on Sunday, which luckly the professor took off that Sunday. Not to mention I have five other kids. So if I can do it, (have a baby and take care of five others and still make it to school) anyone can do it. Just a word of advise, pace yourself, and definetly have family and your better half take up alot of the household chores including taking care of the newborn. Good Luck! Congrats on baby, they are such a joy. (when they are not crying) LOL:D
  9. I am using ATI is required by my school. I also have found helpful because I have an iPhone and they also have an app. that has all test questions. Pretty cool:smokin:
  10. osagarese

    Pre-reqs for Suffolk nursing program

    It's true that you would save money, but what if you get a low grade on the CLEP and have to take the class now, tey still look at your CLEP score. I believe that is why they don't recommend it, because it won't look good when you apply. If you feel confident enough why not take it, all they can tell you is they don't recommend it but it is still your choice if you want to take them. More power to you! I know I wouldn't even try, it is easy to get an A in class their is room to improve your grade throughout the semester, but with CLEP the grade you get you have to live with. Good Luck!
  11. osagarese

    Pre-reqs for Suffolk nursing program

    Monters, I believe that they except Clep from ENG 101 and PSY 101, I don't know about MAT007 and I defenitly do know not CHEM100 You can call admissions and they can send you some info 631-451-4000 hope this helps Good Luck!
  12. osagarese

    Pre-reqs for Suffolk nursing program

    Sorry Islandgurlie that I have not answered been busy yes all A's except for ENG 101 got a B+, BIO 244 I took after I applied and I got a B in that one. RpmSteve no you don't need Micro to apply but if your grades are low in your other classes this will help you get in easier if you have it before you get into nursing. And taking a Nursing class with Micro is very hard that's why they recommend that you take Micro before Nursing. Congrats on your acceptance. Isn't it exciting
  13. Is that your last pre req? And are you taking it at suffolk? If it is last pre req than what are you waiting for apply. If you are taking it in suffolk just go fill out change of emphasis at admissions. GOOD LUCK!
  14. If you are not attending Suffolk and have all your pre-reqs then all you have to do is apply online and state your major but if don't have pre-reqs than you have to apply to Liberal Arts Science
  15. osagarese

    Why do you want to be a nurse?

    I wanted to become a nurse the day my daughter was diagnosed with SVT and had the surgery. From then I was amazed at all the things the nurses were doing for my daughter and that's what set me on my way. And after having my fifth child I decided that I would love to be one of those nurses in the nursery or delivery room. Just to witness the birth of a child is amazing and I won't be doing the pushing LOL, or feeling the pain. I might feel some pain because I know what it's like, but all in all I believe it would be fun. The pay scale is not that bad either.
  16. Hello Mercy2012 You need to go to admissions and change your curriculum to nursing that is how you apply you can't apply the regular way like online. Good Luck:D