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  1. RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    My step daughter works at USAA, the insurance company, as a call center rep. She barely graduated high school, yet earns $22/hour and gets $10K bonus each year. She gets full benefits, vacation, 401Ketc. No one threatens her license or lawsuits. She ...
  2. RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    Peter Fine of Banner Health is reported to have a 2012 base salary that translates to $2,473/hour.
  3. RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. Phoenix AZ 2. 2 3. Med Surg, overloaded ratios. 4. $26 5. N/A 6. Non Union? Just left floor nursing, became an RN Case manager $72,000. LOVE IT!
  4. Corrective Action or Bullying???

    Just had the same thing happen: I got called in to the managers office and 'written up". The whole write up was total fiction. I proved that by going through the charting. Their response was that I either sign the "corrective action" or take involunt...
  5. Transplant RN Job Opportunity

    Hi GaMommy81, our floor was split between a pseudo ICU and the "specialty med surg", so the nurses were simply assigned to either. The fresh livers went to the pseudo ICU, but our pseudo ICU didnt have the equipment or clinical skills that normal ICU...
  6. Transplant RN Job Opportunity

    I did liver kidney transplant for a year. People left the floor to go to med surg to get real experience and a step closer to ICU. The tasks on a transplant floor are pretty much the same every day and the varienty of skills is lacking. It is not a g...
  7. Oregon RN needing ideas for nursing practice hours

    How do you "prove" practice hours? Can you "practice" in another state? Could you do home health for the hours and return to your telemetry? That is a lot. I was looking at getting an OR license and saw that requirement. Luckily I have 960 hours but ...
  8. Stop complaining about your job - It could be worse.

    The Magnet hospital I work at has not given nurses' a pay rise in 3 years, yet the doctors sit around and gloat about their big bonuses they get each year. But at least they still provide benefits for the nurses. Home health is the epitome of the ec...
  9. The Patient Who Receives No Visits

    How sad, you live your life bearing the burden of being unable to have children, then get judged by nurses for not having visitors in old age.
  10. I got my first job!!! But I am worried...

    I did the same thing in Phoenix AZ, but got paid $22/hour to start. They had a "new grad" program and you shadowed the existing RN until you were comfortable on your own. You detail that there is training and support so don't worry. In this job you g...
  11. Why Do People Bully Me?

    This is me to a tee! I get bullied everywhere I work. I just got written up at work, I was stunned. They showed me a list of lies that the two bullies had run into management with and management had simply written down every lie that the they had run...
  12. CNA pay

    In the Arizona Phoenix hospital that I work in, CNA's makes $13/hour.
  13. What did I get myself into??!! I'm scared!!!

    I graduated from school and went straight to home visits. This is different from home health: home visits you visit for 1 hour with a client for a specific reason, and usually fill out OASIS paperwork. Home health is usually paid for by the DDD and y...
  14. Re Job hopping: I am a new grad and a second career nurse. Prior to nursing I was an IT management contractor; I took 6 month contracts, resolved issues in corporations and moved to the next job\issue. It was my career to job hop. I can adapt to chan...
  15. GCU is horrible. Run while you can. I had signed up for GCU, they charged me $1900, I started school, then at the end of the first week, they pulled me out and told me that I could only attend their "international" school because I was not born in th...

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