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  1. BeBe6470

    Competitive Entrance into Lonestar Colleges

    Jagtag: Will you have all your coreqs done? Are you taking any classes right now? Have you already done your immunizations and or CPR? I got anxious so I only have one more immunization and I completed my CPR class last month. I am basically trying to do every possible thing I can in the mean time. I'm soooooooooooooo ready to be in a program already.
  2. Hi there! I was reading all the posts in here and was curious about something. I am working on applying for Spring 2010 at Cy-Fair and was wondering if you all that got accepted for Spring 2009 could tell me what your points were? I'm looking at probably having 11.5 and am hoping that will be enough. Thanks so much!
  3. BeBe6470

    Competitive Entrance into Lonestar Colleges

    Hey there. I am taking AP2 right now and upon completion will be applying to Lonestar Cy-fair for the Spring 10 program which I believe is the same one you will be applying to. I have not taken the HESI yet and will have 7.5 points before the HESI. I took the NET test for UT and scored well on the reading which is all that Lonestar counts from the HESI, so I feel pretty confident about it. My goal is to have 11.5 points. Unfortunately I have Bs is both Psych and AP1 (missed making an A by one stinking point) but I will have all correqs completed with the exception of the one hour PE class. The stinking thing is it totally depends on the levels of everyone that is applying the same time we are. We might get lucky and find that the average point total is 11 and thus increase our chances at getting accepted. Anyway, good luck!