Speaking of Passing....What is the minimum passing grade in your NURSING classes?

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i can't remember if we have gone over this lately so i thought i would ask again. what is the minimum passing score in your nursing classes?

i think this goes along with the pass rates. i think the higher the score one needs to pass their classes the better chance they will have of passing the nclex.

the minimum score for a c at my school is 78%.

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A "C" at my school is a 73.


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Mine is in the middle.

A C at my school is 75%.


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A 'C' at my school is a 76.


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you have to keep a 75 average in order to pass... you also must make a 75 on every test, and if you don't you get one chance to retake it and the highest you can make on that test is a 75 and if you don't make it, you are out..


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Our minimum passing grade for a C is a 77%. What sucks for some is if you have a 76.9.....well you're basically screwed because they don't round up. We have lost a few because of that.You are not allowed to retake any tests. You are allowed to retake the class one time and if you don't passs then you are out of the program. I was also curious what constitutes an "A" in your program. For us it is a 94%


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Anything below 80% is a failing grade.

80 to 86 is a C

87 to 93 is a B

94 + is an A

Same policy as jessjoys school, they don't round up even if you have a 79.9, can't retake exams, and you get one more shot at taking the class over.

Wow, that is pretty tough. At my school a passing C is 70%. Even with that we still had a lot of students who did not pass last semester and it will be interesting to see what happens this semester.

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An A is 93-100

and failing is below a 75%. :chair:

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I start the Nursing Program at HFCC here in Michigan, Fall 02. Recently I attended the "welcome to the program" meeting and the Director of the Nursing Program made it painfully clear that a 79.99999 was failing. I am looking forward to getting started and that grading scale will make me work that much harder!



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ours is a 78... anything below, your out. 94 and up for an A.

we dont get to retake, you cant make up a test eigther, no matter what the circumstances, you miss the test you get a zero.

and guess what .. i just took my final test today, as of 1 pm central time I am done with school!!!!!!!!


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At my school, anything below an 80 is a C...and you have to have an 80 or better to pass!

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