Speaking of Passing....What is the minimum passing grade in your NURSING classes?

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must maintain a 75% or above in my full time LPN program-

started out with 23 students- we graduate in 26 more school days and are down to 11 students

God help us......


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I just recently graduated. During my last semester they raised the passing grade from 75% to 80%. There was alot of people who didn't make it. Thank God I survived!!!!:D


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93-100 = A

85-92 = B

77-84 = C

76 and under is F

The only round off at the end of the semester when they computer your final grade. They make no exceptions ie., 76.4 is an F and a 92.4 is a B.

Clinical are on a satisfactory and unsat system.


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We must get a 75% © to pass. If we fail one class then we are required to go part time. If we fail 2 classes then we are out. Our class started with 30 we are down to 20.



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WOW, 80%?? OURS IS A 75% and i thought we had it bad.......

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Ours is an 80% and we started with 52 ppl and as of right now between 3rd & 4th semester have 34 ppl in our class. I have a feeling we are gonna lose about 5 ppl in the next week when grades are sent out! Hopefully I am not one of them!



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Our nursing program requires a grade of "B" or higher (80%) Doesn't leave much room for error but I guess its a good thing!


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Hello out there! This is my first post, I really enjoy this site! The grading scale in my program is failing at 77! We can make up tests, but they are hard essay questions designed to make you wish that you hadn't missed the test in the first place!!!! Our class started out with 33 students... now we are down to 16. this is not really a bad thing, because many just didn't get it!



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we are to have at least a 75 © to pass


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to all of the new comers to this thread, welcome and much continued success in all of your endeavors!


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Originally posted by RN2bNC

Anything below 80% is a failing grade.

80 to 86 is a C

87 to 93 is a B

94 + is an A

Same policy as jessjoys school, they don't round up even if you have a 79.9, can't retake exams, and you get one more shot at taking the class over.

I just graduated in May 2002. This is the same grading system and structure my school followed. It was hard to adjust to this at first. Good luck to upcoming graduates and those taking the NCLEX.

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