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Graduate Nurse; Future Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

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  1. Christel2Rn

    I'm JUST a nurse!

    Being a NURSE means....... You will never be bored. You wil always be frustrated You will be surrounded by challenges. So much to do and so little time. You wil carry immense responsibility and very litle authority. You will step into people's lives and you wil make a difference. Some will bless you. Some will curse you. You will see people at their worse ~~ and at their best. You will never cease to be amazed at people's capacity for love, courage, and endurance. You will see life begin~~ and end. You wil experience resounding triumphs and devastating failures. You will cry a lot. You wil laugh a lot. You will know what it is to be human and to be humane. By Melodie Chenevert
  2. Christel2Rn

    I'm JUST a nurse!

    I AM NURSING I AM NURSING! I am a metaphor. A dichotomy. I am different things to different people. I am enigmatic and incisive. I am female. I am male. I am prestigious and defamed; simplistic and complex. I am a profession; a job. I AM NURSING! I am special. In this atmosphere of shortage and crisis and discontent and negatives, let's stand up and shout to the world: Hooray for NURSING! Let's rekindle that special feeling - that incredible pride - that multi-faceted gem which frequently loses it's brilliance, often needs polishing but never decreases in value. I AM NURSING! I am overworked and underpaid. I am too often tired but refreshed by a patient't smile - a thank you, a clutching hand. What other profession encompasses the strengths and rewards of NURSING? We are primary care and tertiary care and family centered care and team work. We are wellness care and sickness care. We are prevention and education and rehabilitation. NURSING is caring for people...in hospitals, in homes, in extended care facilities, in mental institutions, in the communtiy. We are all people: yound and old and rich and poor, all colors, all creeds. From our first breath of life until our last, NURSING is there. We are all encompassing and all-important. I AM NURSING! I observe, assess, listen, monitor, hear, feel, manage. I heal. I care. Our existence is centerd around caring withing a heavy framework of knowlege and skill. I am NURSING! I am kind heartedness; I am humanity. I am human! No one ever told us it would be easy. No one ever promised that the caring would not always be effortless and would often lose its luster. The nursing ideals, principles and philosophies we learn and practice with such wonderful enthusiasm and gusto do not prepare us for the intimidating all too frightening reality of nursing. We are life; we are death. And we are everything in between. I AM NURSING! I am sensitivity, compassion, empathy, tenderness, and caring. I am a baby's first lusty cry. I break fevers and dry tears. I am the faith of a cancer patient, the hope of the incurable, the love of the forsaken, the dignity of the dying. NURSING is watching progress and knowing that my knowledge, my skill, my exquisite ingenuity helped make it all happen. To perform the miracles of technology; to know disease. To touch. To teach. To heal. To smile. To hug. To NURSE> I AM NURSING! I am frustration, Hostility, Disillusionment, Despair, Defeat, Love-Hate, Weariness. I am Highs and Lows; I am 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am Utter Fatigue and Ultimate Tears. I am Pride and Humility. I am Satisfaction and Malcontent. I AM NURSING! My very own rainbow. My own colors. My sunshine. My rain. I AM NURSING! I make a difference. I grow. And I celebrate being a NURSE! By Dorothy A. Burtch, RN Grace Hospital, Detroit, MI
  3. Christel2Rn

    I'm JUST a nurse!

    I'm not sure if anyone has read these 2. They were given to all the nurse graduates at a dinner welcoming us to the hospital.
  4. Im not an instructor, but i just graduated in 6/02 from an ADN program. Just found out yesterday that i am now licensed. I have also heard that many of the BSN schools do not put the emphasis on clinicals. My school had us do clinicals 2 days/wk for approx. 10 hours. Our last month in school we were required to work 7 12hr shifts with an assigned nurse. Overall, i believe my school spent MOST of their time preparing us to be R.N.'s Of course, they give you the classroom lectures to help reinforce our knowledge, but actual clinical perforamance was was what impressed them. Christel
  5. Christel2Rn


    Anyone out there live in Wilmington, N.C? I've been thinking about moving and would love to move there. New Hanover seems to be an excellent hospital. Any advice or replies would be appreciated. Thanks, Christel
  6. Christel2Rn

    anybody fail in 75 questions?

    Melissa, I took my boards on 7/12/02. My test stopped at 75 questions as well. When i got home i looked up everything in my nursing books and found that i made a ton of mistakes. I left feeling i had failed. Today i recieved my RN license. I think it is very likely that you passed with flying colors. Just think, passing with 75 questions shows that your knowledge is way above the minimum requirements!!!!!!! Good luck. Let us know how you did. Christel
  7. Christel2Rn

    I Have Passed My Boards!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Jayne!! I also just found out that i passed my my NCLEX-RN !! Good luck to everyone else in the same boat. Christel
  8. Christel2Rn

    Took the NCLEX today! Yikes!

    I took my boards on 7/12/02. The computer shut off at 75 for me too. I was also in shock. The first day i was in a daze all day long and the day after i was already prepared to hear the bad news. I'm fine now. Pretty confident i passed. I obviously have not gotten my results back.. Good Luck and let us know how you did. I made a post called NCLEX anxiety around the 11th of july. Go back and check it out. I recieved alot of replys with lots of encouragment. They'll do you some good since your in the same boat as me. Christel
  9. Christel2Rn

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Approx. four years ago when i was working at a pediatric clinic we had a child named "Thelastone" pronounced "thu-lest-oney"
  10. Christel2Rn

    How many of you married doctors?

    JHUNurse, Good for you!!! You are the one who knows if you are meant to be a nurse. I think at some point, all nursing students joke around about marrying a Dr. You are still young and definetly do not need to worry about meeting "Mr. Right". Concentrate on your nursing studies and GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. Christel2Rn

    Med-surg or NICU first?

    I have also just graduated. I will be taking my NCLEX next friday and starting in a level III NICU in August. I was also debating whether I should do med surg prior to NICU. I am planning on being a Neonatal nurse practitioner as well. I think that if you have the opportunity to go straight to the NICU that you do so. I figured it would be best to work there before commiting myself to the practitioner program. Good Luck. If nursing is who you are then you will be successful either way. Christel
  12. Christel2Rn

    NCLEX anxiety

    Thanks for all of the responses. You have all been helpful. I keep in touch about my results. Congrats to Bassbird!!! North Carolina does not use the 900 # system. I guess after I take it i'll have to wait the old fashioned way. Christel
  13. Christel2Rn

    NCLEX anxiety

    Heather, Thanks for the encouragement. I feel confident after taking my practice tests but it's still nerve racking. I have Saunders Nclex review book and Q&A, so I have tons of questions along with the 2 discs. I also took Meds Nclex review course. I have also accepted a position in the NICU. It's a Level III, so i'm excited. I really appreciate your response, and with you the best of luck as well. Christel
  14. I just graduated in May 2002. This is the same grading system and structure my school followed. It was hard to adjust to this at first. Good luck to upcoming graduates and those taking the NCLEX.
  15. Christel2Rn

    NCLEX anxiety

    I just graduated in May 2002. I am taking my NCLEX on July 12th at 0800. I've been studying but i am sooo nervous. One of my NCLEX books recommended to begin studying 3 mos prior and for 3 hrs/day. I was still in class and was not specifically study for the NCLEX, but to keep my A in my nursing course. How long did most of you study on average? I also wanted to ask new grads about their jobs. I was told to call my nurse recruiter when i found out about my date and results of the NCLEX. From reading other new grad posts, it seems many of you had an actually start date. Is this generally how most hospitals do it? I can honestly say I have never been so anxious. To top things off, i broke off my engagement to my fiance 2 days ago! Please keep me in your prayers. Christel, future NICU RN.
  16. Christel2Rn

    New Grad

    Nell & Kristi, Thanks for your suggestions! I'm just trying to prepare myself. It's going to be odd having different baselines in VS, labs, etc.. I almost feel that all a majority of what i learned in school will not be useful. I've always wanted to work in the NICU. I just figured that as a new grad I would not be hired . I'm silightly grateful of the nursing shortage d/t this. Thanks for the advice! Christel