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  1. jessjoy

    Just accepted a position! :)

    Thanks so much jnette!! I really am excited about it :)
  2. jessjoy

    Just accepted a position! :)

    I am so excited! I just accepted a position in a general ICU about ten minutes from my house! I have been working on a tele/step-down unit for two years but have always wanted to go into ICU. I finally decided ...no time like the present. I am looking forward to learning a whole new environemt in nursing. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. jessjoy

    Got my results this morning

    A girl I work with took over a year to finally pass the NCLEX and she is one of the best nurses on our unit. Some people just aren't good test takers, it has no reflection on your abilities as a nurse. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!
  4. I've only been a nurse for 6 months and had never had a death on my shift .....until recently. We had someone die two days in a row. They were both 91, one male and one female. It was interesting to see how the two families dealt with the death. The one family was glad the death was peaceful and accepted it. The other family had people coming in for several hours literally wailing in the hallway. I'm sure there will be more to come but these were my first two and I'm sure I'll always remember them. It was sad that the deaths were so close to Christmas.
  5. jessjoy

    Give me some ideas!

    I am going to be switching to three 12-hour shifts at my hospital (7p-7a) I am looking for a "fun", low stress, part-time job, maybe once or twice a week. I want something that has nothing to do with the typical hospital environment. I was thinking of maybe working in a wellness center or something along those lines. I just was wondering what is out there. Anyone know of any interesting non-hospital ways to work as a nurse? Thanks!!:)
  6. jessjoy

    Hospice + Hospital?

    Hi all. I currently work on a cardiac-pulmonary floor at a local hospital. I really want to do hospice. I would like to stay at my current job but cut down to part-time (maybe three days a week) and work with a hospice. Has anyone else done this? Thanks so much! Just wanted add that I love coming to read the messages in the Hospice forum. It just seems like everyone loves what they do! Thanks again!
  7. jessjoy

    Scope of practice for LPN

    Ok, I have searched the net but can't seem to find my state's nurse practice act. Can anyone give me tips on how to search or refer me to a website? The floor I work on has no LPN's so I am unsure of what their duties are and what can be delegated to them. Any help would be great!!
  8. jessjoy

    Scope of practice for LPN

    I am taking my NCLEX very soon and have heard there are many questions dealing with what to delegate to the LPN. This subject wasn't really covered in school and I was wondering where I could find out info about what LPN are licensed to do. Thanks so much!!!
  9. jessjoy

    Help needed with another case study

    Here's some advice for future assignments..... look in your drug book. After every drug listing it has the therapeutic actions, side effects, teaching, etc. It's all nicely laid out for ya.
  10. jessjoy

    Today was the day!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to you, and your little one!!! :roll
  11. jessjoy

    I'm a GN!!!

    Thank you all for your kind words....and luck on the boards!! *fingers crossed*
  12. jessjoy

    Language of Nursing and Medicine for Students

    Those were great....and how true!!!
  13. jessjoy

    anyone have zcoil shoes?

    I've never heard of them but I am interested in finding out more about them.
  14. jessjoy

    Pinning was last night!

    How great. My ceremony is tomorrow. Doesn't time fly??? I can't believe it's all over. Congrats to you!!!!!! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time
  15. jessjoy

    I'm a nervous wreck

    Let us know when you find out!!!
  16. jessjoy

    Weak Stomach

    I think you can learn to live with all the things you see and have to do. Before nursing school I'd hadn't been in a hospital since I was born. Needless to see some things "grossed me out" The first time I saw a stoma I actually passed out (my classmates never let me live that one down) I just continued to watch procedures and get as involved as I could and now hardly anything phases me. You'll get used to it!!

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