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I am currently working on a telemetry unit which I love. However, I would like to eventually go to ICU. I am really intimidated though! What should I do to prepare myself for the transition? Any books that you can rec'd? Anyone else who went from the floor to the unit? Could you give me advice or tips? Thanks so much!! :D


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I just transferred to ICU after a little over 2 years of tele. I'm still in training, but I have a few suggestions. Know your drips, abg's, be prepared to take care of alot of vented pt's. I'm sure you are already cert. in ACLS, but if not get it.

I was very nervous about the transition, but things are going well. Critical thinking skills are a must, but if you've been working tele I'm sure you've developed them.

Another suggestion, talk to the icu manager at your hospital maybe you could shadow an icu nurse for a day or 2.

Good luck.


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jessjoy, by working tele you've mastered one of the much needed skills that seems to be most difficult for nurses coming from the floor to ICU. Your best asset will be your tele, critical thinking and prioriety setting skills. IMHO the nurses that we've had transfer to ICU from tele have an easier adjustment than the floor nurses, in most cases.

you'll never know till you try.....go for it, you'll love it!

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