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  1. STAT advice NEEDED

    Well, this is good for you. Your transition in the ER will certainly help you decide if you want to be there full time, or not. Personally, I wouldn't choose ER or tele. But that's me.
  2. onco rns can u help me :)

    Excellent post, Carol. I look forward to running to you with all my new grad onc questions. Get ready!
  3. My class must be bad.

    I can't believe you can *retake* your tests. In my program, passing is a 75, but you don't have to score that on each test. Just have that as an average for the course.
  4. Why do you want to/did you become a Nurse?

    I decided to be a nurse to plan for the future. I can't be a stripper forever.
  5. The FINAL scope thread

    Just because I don't like the ultrascope, doesn't mean you won't. I know a lot of nurses who have them. I think the acoustics leave much to be desired. Try it out. You can return it if you're not satisfied.
  6. The FINAL scope thread

    Can the master cardiology be used for adults and peds? I see on the website it can be used for low and high frequency sounds depending on the pressure on the chestpiece. Once I feel comfortable with what I'm doing on my floor (so, in like a year or ...
  7. My class must be bad.

    In my school, if you aren't there for test day and you have to make it up, they automatically deduct 10 points. That's if you call ahead of time and explain your circumstances. If you don't call, you get a zero.
  8. The FINAL scope thread

    I would like to refer you to my original post, in which I stated I would not do a search, primarily because I am looking for info relevant to the population I will be nursing and my needs on the unit. If you don't like that, put me on your ignore lis...
  9. The FINAL scope thread

    Is that the master cardiology, or another model?
  10. The FINAL scope thread

    Ok. I know, there are a ton of these threads out here and I am not going to do a search so don't suggest it. Some of the ladies at my job want to buy me a stethoscope as a graduation/good luck/going away gift. All through school I had a Littman cla...
  11. 'Borderline' students?

    No. Students with diagnosed learning diabilities are assisted already. They meet with the dean of students with their special needs, and their needs are met, so that they can progress with the rest of the class. This is not the problem. This is abou...
  12. 'Borderline' students?

    That was one of my first thoughts, too, Colleen. I also thought that if they changed the rules, and didn't admit certain students after failing a number of times, they would cease to receive that money in tuition each semester. I still believe that ...
  13. 'Borderline' students?

    We can talk about that, too. In fact I know several students personally who are borderline both academically and, uh, psychiatrically (and probably in a whole host of other areas).
  14. 'Borderline' students?

    Not necessarily. I am in favor of honesty more than political correctness or nonjudgmental behavior, but that's just me.
  15. 'Borderline' students?

    Are you sure I'm not being judgmental?