So who do nurses marry or have as civil partners???

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This post is meant as a bit of light relief and certainly not meant to be taken too seriouly. Last night one of the nurses in my department said they had read an article saying that despite the growth of the internet the most likely place that people meet partners is at work so we had a quick pole to see if this was the case. The results are as follows:

1) Police Officers - the run away winners with 8 nurses in our department in a relationshipwith a police officer, must be the uniforms!!.

2) Other nurses - came in at number 2 with an equal mix of people having met at nursing school or once qualified.

3) Paramedics - all had met through work

4) Radiographer - again another meet through work

5) Doctor - only came in at way down the list, clearly we have not been reading enough Mills and Boons!!! It's funny when I started training in the olden days the first thing my 90year old Grandma said was "how lovely you'll be able to meet a handsome Doctor" never had the heart to tell her the reality!!:)

It's fair to say we also had nurses who met their partners away from work and are in relationships with a teacher, farmer, car salesman and vet!!!!

As I said it's just for fun but now it's over to you - who do nurses marry or have as civil partners?????:redbeathe

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Yikes, I met my husband who is an engineer way back at my first job as a salad bar girl. He worked the salad prep area and flirted by throwing cucumber slices at me (I was 17).:D

LOL, still a work fixer upper though. That should count

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Doctor, but I did not meet him at work. Met at the dairyqueen.....

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Sorry... I don't know anyone that meets those listed. Mine is a Superintendent in the construction trade.... makes lots more than I do too.

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Garbage man, my co-worker introduced us. Funny thing is that when I told my grandmother I was dating a garbage man she said, "you should see mine, he's very handsome". Turns out she was talking about my future husband!

Thank you OP for starting a light-hearted thread :)


My nursing school class had only 3 men available and none interested me, so I started attending social events at the university that had a strong background in science and engineering(and more men than women).

Attorney. (who worked in professional malpractice-defending drs, nurses etc ):lol2:

and no he was never my defense attorney lol.. we met back in college.

its funny cause when i first met him.. i said, " it fate that i need a lawyer in my life !??!" he said, "don't worry, if anything happens, i'll always be there to defend you :)". although it gets a little eerie when I know he's working on a case involving a nurse. i told him "i hope i don't ever need your service!". and he said "ditto!".

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Hubby and I met when we were both in the military - 1978! Been married almost 30 years now....

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My hubby is a sys admin/security/programmer IT guy. I make lots more than he does.

Met my husband online! A year before I went off to college I started trying to network in the town I was going to be moving to. We talked online for a long time, then when I finally moved, we met, dated, fell in love, married, he supported me through nursing school after he graduated with an economics degree... he entered into the business world, worked for 3 years only to later go to nursing school!

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My hubby is a nurse, met in college (omg we were so young then). Had a young Resident in the PICU fall in love with me...he knew my DH who worked in the burn was an awkward 18 months. Nice guy, smart, went on to become a fine peds intensivist in DC, married with a bunch of kids. I am very contented to cuddle up next to an RN on cold Michigan nights.

My hubby is a teacher. We met and started dating in high school, about 12 years before I became a nurse.

Of the married/partnered nurses with whom I work, one to another nurse, one is married to a salesman, one to a stay-at-home dad who used to be a newspaper editor/columnist, one to a facilities guy at another hospital, one to an IT guy, two to guys in construction and one is engaged to another nurse, one is engaged to a guy in PA school, and one is engaged to a farmer.

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