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rntofnp2014 has 4 years experience and specializes in Psych, Onco, ED, Tele, Med/Surg.

Work for World Class Medical Center in every area except OR, Birthing Center and ICUs as in house agency float for 10 system hospitals since 2007. Going for FNP now - come on 2014!

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  1. rntofnp2014

    Drug Legalization

    Not happy with legalize "ALL". Rather see liquor and tobacco made a controlled substance instead. That said, I'm all for cannibus legalization. I've seen where it has helped many patients whether pill form, smoke, or food additive. Certainly cannibus has redeemable qualities and unlike the other, "ALL" category and including liquor and tobacco, cannibus hasn't ever killed anyone. Research: www.norml.org
  2. rntofnp2014

    Do FNP's really make 80k to 90k a year?

    As an agency RN within the 10 hospital system I work for, I must admit that I make $41/hr now- not including shift diff, holiday wages. I had BETTER make more than I make now once I'm finished with my FNP. Saw an advertisment yesterday in another area of the state I live in offering 140K plus relo plus sign on bonus. Know one NP who made 95K starting out just covering a nursing home. Know another NP who makes just 38/hour part time. I think if you want it badly enough (the job, I mean), the pay will follow.
  3. rntofnp2014

    RN-FNP Online

    I can tell you honestly I suck at algebra, calculus, trig and others totally. Yet, I have earned two bachelor's degrees, one in nursing without having to suffer through any of those classes. The thought of taking the GRE or GMAT terrified me. Instead, I applied (18 months ago) to Ball State's FNP program and will (finally!) begin this fall. Per credit hour even including out of state tuition, they are going to cost me less than Kent State, U of Cincinnati, Cleveland State, OSU, etc... 27K total (classes, books, fees, etc...). I may be 27 K more in debt in three years, but FNP's around Ohio can make 140K/yr plus. Eventually I would like to do Cardiology or Oncology for my speciality, and fill the hospitalist's role too someday.
  4. rntofnp2014

    Best RN jobs to have more time for children/family

    I've tried home health (racks up alot of miles on your car and you spend alot of time at home completing paperwork, seven days a week - no matter what they tell you your schedule will be), travel nursing (work six weeks take six off), and now to avoid the cost of a sitter or daycare, I'm working PRN 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday and am exhausted by Monday. But I gotta tell ya, I'm home Monday through Friday and I love that part!
  5. rntofnp2014

    Being Tired at work - How do you cope?

    I should own stock in Excedrin. I pop a couple every four hours or so on the couple days a week I work (doubles). I try not to take any if I need to be asleep in the next three hours, tho... And there are times I'm so tired that even though I take them, I am still able to fall right asleep. I call myself a sleepaholic.
  6. rntofnp2014

    Told to work 7 days/week or lose job

    I do home health care; that said, if you are full time, they probably signed you up to work 8-5 M-F, with on call responsibilities on an occasional weekend. I work PRN; I take what I want to and decline what I don't. Some of this may involve boundaries, don't allow your personal time to be taken away. The need for good hh nurses is great, but set aside time for you and your family, and make your coworkers aware when you are and are not available. JMHO
  7. rntofnp2014

    Alright to have your husband start an IV on your patient?

    I think that is pretty common practice...
  8. rntofnp2014


    My dh gets the kids up and off to school, daycare, and then picks them all up from track, daycare, jujitsu, goes home and does the dinner/bath/book then bed routine. I work 3 12s (mostly in a row) and have four off. I work days.
  9. haha. My local hospital is called 'deadcentral' by the people I see in home health. I wouldn't take my dog there, either. Better plan on a different hospital or else change your perspective, suck it up and be a part of the solution. I live and work far away from home for just that very reason. Good luck! I love being a nurse, so I know I made the right choice. What your best solution is, I couldn't say.
  10. rntofnp2014

    LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) facility?

    I just recently started working at an LTAC in northern ohio. Aides 1:14 ratio, Nurses 1:3-5 (dep on acuity and census). On a floor at a hospital. Uses hospital systems computer system, does paper charting, uses the OR, lab, dignostics, and medical that the hospital uses. These patients are: trached, vented, pre and post transplant, transplant rejection, pre and post VAD placement, IV sedation and cardiac drips including levo, autonomy (nurses has protocol/standing orders so as to not have to get emergency orders prior to ACLS stuff, common issues, titrating meds, restraints). These patients are 'too sick to live and too healthy to die' as quoted from another allnurses.com member. These patients are on walking a fine line between recovering or not. Procedures done at bedside include broncs, colons, debriedments, flap closures, CVP line placement, PICC line placement, dialysis, tele. Also seen are wounds that are extremely complex, multi system organ failures, neuro, MDROs. The nurses seem to enjoy the place they work for, rave about the boss lady, and seem to genuinely care about the patients and have the time to do it. There are so many tasks in a shift that I'm hoping I won't grow bored. The pay is sooo great, the benes are better than most, and the NM seems to be totally supportive of the staff and their needs (i.e. ok with splitting up a shift 2/10, 4/8, 6/6 between nurses), and this place has it's own in house 'agency' which staff can sign up to work through and get paid the next day for picking up any hours in increments of 2. The pay for that is a five buck bump, too. Oh, and they will pay you for that shift you picked up yesterday, today, if you want. Vacation time per year to start, 18 12hour days, aka six whole weeks! Good luck to you at your new job. Keep us posted on how it goes.
  11. What is your age? 35 How long have you been a nurse? 3 years Did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? Yes If yes to #3, how long did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? On and off from 1989 through 2007 If no to #3, do you wish that you had? NA Regardless of whether you worked as a CNA prior to becoming a nurse, do you believe working as a CNA prior to nursing better prepares you to be a nurse? Feel free to elaborate on your response. Yes. Prioritizing, customer service, safety, time management (not in that order lol); interpersonal skills: patience, acceptance, humility, joy, even handling anger the 'right' way, the process has made me who I am; I like where I am. I love where I'm going. On the other hand, knowing people who had not been CNAs prior to becoming nurses, they seemed to have a little trouble warming up to patients, reading the facial and body language of the patient and their families, appropriate sensitivity, time management skills, in a single word, experience....
  12. rntofnp2014

    To the RN I just had hospital orientation with today....

    That's what I'm told at work. I answer my own lights, potty my own people and do my own accuchecks when at all possible. There is one of me to four patients. There is one of you to 13-15 patients. I remember all too well what it was like to scramble the whole shift and have people look down on me. I promise I have never done that. Being a PCA/STNA/CNA for me was the basis of the philosophy on why I am now a nurse. Sorry you had a crappy day. Come work with me
  13. rntofnp2014

    nursing scholarship from the US Dept. of Health

    I set my alarm, got up early, and applied the first minute possible (the awards are first come, first serve). They paid all my tuition at a private college. They gave me a $1500.00 per year stipend for 'usual and customary' expenses. They also gave me $1100/month living stipend. I'll tell you what--- I owed three years service full time to a hospital, nursing home, or home health, and I have done them all! I now make almost 30K more than I did when I started out three years ago. And my debt is paid off. I figure that was a $90K gift to me; all I had to do was get the grades, pass the boards,and go to work. Honestly,Thank God for this scholarship (and I'm not even religious)!!! They hand out somewhere between 800 and 1000 of these every year. Remember, First Come, First Serve. (but you have to be considered a 'disadvantaged or impovrished' student for the exact scholarship I won) That was how I earned my BSN. HRSA.gov Good Luck! It totally changed my life! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a nurse! And I just applied to FNP school at Ball State University! Whoo Hoo!
  14. rntofnp2014

    Unhappy nurse? How to be happy?

    Ditto. You can be happy if you give yourself the proper perspective. But if you truly can't be happy here, please move on.
  15. If you were here, you could shadow me. Don't know much about your area though. Good Luck!
  16. rntofnp2014

    MSN Chapter 11??

    yes, it is true. [color=#1633ff][color=#1633ff] [color=#1633ff]http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe6915727061007e7714&m=fefa1277756503&ls=fe0017767564077b75127674&l=fe9615777164067477&s=fe1a13787d640d797c1c70&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe2e15737061047e731777