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Up2nogood RN is a RN and specializes in pulm/cardiology pcu, surgical onc.

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  1. Up2nogood RN

    Two years of med-surg are not magic.

    This does seem to be the case now. ED and OR in my area usually only hires experienced RN's in that field. My hospital recently started back up their critical care and OR internships due to retirements and expansion. I was chosen to interview but those few that were hired were from the cardiac and resp units.....so I transferred to resp/cardio to get more experience in a diff field besides post op. Now I'm confident I could work any unit/shift in my hospital. Have you thought about your float pool to gain more of a varied experience?
  2. Up2nogood RN

    Two years of med-surg are not magic.

    You're right, 2 years is not automatically going to buy you a ticket into a coveted position. But it is important what you accomplished in that 2 years to list on your resume and set you apart from other applicants. ACLS, certifications, committees, charge nurse duties, preceptor to new employees or students? The job market is tough I agree and that's why an applicant has to prove they're willing to put in a little extra to get into a specialty.
  3. Up2nogood RN

    Help with JP drain set up please!

    It doesn't matter, either way the sxn will compress the bulb.
  4. Up2nogood RN

    Disgruntled Unemployed New LPN Grad

    I was in the same predicament. As an LPN I worked part time in the hospital as a CNA to keep my benefits and foot in the door. I also worked another part time LPN job and graduated from Excelsior in 10 months after getting my LPN license. My advice? Suck it up and don't burn your bridges. By the time you relocate and find a new job in Florida you could be very close to being done with Excelsior (if you're motivated). You'll have a better chance getting a better paying RN job at your current hospital than starting new somewhere else.
  5. Up2nogood RN

    Public Service Announcement

    I know where you're coming from, our heat still kicks on in Oregon here! We have had a few days of 70 degree weather. Whoop-whoop! ETA: thank you KarmaWiseRaven for thinking of our elderly.
  6. The wife does have a right to grieve but in this case the pt had initiated a divorce and can't communicate his desire to have this woman getting physical with him. I would say sorry no can do. End of story.
  7. Up2nogood RN

    help, failed a nursing program, what can i do next?

    No one can give you specific schools to try as you gave no specific details on how much you finished or what type of degree program you were in. Sorry you didn't pass but you will need to put in some effort to find a program that will accept you based on what you have completed.
  8. Doesn't matter to me how she was grieving, if the pt had initiated a divorce I doubt he would have wanted her in his bed. It was good to get her out and makes more sense after you contributed more details. I have called pastoral care on many occassions to help deal with emotional families that I don't have time to invest in or the slightest inkling of what to say to comfort.
  9. We have a daily morning and evening prayer (non-denominational) over the loudspeaker. While I am the farthest from being into organized religion I can understand how pts amd their families can find comfort in this and sometimes in some hectic moments it can help me to find peace and help me deal with my thoughts at that moment. Sometimes someone sings which may be a little over the top but I think administration is intimidated by the clergy staff so they have free reign for those few minutes. We also play the brahms lullaby when babies are born, although some demented pts think its the ice cream truck outside their room. I suggested something to be played for the first passing of gas but haven't heard back on that one :)
  10. Up2nogood RN

    Preceptor from hell- no more killing with kindness

    Yea, I was thinking you were just j/k. Really some people I've found that I've worked with lack that internal filter and are all bark/no bite.
  11. Up2nogood RN

    Preceptor from hell- no more killing with kindness

    I really think if you're serious about "running her down" you may be out of a job. You're the new kid on the block, no matter how much of a witch you think she is.....she can still get you canned.
  12. Up2nogood RN

    Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    There was a mighty big discussion about this heated topic not too long ago. You may want to try the search function to see all the different views about this question.
  13. Up2nogood RN

    Pyxis as the problem? You decide.

    We've had pyxis's in our hospital for over 10 yrs and have been scanning meds and pt bands for at least 5 yrs. I really couldn't imagine doing it any other way in acute care. I do work per diem in LTC and feel really old school to still pull meds from a bubble pack and med cart.
  14. After working nights the majority of the last 2 decades and now recently switched to days I must say shift preference is a personal decision. I loved everything about noc shift except the hours and was sick and tired of being chronically exhausted despite sleeping 7-8 hrs between noc shifts. Feeling like total crap even on my days off was not worth the shift differentials to me. The only way to find your niche OP is to try it, each shift has it's pros and cons.
  15. Up2nogood RN

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    Well when I was 4 yrs old I wanted to be a nun but I don't think they'd accept me now
  16. Up2nogood RN

    Kaiser Permenante Northwest Laying off 700 RN's

    It's interesting there are a lot of job openings now in the portland metro area for LPN's.