So who do nurses marry or have as civil partners???


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My husband is a computer programmer and we met online... He knows not much medically and I know nothing about computers... We fit great.


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I met my husband my third day at college - he was a poli-sci major and I was studying international business. We became friends through a shared love of shaking up the status quo (and maybe a little to something to do with him having a massive crush on me). We married a year later at 19 and started nursing school a month after that!

Married for four years - can't believe it!

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I have no wife. Never want one. I am a single, cynical, prick and I enjoy being a single, cynical, prick. To Valentine's Day I say: BAH HUMBUG! :devil:

Thought I would add some "opposing viewpoints" to this thread. :D


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I'd love to meet a nice doctor :D


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Pharmaceutical Research Scientist. We met in high school, didn't date until we were in our twenties though. Funny about your most popular marriage combo. My mother is a nurse and my father is a cop!


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Come to think of it, my brother-in-law is a cop (though has an engineering degree) and his wife is a nurse. Weird how that works...

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My hubby was in the Navy, then he was a Police officer but I did meet him when he was in the military.

I was on on vacation where he was based and I only met him because I fell out with my friend i walked off and had no where to stand in a pub which was full of groups of navy men so I went and stood next to two guys one of whom just happened to be my future husband


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I met my hubby when I was on vacation here in the US on 07. I was looking for job postings on a local hospital and he happens to be there doing his clinicals as a respiratory therapist. I was having a hard time finding the HR department when he passed by. Asked for directions, he escorted me to the HR building and took my phone number in return. When I went back to the Philippines, we started talking online. Didn't really thought I'll be marrying a foreigner then. Got back here in 2009 and got married. He quit respiratory therapy and became an engineer. And now, we'll be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary on the 18th! Wohoo!:anpom:

Majority of my friends that are nurses got married to nautical engineers (must be the white uniforms! Lol), one got married to a doctor, one married a lab technician and one is engaged to a nurse.


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I met mine online...gamer...he lived in cali, I was in Ohio. He works in biochem for a pharmaceutical company.


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Met mine @ a bar LoL! (landscaper,mover, was all the muscles and the fact he is 6ft6"

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I met my husband at our previous jobs at the same company, before I went to nursing school. His boss kind of set us up, turns out we were the perfect match! He went back to school for machining, (he now does programming for a machining shop) and I went to nursing school. As for other nurses I know, a couple at work are married to other nurses and one is married to a cop. The other nurses, I have no idea what their husbands do! When I was in school, it seemed to me that there were quite a few of the other nursing students dating engineering students.

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I met my husband online, on a website for people who are into tattoos. He's a professional tattoo artist, and he moved 1900 miles for me. Awwwww. :D We'll have been married 5 years in June, been together since May 2003.