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OutlawNurse86 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, LTAC, Critical Care.

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  1. OutlawNurse86

    Benefits of being a guy

    When the chicks at work start talking about some new purse or shoes they see in a magazine they ask EVERY-flippin-BODY around if it is cute and would THEY buy it. I pull up a pic of a 1968 FJ40 and say "O-M-G...that is like so amazing...I want it, would I look cute in it?" They usually just roll their eyes at me and move on down to the other end of the desk and I get precious peace and quiet.
  2. OutlawNurse86

    Medical shows...

    Personally, my favorite med show was Scrubs. I thought it was a fairly accurate interpretation of how we interact at work lol (you can laugh or cry in a hospital...pick 1). However, the MOST accurate medical test I have ever seen portrayed on TV was NOT on a medical show. On an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, the one where he gets blown up and is in a coma (that should narrow it down huh?), he is in the ED, the ED doc is assessing him for consciousness and picks up his arm, holds it over his face, and allows the arm to fall, hitting him in the face thus proving he ain't faking it (how many times have we encountered pts who think it is funny to fake unconsciousness? Pick up the arm, drop it and it magically moves enough to miss hitting the nose...) It just stuck with me.
  3. OutlawNurse86

    Maybe I'm just old and cynical, but....

    I ain't even gonna lie. I got into nursing because I couldn't find anything else that payed good and offered job security. Once I got more into I discovered I actually like nursing and then decided to advance my education. I still only suffer through weekends and nights for the shift diff.
  4. OutlawNurse86

    Docs who are actually willing to get their hands dirty.

    It's so rare around here that one time when a new hospitalist helped us pull a patient up in bed, the whole unit talked about it for a week.
  5. OutlawNurse86

    When to hold bp medications

    You also gotta look at the dose of the drug, how long the pt has been on it (tolerance), and why they are receiving it (may not just be for BP, could be for cardiac output). Also look at the health history (renal impairment pts are likely to have jacked BPs). I also look back at the previous shift (if it is a BID or more often med) look at the VS and look and see if the med was given and what effect it had. When in doubt, go ahead and call the doc.
  6. Oh...my...God.... I ain't usually one to post stuff like this but this...I mean...whoa...dude...never seen that before. We have a new Doc in our facility, a family practice Doc. I recently found an excuse to sneak down to the ED to BS with some friends as I waited on them to send me a new admit. While I was leaving I saw them start to wheel my admit up to my floor. I walked along side them, just talking away with the pt and the guys with the stretcher. I noticed that the guy at the front of the stretcher was new, real nice though, then I saw his name tag... Me: Hey Doc I can get this stretcher for ya if you want Doc: Nah man it's cool, I got it. That ain't nothin' I realize (although for around here it is), but there is more. Pt was admitted for C-Diff. Doc was rounding the next day, stuck his head out the door and asked for some washrags and sheets...... Um...ok Doc... Pt had a code brown and the Doc was actually completely willing to assist in cleaning them up (he didn't, the techs came in though). I'm still in shock. We have some good Docs around here, most of them will sit and BS with you once you get to know them, listen to what you have to say. I have never, in 5 years of employment in a hospital, seen a Doc actually willing to clean a pt... Wow. Just had to share that. I think the planets must have been in proper alignment or something.
  7. OutlawNurse86

    BSN needed to work in Texas?

    You have no idea how many times I get griped at for leaving the toilet seat up or lowering the thermostat...I'm starting to do it just to annoy them and entertain me
  8. OutlawNurse86

    LPN and RN-What does this mean?

    I know of several people who maintain a LVN license with a RN license. Personally, this makes no sense to me at all. If you do any thing to jeopardize your license, wouldn't it affect both? And why pay the extra money to renew a LVN license when it ain't used? Who is gonna decide, oh I'll quit being a RN and work as a LVN again? Due to the pay difference around here, I wouldn't go back to a lower paying job...
  9. OutlawNurse86

    BSN needed to work in Texas?

    Also, around here, the pay difference between BSN and ADN is only about 25 cents/hr. If that much...The ADN programs in my area focus on clinical experience whereas the BSN programs have less clinical hours but more theory and management courses.
  10. OutlawNurse86

    BSN needed to work in Texas?

    *cough cough* I'm a dude *cough* I know it's a generalization, I can't pass up an opportunity to mess with someone.
  11. OutlawNurse86

    BSN needed to work in Texas?

    In Texas we have some LVNs working in ED, PCU, and even ICU. So the BSN requirement is BS.
  12. OutlawNurse86

    Do give up your seat for a doctor?

    If it's a Doc I like and/or respect, I will offer a seat and attempt to assist in any way possible, even if it ain't my patient. I've learned that really good Docs who actually care what the nurse has to say are a rarity these days. You gotta take care of them when you find them. On the other hand, if it's a doc I can't stand, I ignore and avoid if I can.
  13. OutlawNurse86

    Do you aspirate before giving an IM deltoid injection?

    I was taught to ALWAYS aspirate when you give a IM. Granted I think there is more danger in the thigh than the deltoid but...Can't ever be too safe.
  14. OutlawNurse86

    MD Quote of the Week

    Dr where I work-- Do what you gotta do, but don't get caught.
  15. OutlawNurse86

    What is the longest long day anyone works???

    We work 12hr shifts on my unit, 7-7. Tomorrow I'm working 3p-7a (16hrs)....I'm an idiot who can't say no to time and a half
  16. OutlawNurse86

    how do you become an organ transplant tech.?

    I've heard of organ "transport". A flight nurse once told me it was a good way to get accustomed to the helicopter. I think most of the organ transporters are scrub nurses.